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There’s a wide range of companies out there proactively seeking to hire veterans and their family members, or active military who will soon be moving to civilian life. Some of these employers have skill-matching tools to find a job at their organization, while others offer mentorship programs and on-the-job training to leverage your transferable skills — whether that be technical prowess or a deep understanding and commitment to teamwork and taking ownership.

Here’s a look at some of the companies seeking to hire veterans.

Fortune 500 Companies Hiring Veterans

  • Alphabet
  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Meta
  • Microsoft
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Walgreens

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18 Companies That Hire Veterans

Veterans make up 15 percent of Boeing’s workforce, according to the company’s website. Its military and veterans program includes a Military Skills Translator tool to help active military members, veterans and their family members find the best job fit. And if you would like to start a conversation with a Boeing recruiter, the company also offers an online form to get the process going for you or your family members. On this form, you can also designate if you’ve had security clearance within the last two years, which may make you eligible for additional job opportunities like product manager or procurement specialist.

Boeing has other resources veterans and their families can use, such as partnerships with The Mission Continues, Adaptive Training Foundation, and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans & Military Families.

Boeing provides a snapshot of veterans who work at the aircraft maker. | Video: Boeing


Global media and entertainment company NBCUniversal not only hires veterans, military spouses, National Guard and reserve service members, it also offers employee resource groups like its Veterans Network. In 2022, the company was named to DiversityInc’s Top Companies for Veterans list as well as the Military Times’ Best for Vets list.


Financial services company Capital One offers a military support program that provides full pay for eligible employees who take up to eight weeks of military training, pay differential between your military and Capital One salaries upon return from active duty, and healthcare coverage while on leave for active duty. It also offers a Military New Hire Transition Program, which helps new employees onboard for their first 90 days and beyond.

Other Capital One vet programs include a Corporate Fellowship Program via a partnership with Hiring Our Heroes to assist transitioning military members. Under the program, vets are placed in an open job at Capital One for 11 weeks (military spouses are placed for six weeks), with an opportunity to be hired full time at the end.


Online pet store Chewy, under its military and veterans program, provides active military members and veterans an opportunity to join its Chewy Warehouse and Fulfillment Center. It notes veterans are well-suited for this work, given the safety-first training they received in the military and how they can apply it to the work environment at Chewy’s warehouses. Veterans can also build their skills and grow with on-the-job training and develop camaraderie with other veterans in the program.

Chewy veterans discuss growth opportunities at the online pet store. | Video: Chewy Internal


Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has teamed up with American Corporate Partners to offer veterans and their military spouses mentors to help them adjust to civilian work life post military service and provide career guidance. These mentors assist with career guidance and lend support to CrowdStrike employees. 

CrowdStrike has also partnered with the Operation Motorsport Foundation, which seeks to rehabilitate veterans who’ve experienced medical-related issues in the service through involvement with motorsports and race car teams. As part of this partnership, veterans are part of the CrowdStrike Racing crew, where they receive team clothing and gear, travel with their respective squads, and are heavily involved in all activities both on the racetrack and in the paddock.

CrowdStrike supports veterans through the Operation Motorsport Foundation. | Video: CrowdStrike


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IBM offers veterans a number of entry points. In addition to partnering with recruiting and hiring organizations like Hiring Our Heroes, VetJobs, VIQTORY and American Corporate Partners, IBM also provides a number of tools to assist veterans, active military and their families when applying. For example, it has a Veteran Experience Profile Form that can be submitted with your job application as a cover letter to further illustrate your military work and leadership qualities. Another way IBM connects veterans with the company is through its IBM Stars and Stripes Community LinkedIn page that’s designed to foster communication about joining the company.


Liberty Mutual Insurance runs a wide variety of programs for veterans and active military transitioning to civilian life, as well as for reservists. It partners with Hiring Our Heroes to directly recruit veterans and military spouses and also teams up with Valor for one of its employee resource groups, [email protected]+Allies. The [email protected] employee resource group provides mentorship, an annual program to send care packages and letters to the troops and networking opportunities.

Liberty also offers up to two years of pay differential and benefits continuation if military members like reservists and National Guard members are called into active duty.

Liberty veterans address the flexibility and support they receive from the insurance carrier. | Video: Liberty Mutual


Microsoft’s veterans programs includes one for student veterans who are working toward their science, technology, engineering or math degree — known as STEM — by offering internships and full-time job opportunities in that field. The company also runs a Microsoft Software & Systems Academy for transitioning military service members and veterans. Under this full-time 17-week program, participants receive technical training, mentoring and professional skills development, and career matching guidance. After completing the program, candidates can interview at Microsoft or its hiring partners.


Financial services company Northwestern Mutual teamed up with the DOD’s SkillBridge program to assist veterans, reservists and family members who are making their way back to civilian life. The Northwestern program is also open to active duty military members who plan to leave the armed forces within 180 days. This program also offers on-the-job training, as well as instruction to develop additional technical experience.


Enterprise cloud company ServiceNow offers veterans training under its Solution Consulting Academy, a five-month program that will train them to be technical consultants who work with the company’s sales representatives to help close deals. The academy initially focused on training participants early in their career but recently opened it up to veterans, active military personnel and reservists starting their post-service career. The decision to include veterans came from the realization that most of these job candidates possessed a unique understanding of federal business accounts from having worked in the military, according to ServiceNow’s website. 

In addition to the academy, ServiceNow also operates an employee resource group called Veterans at Now, where veteran employees can share their experiences and network.


Through its Military, Veteran and Partner program, Uber provides mentorships and coaching as part of its onboarding process, as well as conducts regular check-ins as you progress through the year. For military personnel transitioning out of the armed forces, Uber has partnered with the DOD’s SkillBridge Apprentice program to offer up to a four-month on-the-job training. Uber also has an employee resource group, which provides a network of support and veteran outreach.

Uber outlines its philosophy on how it selects veterans for its open roles. | Video: Uber


Drugstore giant Walgreens operates a Hero Program that provides training, educational opportunities and support to veterans and active military transitioning to civilian life. Walgreens also partnered with Southern New Hampshire University to provide savings on tuition and an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree with your Veterans Affairs educational benefits, as well as transfer college credits and credits from your military training.

The company also has a partnership with Valor, a resource group that provides mentoring, networking and volunteer opportunities for veterans, reservists and national guard members. 

Walgreens also offers management training under its HERO program, which includes on-the-job training, mentorship, Walgreens University courses and workshops. And for employees who are reservists or national guard members, Walgreens will also provide military bridge pay for eligible members should they be called into active duty.


Alphabet, parent company of Google and YouTube, operates a veterans program through Google. This program is open to veterans and their spouses, as well as active duty military members seeking to reenter civilian life. It offers a pre-recorded career series featuring veterans and their various technical and business roles at Google, a list of resources like how to apply to Google, and an employee resource group called the Google Veterans Network.

Google veterans and military spouses offer application tips. | Video: Life at Google


In July 2021, Amazon pledged to hire 100,000 transitioning active military members, veteran students, veterans and military spouses over the next three years as part of its military program. Applicants can register for Amazon job alerts by texting MILITARY to 77088*, and veterans and military spouses can also fill out forms intended to better match their skills with open roles. The online retail giant also operates a global professional network for veterans called [email protected] along with a one-year mentoring program to help employees adjust to Amazon’s culture and their new roles.

Amazon reaches out to veterans and military spouses. | Video: Amazon Military


Dell offers three programs for veterans. The Veteran Integration Success Program is a two-year associate program that provides training, mentorship and practical customer experience via rotations through Dell’s Federal Customer Success operation. The program, which also helps applicants transition back to a civilian workforce, aims to make veterans ready to manage their own customer account under the company’s Federal Account Management Services team, should they be hired after successfully completing the program.

Dell also teamed up with the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, a professional development and on-the-job training program, to offer veterans a wide range of career paths, including business operations and IT. Dell also partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense, which offers the SkillBridge program. The DOD provides military pay and benefits to retiring and transitioning members for the 180-day program, during which Dell provides full-time training in the applicant’s desired career. 

In addition to the pay and benefits program, Dell also supports employees who were in the military with its Veterans Employee Resource Group.


Meta, which owns social media giant Facebook, offers a veterans program that includes tools and resources for veterans, their families and active duty military members who are transitioning to civilian jobs. It offers a U.S. and U.K. Military Skills Translator tool, where applicants punch in their previous military job title, military branch and areas of interest from finance to hardware to games. The tool then seeks out relevant Meta jobs. It also offers a Veterans & Allies Resource Group, which provides activities and programs for Meta veterans, reservists and their supporters. The employee resource group also runs a monthly speaker series, recruiting panel discussions, and local and national veteran-focused events.

Meta also partners with other veteran organizations, such as BreakLine Education, which helps veterans transition into new careers; Swords to Plowshares, which assists San Francisco Bay Area veterans with employment, training, housing and legal assistance; and Vets In Tech, an organization offering tech-specific education, and entrepreneurship and employment resources and programs.


Streaming video and entertainment company Netflix operates an Animation Foundations Program that is open to veterans and Native Americans. Under the four-month mentorship program, up to 50 participants from each group will receive training to prepare for an internship, apprentice program or entry-level role in animation. Netflix has partnered with the Veterans in Media & Entertainment, which will handle the application process for veterans. The nonprofit connects veterans with jobs, internships, mentorships and educational opportunities in areas like film, theater, television, gaming and music. As part of the Foundations Program, veterans will be matched with a Netflix Animation mentor, who will provide advice on the industry, their career, guidance on editing and curating their portfolio, writing samples and resume. 


In 2013, Starbucks made a commitment to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2018. It has since raised the bar to hire 25,000 by 2025. The company also operates Military Family Stores near major military bases, where it offers pro bono legal support and other transition services once a week for active and retired military members. It also partners with military and veteran nonprofit organizations like Blue Star Families, Team RWB and Team Rubicon.

In addition to its partnerships, Starbucks also sponsors Starbucks Armed Forces Network, which provides support to employee veterans and their spouses.

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