15 Video Conferencing Platforms Keeping Us Connected While Apart

Staff Reporter
February 2, 2021
Updated: August 24, 2022
Staff Reporter
February 2, 2021
Updated: August 24, 2022

COVID-19 necessitated a lot of quick adjustments, but the shift toward remote work was underway even before the coronavirus pandemic. Innovations in enterprise technology have made it possible to complete many kinds of work remotely, without sacrificing things such as workplace camaraderie or effective collaboration.

One of the major technologies that enable seamless remote work is video conferencing, a software solution designed to facilitate face-to-face collaboration between teammates regardless of their location. First introduced by AT&T at the 1968 World’s Fair, video conferencing technology has made tremendous strides in more recent years, becoming an indispensable tool with which companies facilitate employee productivity, client communication, and other business operations. Most video conferencing software solutions come with integrated features like real time chat, transcription, screen sharing and others, with the goal of centralizing enterprise communications and helping entire businesses become more efficient. Whether you're a small business looking to keep in touch with your team, or a corporation managing hundreds of employees, you can be sure there's a video conferencing software platform built to meet your needs.

Take a look at these 15 video conferencing software platforms proving that distance doesn't have to prevent your team from achieving success.

Video Conferencing Software Tools to Know

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex Meetings
  • GoToMeeting
  • Google Meet
  • RIngCentral
  • Lifesize


Zoom Meetings Video Conferencing Software
Zoom Meetings

What they do: Zoom is one of the more popular video conferencing software platforms on the market with its free tiers and accessibility attracting users looking for a simpler and affordable option. Zoom makes it possible for users to host large meetings with up to 1,000 meeting participants, and offers additional tools and features like text chatting, transcription, and video recording.

Company headquarters: San Jose, CA


Skype Video Conferencing Software


What they do: Acquired by Microsoft in 2011, Skype offers video conferencing options for both enterprise use and personal communication, offering pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription payment options. Skype's personal communication option can support video calls for groups of up to 50 people, but the company also offers an enterprise platform upgrade that can host up to 250 participants.

Company headquarters: Redmond, WA


Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Software
Microsoft Teams


What they do: Yet another video conferencing solution offered by Microsoft, Microsoft Teams meets the needs of a broad range of individual and enterprise users, enabling everything from one-on-one calls to 10,000 people webinars. Microsoft Teams offers all the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 Suite, making it possible for users to join calls from nearly any location without having to download an external app.

Company headquarters: Redmond, WA


Webex Meetings Video Conferencing Software
Webex Meetings


What they do: Cisco's Webex Meetings offers free, high capacity video conferencing options capable of hosting up to 100 attendees. Available both as a desktop site and an application, Webex Meetings simplifies video conferencing and offers a broad array of features on the free level, but Cisco also offers the option to upgrade to a subscription tier to enjoy features like bigger attendance capacity and longer meeting times. 

Company headquarters: San Jose, CA


8x8 Video Conferencing Software

What they do: In addition to video conferencing software, 8x8 offers voice calling, contact center, chatbot technology and a variety of other cloud communications products to companies across the globe. 8x8's products have been implemented in a broad variety of use cases, and have been adopted by organizations in healthcare, education, finance, retail and other sectors.

Company headquarters: Campbell, CA


RingCentral Video Conferencing Software

What they do: RingCentral offers video conferencing software that makes it possible for users to integrate outside apps like Slack and Google Suite in order to simplify meetings scheduling through external apps. Offering a range of solutions for small businesses, corporations and other enterprises, RingCentral offers HD video streaming and real-time file sharing to make collaboration more streamlined.

Company headquarters: Belmont, CA


Google Meet Video Conferencing Software


 What they do: Google’s broad suite of connectivity products includes Google Meet, the company’s video conferencing product designed mainly for use by companies and enterprises. Google Meet requires no external software applications, and makes it possible for participants to attend events and meetings from their phones via a dial-in number.

Company headquarters: Mountain View, CA


UberConference Video Conferencing Software


 What they do: UberConference, a video conferencing platform owned by Dialpad, delivers solutions for video streaming, screen sharing, AI transcription and a variety of other enterprise communications needs. UberConference is set up to meet the needs of companies across industries and of all sizes, serving brands like Stripe, WeWork, Square and HubSpot.

Company headquarters: San Francisco, CA


GoToMeeting Video Conferencing Software


What they do: At a low subscription price of $12 a month, GoToMeeting by LogMeIn offers all the standard features of a video conferencing platform while additionally making it possible for users to join meetings from any device. With an app compatible with both iOS and Android, GoToMeeting provides a mobile video conferencing service that doesn't compromise on features, making it possible for up to 150 people to join at the lowest subscription tier.

Company headquarters: Boston, MA


Lifesize Video Conferencing Software

What they do: Lifesize offers its clients a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing at little to no cost, with a variety of tiered pricing options for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Lifesize users enjoy the ability to host for up to 24 hours, making it easier to stage brainstorms, company wide meetings, large livestreams and more.

Company headquarters: Austin, TX


BlueJeans Video Conferencing Software

What they do: BlueJeans by Verizon offers secure video conferencing solutions on a low subscription basis, starting at $9.99 a month for the most basic tier with upgrades to higher levels with more capabilities available as well. BlueJeans collaborative technologies have been adopted in the daily operations of some of the biggest names in the tech industry including Facebook, Red Hat, Viacom and others. 

Company headquarters: New York, NY


Adobe Connect Video Conferencing Software
Adobe Connect


What they do: Under the communications technology umbrella of its parent company Adobe, Adobe Connect connects users of all types with instant video conferencing capabilities making it possible to teach classes, lead webinars and host business meetings remotely. Adobe Connect's design maintains a focus on accessibility and offers advanced control capabilities for hosts so that they can better manage their meetings, who attends, when they take place and how they're conducted.

Company headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Circuit Video Conferencing Software


 What they do: Circuit by Unify helps companies centralize their cross-enterprise communications and collaboration, offering its users one app with which they share files, search for content, and host discussions with employees and coworkers. Circuit's many capabilities include content storage, contextual search, and a natural conversation feed to increase the speed and quality of communication throughout businesses of all sizes.

Company headquarters: Reston, VA


GlobalMeet Video Conferencing Software


What they do: Owned and operated by PGi, GlobalMeet is an enterprise grade video conferencing solution that delivers services like webcasting, event curation, virtual events hosting and a variety of others to help improve enterprise productivity. GlobalMeet users can enjoy immediate access to the meetings they want to attend, and event hosts can rely on 24/7 in-meeting tech support to ensure their initiatives run smoothly.

Company headquarters: Alpharetta, GA


TeamViewer Video Conferencing Software

What they do: TeamViewer's biggest focus is on remote connectivity, offering a variety of tech-based collaborative resources ranging from video communications to AR experience design. Headquartered primarily in Germany, TeamViewer operates multiple offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia, with a U.S. location in Florida. 

Company headquarters: Clearwater, FL

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