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Edoardo Romani Edoardo Romani
Updated on April 09, 2024

What Is Business Analysis and Reporting?

Business analysis and reporting refer to a comprehensive process of developing solutions to translate high-level business needs into actionable requirements.

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Jenny Lyons-Cunha Jenny Lyons-Cunha
Updated on April 09, 2024

A Bank with a Tech Heart: How Innovation is the Driving Force Behind Capital One

Capital One continues to innovate and use tech to change the banking industry. Built In sat down with experts from its newest business, Capital One Software, to learn more about the organization’s roots in innovation — and its latest exciting endeavors.

Capital One
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Matthew Urwin Matthew Urwin
Updated on April 08, 2024

Women in Tech Statistics: Despite Great Strides, Challenges Persist

These statistics show that the technology industry can take more steps to level the playing field for women in tech.

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Jenny Lyons-Cunha Jenny Lyons-Cunha
Updated on April 05, 2024

‘I’ve Learned How Dynamic I Am’: Merck’s Data Science and Informatics Team Nurtures Multidisciplinary Innovation

Merck’s Data Science and Scientific Informatics team of Research and Development Sciences IT is tackling age-old questions and emerging challenges alike with a dynamic multidisciplinary approach — all while serving its mission of saving lives.

DSSI data scientists Thatchana Rajasekar, Rajath Soans, and Greg Bryman (left to right) invited to present at a symposium of Merck Research Laboratory (MRL) in 2023.
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Alyssa Schroer Alyssa Schroer
Updated on April 01, 2024

Sports Analytics: What It Is, How It’s Used

Sports analytics powers everything from coaching decisions to fantasy sports.

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Chris Dowsett Chris Dowsett
Updated on February 28, 2024

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) provides insights that guide business decisions and business monitoring while taking advantage of growing volumes of data stored by organizations.

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Denis Ivanov Denis Ivanov
Updated on February 07, 2024

Why AI Is a Business Analyst’s Best Friend

Artificial intelligence can help business analysts handle tough challenges around collecting requirements, communication and negotiations.

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Edward Hearn Edward Hearn
Updated on December 19, 2023

Likelihood Vs. Probability: What’s the Difference?

The words likelihood and probability are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two distinct types of measurement. Our expert explains the difference in detail here.

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Anthony Corbo Anthony Corbo
Updated on November 07, 2023

What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics allows companies to use multidimensional factors to identify growth opportunities and risks, particularly when used to examine insights found within big data.

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Andre Ferraz Andre Ferraz
Updated on October 02, 2023

How Location Fingerprinting Can Thwart Fraud

Exact location collection technology gives it an edge over traditional device fingerprinting.

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