24 DevOps Training Courses and Bootcamps You Should Know

DevOps has revolutionized how software development and IT teams work together. These classes and bootcamps help students learn new skills.
Associate Editor
January 21, 2020
Updated: July 8, 2021
Associate Editor
January 21, 2020
Updated: July 8, 2021

In the not-too-distant past, tech departments operated like fence-divided neighbors talking through a cup-and-string telephone. Important details were lost in transmission as developers coded and built software on one side while operations deployed and monitored code on the other. The disconnect resulted in slow deliveries, frequent bottlenecks and plenty of headaches. 

Then DevOps came along.

DevOps is a set of practices emphasizing collaboration between developers and operations, braiding together the workflow of two teams that historically operate in silos. The old way of doing things was like passing notes between rooms. Working with a DevOps mindset, on the other hand, is like chatting in real time.

10 DevOps Training Programs to Know

  • ASPE
  • Cloudskill
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Gruntwork
  • NetCom Learning
  • Simplilearn
  • Skillshare
  • Udacity
  • Udemy

“The underlying goal is to become more agile and efficient in general, and this spans everything from driving greater productivity out of the IT workforce to subsequent benefits in operating expense,” Aruna Ravichandran, vice president of DevOps product and solutions marketing at CA Technologies, has said. “But at the end of the day it all goes back to deepening engagement with customers by creating increasingly useful applications in a more responsive manner."

As companies continue to reap the benefits of DevOps — faster fixes and releases, cleaner processes and, ultimately, more satisfied customers — DevOps experts remain in high demandAnd those looking to enter the DevOps realm have plenty of training options. From crash courses in foundational principles to software bootcamps, they run the gamut of educational opportunities. 

We've rounded up 24 that are worth checking out.


microsoft devops training

Microsoft’s “DevOps for Developers: How to Get Started”

Those enrolled in this edX course, which is taught by Microsoft, are given a beginner’s-level tour of each DevOps facet. Subjects covered include continuous integration, testing and deployment; configuration and release management; and monitoring and feedback. Its aim is to provide students with a firm understanding of key DevOps concepts and techniques. The recommended pace is two to three hours per week, stretched across one month.

Cost: Free


linux foundation devops training
Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation’s “Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations”

Students who take this introductory edX class are schooled in the principles and practices of DevOps. It’s structured around the “Three Ways” of DevOps: Delivering IT services, amplifying feedback loops and fostering organizational learning. Enrollees typically devote four to five hours per week over 10 weeks and are then able to apply their new skills in a real-world setting.

Cost: Free


nutanix devops training

NutaniX’s “Intro to DevOps”

This three-week Udacity class walks students through what DevOps is and how it’s done. Video lectures and interactive exercises provide a survey of the DevOps workflow and various system architectures. Taught by industry pros, the online material is geared toward IT workers with experience in Git, programming and system administration.

Cost: Free


uc davis devops training
UC Davis

University of California Davis’ “DevOps Culture and Mindset”

This intermediate-level, fully online Coursera course covers the foundational concepts of DevOps, from overarching strategies to actionable tactics. It takes about 19 hours to complete and offers plenty of videos, quizzes and reading. The instructor is Courtney Kissler, vice president of Nike Digital Platform Engineering.

Cost: Free (with Coursera subscription)


university of virginia devops training
University of Virginia

University of Virginia’s “Continuous Delivery & DevOps”

Beginners looking for an overview of DevOps — and how to integrate continuous deployment into their organization — will benefit from this Coursera course. Taking about 11 hours to complete, it covers the ways in which IT workers can improve their team’s delivery pipeline and review automation tests. The course instructor is on faculty at the University of Virginia’s school of business.

Cost: Free (with Coursera subscription)


linkedin learning devops training
LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning’s “DevOps Foundations”

This three-hour video sequence is a helpful first step for IT professionals looking to better understand DevOps and introduce it to their organizations. Seasoned practitioners Ernest Mueller and James Wickett provide an overview of the field and survey its pillars: culture, automation, measurement and sharing.

Cost: Free (with LinkedIn subscription)


gruntwork devops training

Gruntwork’s “DevOps Bootcamp”

This three-day onsite bootcamp begins with an introduction to the basics of DevOps and concludes with a Q&A session featuring a Gruntwork software engineer. In between, students get to do plenty of “intense” hands-on coding work. Subject matter covered includes concepts like continuous integration and delivery, and tools like Terraform, AWS, Packer and Docker.

Cost: Gruntwork subscriptions range from $500 to $795 per month


simplilearn devops training

Simplilearn’s “DevOps Certification Training Course”

This course from Simplilearn is for tech professionals who want to learn how to use more than a dozen popular DevOps tools, get access to round-the-clock support and receive guidance from mentors in the industry. Along the way, students get to roll up their sleeves and tackle projects that put their newly acquired DevOps skills to the test. 

Cost: $399 (self-paced) or $799 (blended)


netcom devops training

NetCom Learning’s “Foundation Certificate Program - DevOps”

This in-person certificate program spans two days and is designed to give students a broad but actionable overview of DevOps. Topics covered include: DevOps vocabulary; how DevOps relates to Agile, Lean and ITSM; and how to apply DevOps in an enterprise setting. Curious onlookers can even take a quiz beforehand to find out if the class is appropriate for their skill level.

Cost: $1,995


aspe devops training

Aspe’s “Fundamentals of DevOps”

This self-paced online class offers comprehensive coverage of DevOps’ foundational concepts. Organized into five parts, it’s replete with case studies and practical exercises designed to bolster each student’s understanding — so they can hit the ground running with a DevOps mindset when they return to work.

Cost: $995


aspe devops training

Aspe’s “DevOps Implementation Boot Camp”

During this three-day bootcamp — which meets online or in one of many U.S. cities — students learn from ASPE, known for being the largest trainer of Agile development. The curriculum starts out with an overview of DevOps and the value it provides. From there, students delve into the nuts and bolts. That includes lessons on infrastructure as code, deployment pipeline, automated testing, amplifying feedback and experimentation.

Cost: $1,995


cloudskills devops training

CloudSkill’s “Azure DevOps Certification Bootcamp”

This six-week online bootcamp uses hands-on projects, on-demand video and weekly Q&A sessions to teach the foundations of DevOps and prepare students for the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification exam. Topics covered include infrastructure as code, automation, CI/CD and cloud-native architecture. The training program is led by Mike Pfeiffer, a seasoned tech pro who has worked at places like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

Cost: $1,997


udacity devops training

Udacity’s “Cloud DevOps Nanodegree”

Those who pursue this Udacity nanodegree are taught how to deploy a web app using CloudFormation, build a CI/CD pipeline and much more. Learning under the tutelage of DevOps experts, students are given access to technical mentor support as well as a career coach. Estimated completion time is four months, at a 10-hour-per-week pace.

Cost: $199/month


school of devops devops training
School of DevOps

School of DevOps’ “Ultimate Devops Bootcamp”

In this Udemy course, which includes 12.5 hours of on-demand video, students key in on foundational DevOps principles and practices. Geared toward IT professionals who want to make the leap to DevOps engineer, the course covers several common tools, such as Docker, Git, Jekins, Ansible, Kubernetes and Prometheus.

Cost: Check website


skillshare devops training

Skillshare’s “DevOps Project: CI/CD with Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes on AWS” 

Comprised of more than five hours of video lessons, this introductory course gives a step-by-step overview of how to build a CI/CD pipeline using the most common DevOps tools, such as Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes.

Cost: Free (with Skillshare subscription)


westen poods s devops training
Ivan Westen and Pood S

Ivan Westen and Pood S’s “Gitlab / GitLab CI For Beginners”

In this Udemy course, students dive deep into working with Gitlab, a web-based repository often used for controlling a DevOps lifecycle. Along the way, they also enjoy access to 2.5 hours of on-demand video lectures and practical exercises to help buff out their skills. Prospective enrollees must have a rudimentary knowledge of Git.

Cost: Check website


gomez devops training

Ricardo Andre Gonzalez Gomez’s “Jenkins, From Zero to Hero”

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool that’s often used in DevOps because of its high functionality. In this Udemy class, an instructor walks IT pros through the ins and outs of Jenkins, and how it can be used with various other DevOps tools. More than 10 hours of video lessons and 18 articles are included.

Cost: Check website


mindmajix devops training

MindMajix’s “GoDC Training”

This online course, offered by MindMajix, shepherds students through the fundamentals of continuous delivery. It also teaches them the open-source tool GoCD, which is used by major companies like MetLife and Aetna. To put their knowledge to the test, students are required to complete two real-time, industry-based projects.

Cost: Contact MindMajix for pricing


viaenes devops training

Edward Viaene’s “Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course”

This Udemy class offers a crash lesson in Kubernetes, a commonly used open-source container management solution. Over the course of 13 hours of on-demand video demonstrations — punctuated by two practice tests — students learn all about how to use Kubernetes as it relates to administration, packaging, deploying and continuous development.

Cost: $39.99


docker captain devops training
Docker Captain

Docker Captain’s “Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm”

Led by instructor Bret Fisher, who has worked in cloud and datacenter ops for more than two decades, this Udemy course covers the ins and outs of Docker, Kubernetes and Swarm. With access to nearly 20 hours of on-demand video lessons and plenty of hands-on exercises, students gain the skills they need to build, test and deploy with these popular DevOps tools.

Cost: Check website


chef devops training

Chef’s “Learn Chef Rally”

People leaning more to the dev side of DevOps can learn Chef, a popular configuration management tool, straight from the source. Their site offers an array of free self-learning tracks, modules and demos that walk users through how to use Chef on AWS, Azure and more.

Cost: Free


aspe devops training

Aspe’s “Docker Containerization Boot Camp”

This three-day bootcamp, which meets live online or at one of several U.S. cities, is a deep dive into Docker. There’s a lot to learn about that open-source tool and how it's used to build, deploy and run applications using containers. That’s why ASPE offers this hands-on workshop, designed so every student can immediately start implementing it at their company or organization.

Cost: $2,750


aspe devops training

Aspe’s “Implementing a CI/CD Pipeline”

This is a fast-paced, hands-on training course in which students learn to automate an entire CI/CD pipeline. They will be using common DevOps tools like Chef, Github and Jenkins as they tackle projects designed to strengthen their pipeline skillset. Classes last three days and take place either live online or onsite.

Cost: $2,750


linux academy devops training
Linux Academy

Linux Academy’s “Learn Ansible by Doing”

Like Snakes on a Plane, the title of this course tells you all you need to know — students indeed learn Ansible by doing. More specifically, they participate in over a dozen hands-on labs about the open-source automation tool that’s commonly used for configuration management, application deployment and software provisioning. Participants are guided by a seasoned IT pro with decades of experience.

Cost: $49/month


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