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Every time you buy something online, sign up for an email list or click through a company’s website, you generate data. Consequently, as internet commerce increases, so does the amount of digital information that’s collected. Many businesses retain a ton of it. 

The problem is none of this data is organized, and it can pile up in a hurry. That’s where data science — and data science companies — come into play.  

Oil giant Shell, for instance, used data science to anticipate machine failure at facilities across the world. Agricultural company Cargill developed a mobile data-tracking app that helps shrimp farmers reduce mortality rates. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group analyzed data with machine learning to glean more details about beverage sales and vendors. And freight company Pitt Ohio used historical data and predictive analytics to estimate delivery time with 99 percent accuracy.

With various applications, data science has blossomed into a thriving field that has created many job opportunities for aspiring data scientists. LinkedIn’s 2021 Jobs on the Rise report reveals data science specialist to be one of the most in-demand positions in the U.S.

Plenty of organizations are looking for data scientists to take on some of the industry’s most exciting challenges. We’ve put together a list of data science companies that are making names for themselves while providing spaces for data scientists to contribute and grow.


50 Data Science Companies to Know

Top Data Science Companies

  • Accenture
  • Databricks
  • OpenText
  • Splunk
  • Unified
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • Sisense
  • Sumo Logic
  • PureSpectrum


Location: Fully Remote

Tonic.ai, aka “the fake data company,” provides, quite literally, fake data. If that sounds dodgy, understand that software developers need realistic data to build and test their products, and they can’t use real data because it belongs to people. Thus, there is a great need for fake data and data de-identification tools to obscure and protect the privacy of real data. Tonic.ai uses machine learning to generate high quality fake data for the healthcare, finance, edtech, insurance and retail sectors.


Location: New York, New York

Causal is a business planning spreadsheet software that seeks to present data in a visual medium. The platform includes tools like data automation and consolidation, multi-dimensional interactive modeling and custom views and permissions for different stakeholders. Causal integrates live with accounting, resource planning and client relationship management systems.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Accenture is an AI and analytics firm specializing in data-driven digital transformation by combining data engineering, advanced analytics, proprietary AI accelerators and consulting services for faster and more accurate decision-making. It has acquired several data science companies to grow its expertise in AI, analytics and data (for example, the company acquired BRIDGEi2i in October 2021).


Location: San Francisco, California

Databricks interacts with cloud-based corporate information and allows companies to unify their data, analytics and AI in one place on its Lakehouse Platform. The company works with big-name partners like Microsoft, Amazon Tableau and Informatica.


Location: Westlake Village, California

PureSpectrum is an end-to-end market research and insights platform that uses automated survey creation to assist researchers. For over five years, the company has helped businesses discover quality samples, manage projects, collect consumer insights and monitor consumer behaviors. Businesses can also use the platform on customizable storefronts too.


Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

OpenText uses an array of software products to spot patterns, relationships and trends in data sets. In addition to visualizations and interactive dashboards that help users interpret their digital information, OpenText applies cloud and AI technology to automate processes, protect information and arrange data in a way that’s easy to understand.


Location: San Francisco, California

Splunk is a software company that serves clients in the IT, cybersecurity, Internet of Things and data analytics sectors. Its business analytics platform helps businesses visualize and interpret their data by seeing it in context. For an even more connected experience, the Splunk cloud platform allows teams to collaborate across mobile, TV and augmented reality formats.


Location: Fully Remote

Through the practice of analytics engineering, dbts Labs is helping spread organizational knowledge. The company operates a SQL-first transformation workflow, allowing analytics code to be used. The workflow promotes collaboration among analysts and engineers to create, document and test data pipelines. Businesses can also purchase the Cloud Enterprise and explore features like automated dependency management, onboarding and integrations.


Location: Fully Remote

Through the combination of artificial intelligence and data, RS21 aims to help businesses make more impactful decisions. RS21 is a global data science company that engineers, designs and develops solutions that reduce business costs, improve business intelligence and guide decisions. Some of the tools include an AI engine and Medicaid and Medicare fraud detection.


Location: Austin, Texas

Unified helps companies better understand omnichannel digital marketing. Its operations platform acts as a central data hub so businesses can monitor their performance and devise advertising strategies. Unified’s analysts help clients interpret their data too.


Location: San Diego, California

The Teradata Vantage platform helps businesses manage and analyze data within a multi-cloud ecosystem. Because of its scalability, the platform can adapt to larger data sets and different types of data. Teradata Vantage also integrates with popular third-party tools and languages, so customers can run their own analyses without learning new software.


Location: Austin, Texas

Oracle sells database software, cloud products and other enterprise software. Its cloud infrastructure works well for both multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. As a result, companies can choose the cloud solution of their preference while meeting compliance standards and relying on AI and machine learning to better organize their data.


Location: Fully Remote

Messari’s platform helps professionals navigate the crypto economy. It provides market intelligence for crypto data, opportunities and research. Businesses can use the platform to track real-time market updates, allowing for quick responses in protecting assets. The research conducted by the company can be accessed based on their subscription services. Whether it’s investors, public or regulators, Messari hopes to bring transparent qualitative and quantitative research.


Location: Fully Remote

Sensible Weather removes the risks associated with weather and climate changes. Through the combination of global climate analytics and notification communication, the company informs consumers of expected weather changes for trips, events, energy production and more. Consumers can book the Weather Guaranteed product to receive reimbursements if the weather ruins their plans. For partnering businesses, the product adds more value and confidence to each booking, ultimately improving the conversion rate.


Location: Austin, Texas

Striveworks believes a disconnect exists between data and data interpretation for decision-makers. So the company created a cloud-native platform that uses operational AI to simplify MLops and automate the data analytics process. With the platform, data scientists, software engineers and other professionals expect fast dataset preparation, trainable models and deploy data anywhere.


Location: New York, New York 

Sisense’s business intelligence platform helps data engineers, analysts and developers connect and prepare and securely manage data, embed analytics and explore insights across devices. The platform also integrates with Office 365, Google Workspace and other applications, allowing teams to gather insights on their most-used tools.


Location: Santa Clara, California 

NVIDIA is a hardware and software producer that has expanded its presence in the AI sphere with its NVIDIA AI Enterprise product. This platform uses AI and data analytics software to help businesses better manage their data within multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. Teams can also train and refine AI models in a matter of hours without AI expertise. 

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Location: Redwood City, California

Sumo Logic makes online security a priority with a cloud platform that specializes in protecting sensitive data. With the ability to compile over 150 apps and integrations, the company’s platform acts as a centralized hub where teams can monitor and analyze data. Machine learning algorithms also warn teams if issues are detected, allowing companies to proactively make fixes and prevent cyber attacks.


Location: Fully Remote

Civis pairs together proprietary technology and statistical advisory services to provide businesses with so-called person-level data. Its primary focus is helping organizations understand people through data analytics, collecting information on people’s demographics, activities and interests. To quickly sort through and gather intel from this data, Civis enables teams to automate workflows and process data in Python, R and other popular languages.


Location: Zurich, Switzerland

KNIME builds data science software that helps businesses interpret data and make predictions. Its analytics platform helps users design data science workflows, and its complementary enterprise software platform facilitates collaboration among teams. Together, these two platforms allow organizations to effectively manage their data and ensure all members are following data science best practices.


Location: San Francisco, California

Noodle.ai’s software applies advanced data science to keep supply chains smooth and predictable. Wielding its inventory flow and quality flow products, Noodle.ai locates flaws in processes and recommends fixes that preserve quality standards and financial resources.


Location: New York, New York
Conduktor’s mission is to make data streaming a simpler process. The platform streamlines entire Apache Kafka ecosystems ensuring more efficiency, faster project delivery times and productivity. There are five elements of the platform that help Conduktor achieve its mission: console, quality, observability, governance and security.


Location: New York, New York

The mission of DAS42 is to provide faster insights and produce better decision-making for executives and managers. DAS42 employs cloud-based software ensuring an advanced, self-service ecosystem for data. The company also offers end-to-end consulting and application administration.


Location: New York, New York

DataRails helps financial teams organize Excel sheets and models into one report. The platform withdraws data from the sheets and models to consolidate it for managers to analyze, follow and edit. One automated report ensures no data is missed, which is possible with manual consolidation. DataRails is also cloud-based, making it easier to track and archive data.


Location: Fully Remote

Enigma enables financial institutions to serve small business customers better. By sourcing data from public, proprietary and government entities, the company can map out a business’s online footprint. Additionally, Enigma has products to assist institutions in monitoring business transactions, discovering new businesses and identifying top businesses already in the database.


Location: Irvine, California

With Amazon leading the e-commerce space, Helium 10 is helping e-commerce sellers capitalize on Amazon’s opportunities. The company offers a complete software suite with end-to-end support in building an Amazon storefront. From product research to marketing tools, Helium 10 employs the same features as top sellers. Sellers can also customize their subscriptions to determine which tools are most efficient and cost-friendly.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Jellyfish is an engineering management platform that comprises engineering data to fit with business objectives. The platform functions display how an engineering organization operates, what work they do and how teams are working. Outside of aligning data with business objectives, Jellyfish optimizes engineering operations, increases alignment for distribution teams, reports R&D costs and more.


Top 10 data science companies to work for. | Video: 365 Data Science


Location: Irvine, California

Alteryx is a self-service data analytics company that helps businesses analyze their own data instead of relying on data scientists. The company’s analytic process automation (APA) platform combines machine learning and analytics to sift through data. As a result, organizations can quickly organize large sets of data and make decisions based on the insights they gather.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Numerator is a market intelligence firm that analyzes merchandising and sales data from retail locations, e-commerce sites and big box stores, so companies know what their consumers are buying and why. The information that Numerator provides can help companies improve brand strategy, advertising, distribution and pricing decisions.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

By monitoring trends and analyzing data, SPINS provides consumer insights for retail brands that promote healthy living. The SPINS product intelligence platform compiles data on popular trends, so companies can prioritize products that are selling on the market. Clients include organic and natural food companies and wellness brands.


Location: Cary, North Carolina

Employing statistical analysis, SAS’s platform helps organizations better understand and draw value from the data they generate. For example, SAS applied advanced analytics and AI to sensor data from client Volvo Trucks, which helped predict maintenance issues and minimize downtime.


Location: Northbrook, Illinois

Mu Sigma is an analytics and data science company that works with businesses in a variety of sectors, including technology, media, retail, finance, science, healthcare and hospitality. Clients can supplement their technology with Mu Sigma’s big data analytical software, which can clean data, create predictive models and perform other tasks to help companies glean more insights from their data.


Location: Palo Alto, California

Cloudera transforms complex data sets into actionable insights. With its hybrid data platform, Cloudera can process data across cloud and on-premises mediums for a customizable experience. In addition to providing an enterprise data cloud, the company uses machine learning to automate analyses.


Location: Palo Alto, California

Orbital Insight culls data from satellite images and analyzes it using artificial intelligence to find trends and produce insights. The Orbital Insight GO platform addresses when, where and what types of activity occur. As a result, the tool can determine areas where a country is developing, predict agricultural trends and complete other data-centric tasks.


Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

Acer Innovation helps large companies extract value from the data they collect through machine intelligence. Customers use Acer Innovation’s predictive analytics platform and forecasting models to complete actions like streamlining manufacturing processes, analyzing clinical trials and predicting customer behaviors.


Location: San Francisco, California

Corterix designed a central platform that crawls structured and unstructured data and puts it into a single Structured Query Language database. The company’s analytics platform is meant to handle large and diverse sets of data without requiring more advanced tools. This way, developers can work with their preferred technologies to write code that quickly analyzes data.


Location: San Francisco, California

Mixpanel is an analytics platform that lets businesses study user behavior across their websites and apps. Instant reports and in-depth segmentations allow teams to pinpoint trends and single out specific factors driving these trends. Companies can also use the platform’s data to run experiments, set goals and form hypotheses.


Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

A self-described big-data-as-a-service company, Cazena builds software to help enterprise companies migrate their data and run database analytics. Cazena offers cloud data lakes that are easy to implement, adaptable and private, so businesses can gather and arrange even more data while keeping that data secure.


Location: Burlington, Massachusetts

Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform covers data management, governance and analytics. Diver pulls data from multiple sources and displays metrics on informational dashboards. Creating a single source where all data is stored, Dimensional Insights makes it easier for companies to apply business rules and improve the accuracy of their data.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Qubole’s data platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and extract value from business data. Cloud-based and integrated with a variety of coding languages and open-source tools, the platform learns from user behavior in order to automate data processing.


Location: College Station, Texas

Stata creates statistical software for obtaining, manipulating and understanding data. Besides providing billions of observations, Stata’s software can organize this data into professional-looking graphs and deliver automated reports. The company’s technology also integrates with Python, keeping it accessible to developers.

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Location: Cary, North Carolina

D4t4 Solutions creates products for data collection, management and analytics. With the Celebrus customer data platform, businesses can gather first-party data to track their customer behaviors, establish user identities and prevent fraud. The company also works to maintain security certifications in order to protect the data it handles.


Location: Santa Cruz, California

Designed to be accessible and comprehensible for both data analysts and business teams, Looker’s data platform creates reports and data visualizations that are shareable and easy to read. Unified data enables companies to develop more holistic user profiles and determine key metrics, which serves businesses well in e-commerce, adtech, SaaS and other sectors.


Location: Fremont, California

Infometry is a data analytics software services provider focused on turning raw data into actionable insights. Among the company’s areas of expertise are the implementation of data warehouses, enterprise performance management, business intelligence, big data analytics and predictive analytics.


Location: San Mateo, California

SnapLogic’s software suite lets analytics and business teams more easily exchange data and make decisions. The company’s AutoSync and AutoPrep platforms quickly transform data and send it to data warehouses while the Intelligent Integration Platform automates integrations. These platforms require little to no code, simplifying workloads for developers.


Location: Reston, Virginia

Zoomdata (now part of Logi Analytics) showcases a big data platform that quickly processes large amounts of data. Big data, live streaming data and multisource data are all housed on the platform, which provides real-time insights. The platform can be deployed internally by company employees or embedded in customer-facing systems.


Location: Westport, Connecticut

TEG Analytics uses data science to help organizations make better decisions at the intersection of business, technology and applied mathematics. The company offers two tech products for the healthcare and consumer packaged goods and retail industries. Each industry-specific product supports data warehousing, forecasting and visualization capabilities.


Location: Alameda, California

Absolutdata offers a suite of AI-based products and advanced analytics services with the goal of improving business results. The company’s NAVIK AI Platform includes separate products for sales, marketing, technology and operations needs. Compiling and analyzing large amounts of data with AI, Absolutdata enables organizations to fine-tune their marketing campaigns, tech ecosystems, sales strategies and other crucial business components.


Location: Linthicum, Maryland 

Impact Analytics builds 360-degree AI-powered retail automation products to allow businesses to streamline their workflows and formulate data insights. The company’s technology suite supports methodology testing, forecasting and inventory monitoring, so businesses can make adjustments to improve their performance.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Tiger Analytics offers data analytics and predictive modeling solutions for clients in retail, social media, online advertising and other sectors. Clients can work with Tiger Analytics to compile customer data, informing their omnichannel marketing strategies. Tiger Analytics has also found ways to derive predictive models from data, applying these models to areas like risk analysis and predictive maintenance.

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