Hal Koss
Senior Associate Editor at Built In
Expertise: Tech journalism
Education: Loyola Marymount University

Hal Koss is a Built In senior associate editor overseeing features and updates for the site’s editorial coverage. He has reported on ideas and trends in marketing, technology and startups for Built In, and his work has also appeared in OneZero and The Weekly Standard, among other publications.

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ghost kitchen
Aug 21, 2023
The future of food might just be in a warehouse near you.
voice content moderator hed
May 16, 2023
It’s a tall task, but getting it right is critical.
The four purposes of a sabbatical leave: Recharge, Reach Dreams, Reboot and Refocus.
May 16, 2023
Everything you need to know about the ancient practice that became a modern workplace perk.
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Apr 10, 2023
The interview doesn’t end until you hit send — here’s how to write a thank you email after an interview.
keyboard for pc
Apr 04, 2023
Meet the makers whose hardware powers PC gaming.
seo content marketing
Mar 21, 2023
Google isn’t the only distribution channel. But it’s one brands can’t ignore.
pastel-colored shopping bags arranged in a pattern
Mar 21, 2023
DTC brands are everywhere now. They weren’t always.
A stamp with a person using a VR headset, VR headset over cloud, future of gaming
Feb 21, 2023
From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, these technologies are shaping the future of video games.
x-ray of teeth at dentist
Feb 09, 2023
These dental tech companies are in the business of making you smile.
digital art of mail surrounded by alarm and paper airplane icon
Feb 07, 2023
Want to launch your own newsletter? These services have you covered.
Header game design courses
Jan 24, 2023
These educational resources help aspiring game designers launch their careers.
hed mere exposure effect
Jan 24, 2023
What marketers need to know about the “mere exposure effect.”