5 Dallas Gaming Companies You Should Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 26, 2020
5 Dallas Gaming Companies You Should Know
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Once considered just a pastime, the world of digital gaming has become a powerful industry worth taking seriously. Gaming has the power to capture audiences and help users develop skills and this has not gone unnoticed by leaders in other industries. Today companies in sectors as disparate as healthcare and education are beginning to harness the power that gaming technology has to reach their goals, train their teams, and connect with their customers. 

In a city with such a unique tech scene as Dallas, it’s no surprise that the gaming industry has taken off like it has. With thousands of software developers calling the Dallas-Forth Worth region home, there’s no shortage of talented individuals with the potential to join big name game developers. Whatever their projects might be, these five gaming companies in Dallas are bringing new meaning to the phrase, “work hard, play hard.”

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Gaming Companies in Dallas To Know

  • Arcade
  • Fathomd
  • Game Time Giving
  • Rx Interactive
  • RetroCube
Arcade Gaming Companies In Dallas

Founded: 2015

Founded: Arcade is a gaming software company that teams up specifically with sales teams to deliver gamified incentives to help salespeople reach their goals, connect with clients and improve customer retention rates. From contests to training programs, their full-service suite of competitive sales games keep teams engaged and effective. Some of their big name customers include Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless, and Digital Strike, and they partner with companies like Netflix and Mastercard to develop digital rewards for employees meeting their goals. 


Fathomd Gaming Companies In Dallas

Founded: 2015

Focus: Fathomd emphasizes the ways that gaming technology can help guide student education, partnering with higher education organizations throughout the country to deliver a range of digital, gamified teaching programs. Their curriculum engages both teachers and students in the learning process, helping bridge gaps in communication and empower more students to learn. With a focus primarily on business education, their platform helps familiarize students with business fundamentals, preparing them for long term success in their chosen fields.


Game Time Giving Gaming Companies In Dallas
Game Time Giving

Founded: 2014

Focus: Game Time Giving is the developer of a gamified mobile app that helps nonprofits run fundraisers at events, engaging donors in a competition to raise funds for their causes. Participating donors compete to see who can raise the most amount of money, helping nonprofits lower their fundraising costs and engaging first-time donors by turning charitable donations into a game. Founded by entrepreneurs Detrick DeBurr and Catherine Lugo at Denton, Texas's Startup Weekend, Game Time Giving seeks to engage more millennials in charitable causes.


RetroCube Gaming Companies In Dallas

Founded: 2013

Focus: RetroCube designs and produces mobile apps and games for use in a variety of industries. Their enterprise-grade mobile products, gaming applications and web products help companies like Veego, QuickAdd and Rydr connect with users, build brand appeal and save on finances. Some of the options offered in RetroCube's service suite include augmented reality products, blockchain development, chatbot integration, and machine learning tools. 


Rx Interactive Gaming Companies In Dallas
Rx Interactive

Founded: 2019

Focus: Rx Interactive understands that navigating the healthcare industry and knowing your options can be complicated, and they seek to fill the gaps in patient knowledge through their interactive game platform. Based on the principles of game mechanics, Rx Interactive empowers patients to take control over their healthcare by providing feedback and rewards to patients learning about their health options and meeting their goals. 



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