20 Twitter Accounts Marketers Should Follow

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Written by Hal Koss
Published on Sep. 30, 2021
20 Twitter Accounts Marketers Should Follow

Like all social networks, Twitter is capable of providing just about any kind of experience. Your feed can be full of witty memes or hot takes, clever puns or toxic barbs, insightful advice or wafery platitudes that sound like they’re written by artificial intelligence. It all depends on how you curate it.

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To that end, we rounded up some Twitter accounts that marketing professionals should consider following.

The list below isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty of worthwhile and popular accounts that aren’t featured. So think of it as a starting point, a way to discover inspiring personalities and interesting conversations.

Some Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow

  • Amanda Natividad (@amandanat)
  • Web Smith (@web)
  • Jason Bradwell (@JasonRBradwell)
  • James Doman-Pipe (@JDomanPipe)
  • Nik Sharma (@mrsharma)
  • Christina Garnett (@ThatChristinaG)
  • Lia Haberman (@liahaberman)
  • Derek Walker (@dereklwalker)
  • Kushaan Shah (@kushaanshah)
  • Augustine Fou (@acfou)


The Picks — and Why You Should Follow Them

Amanda Natividad (@amandanat)

Amanda Natividad is a B2B marketer with a background in content marketing (as well as journalism and test-kitchen cooking). Currently a marketing architect  — what a title! — at audience research startup SparkToro, Natividad frequently tweets about marketing, content and creativity.


Web Smith (@web)

Web Smith, writer of the 2PM newsletter and co-founder of menswear brand Mizzen + Main, tweets from the intersection of commerce and media. He shares opinions and insights on topics ranging from direct-to-consumer brand strategy to rapper Lil Nas X’s marketing chops.


Jason Bradwell (@JasonRBradwell)

Jason Bradwell is someone to follow if you work on the marketing team of a B2B tech startup. He’s an always-on fountain of ideas, consistently tweeting actionable advice and sharp observations that help to elevate the conversation — and fun factor — around B2B marketing.


James Doman-Pipe (@JDomanPipe)

James Doman-Pipe is a must-follow for product marketers, especially those who work at B2B SaaS companies. He shares lots of on-target advice about positioning and messaging strategies, which makes sense, considering he recently won the Product Marketing Alliance’s 2021 Positioning and Messaging Maestro of the Year Award.


Nik Sharma (@mrsharma)

Known as “the DTC Guy,” Nik Sharma is present everywhere conversations about DTC marketing take place. At least, that’s what it feels like. And for good reason: Sharma has helped launch several DTC brands (including Judy and Poo-Pourri), and on Twitter he drops knowledge he’s gained in the process (plus plenty of super-tactical growth hacks).


Christina Garnett (@ThatChristinaG)

Christina Garnett is a senior marketing manager at marketing-and-sales-software maker Hubspot, where she focuses on community and advocacy. She is featured in HubSpot Academy’s social media and social listening certification courses and recently launched the company’s HubFans advocacy program. She’s especially worth following if you think marketing’s future involves community-led growth.

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Lia Haberman (@liahaberman)

Lia Haberman teaches social media and influencer marketing at UCLA’s extension program. But she’s not an ivory-tower academic removed from the trenches of the industry — she’s also the chief marketing officer at tech startup Fit Body App. She’ll keep you up to date on the major marketing and brand stories occurring each week.


Derek Walker (@dereklwalker)

Derek Walker is a copywriter and creative who runs his own advertising agency called Brown & Browner. He tweets about brands, the creative process and the advertising industry (warts and all). He’s also not a big fan of industry buzzwords.


Kushaan Shah (@Kushaanshah)

A growth marketer at virtual healthcare company Teladoc, where he does retention and engagement marketing, Kushaan Shah tweets about marketing and startups. He also publishes a newsletter called Marketing Mind Meld, which is all about how marketing and human behavior collide.


Augustine Fou (@acfou)

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone on Twitter who can keep as close of tabs on ad fraud, ad waste and cybersecurity as Augustine Fou. He’s an independent ad fraud researcher who works with brands on creating integrated marketing campaigns. Fou also taught digital marketing at the university level and is a frequent contributor to Forbes.


Chase Dimond (@ecomchasedimond)

A self-proclaimed email marketing nerd, Chase Dimond is a partner at Boundless Labs, a venture-backed e-commerce email marketing agency. His tweets are full of email marketing tips and are worth checking out if your job has anything to do at all with reaching and engaging customers in their inboxes — even if it’s not directly related to e-commerce.


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Shoshana Wodinsky (@swodinsky)

Shoshana Wodinsky is a staff reporter for Gizmodo, where she writes about consumer privacy and tech policy. Her coverage of the notoriously confusing adtech world is beneficial for anyone wanting to keep their finger on the pulse of current digital advertising trends and their effect on society.


Aaron Orendorff (@AaronOrendorff)

Aaron Orendorff serves as the vice president of marketing at Common Thread Collective, a growth agency for DTC brands, so he tweets a lot about marketing, communications and business growth in the context of e-commerce startups. His insights often toggle between the nitty-gritty practical and the humorously reflective.


Michael Miraflor (@michaelmiraflor)

Michael Miraflor is an independent marketing strategy lead and media buyer. His resume includes several years of agency experience working with big consumer brands. He’s a good Twitter follow for anyone interested in the intersection of brands, marketing, culture and technology.


SamaNtha Leal (@samanthalcc)

Samantha Leal is the director of marketing at e-learning startup Synthesis. Her background is in growth marketing — focusing on user acquisition, lifecycle marketing and product marketing. Her tweets are snappy and insightful.


Junae Brown (@JunaeBrown)

Junae Brown is a marketing strategist and startup advisor based in New York City. She leads Browned 2 Perfection, a creative marketing and event production agency, which she founded after working in marketing at Sony Music Entertainment. Her Twitter name is the “Beyoncé of Marketing,” a nickname her parents gave her.

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Susan Wenograd (@SusanEDub)

Susan Wenograd is someone all the paid Google and Facebook ad pros reading this list should follow. Wenograd has spoken at conferences like Social Media Marketing World and Search Marketing Expo and has appeared as a guest (four times!) on the Social Media Examiner podcast.


Alex Garcia (@alexgarcia_atx)

Alex Garcia delivers insights — often in the form of in-depth Twitter threads — on different startups’ growth marketing strategies and tactics, revealing the moves they made to scale up quickly. He is also a marketer at Gumroad (the platform enabling creators to sell digital products to consumers) and writes the twice-weekly Marketing Examined newsletter.


Val Geisler (@lovevalgeisler)

Before joining Klaviyo as a customer evangelist, Val Geisler consulted B2B and B2C companies on email marketing. She provides insights on what brands can do to most effectively connect with their customers, no matter the channel.


Chantelle Marcelle (@ccmarce_writes)

Chantelle Marcelle is a marketing consultant working at the intersection of brand, growth and data. On Twitter, Marcelle dispenses nuggets of marketing wisdom and, in her self-titled newsletter, she analyzes current marketing trends.

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