Gordon Gottsegen
Staff Reporter at Built In
Expertise: Tech journalism
Education: University of California, Berkeley

Gordon Gottsegen is a former Built In staff reporter covering breaking news, tech industry trends and startups across the United States. Prior to joining Built In, Gottsegen was a writer for CNET and an editorial fellow for Wired Magazine. Gottsegen has a bachelor of arts in media studies and psychology from University of California, Berkeley. He is currently vice president of content at Fennel.

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machine learning cybersecurity
Machine learning in cybersecurity is evolving to address new cyber threats, and these companies are leading the way with ML-based cybersecurity solutions.
cyber security
In our digitally hyperconnected world, cybersecurity companies are more in demand than ever. We’ve rounded up 18 publicly traded ones.
digital art of machine learning brain
Machine learning is at the helm of social media, self-driving cars and more daily applications.
A person and heart constructed in a virtual space where healthcare can be performed.
VR/AR technology is on the rise, and companies are using it to improve healthcare in novel ways.
Brivo smart building technology
The Bethesda-based smart building tech company will merge with Crown PropTech Acquisitions.
Data science companies, turqoise and green numbers against black background.
These data science companies are helping businesses glean insights from massive amounts of data faster than ever before.
2020 has brought a wave of challenges, but many tech companies are prospering in the second half of the year.
startup founder edward madongorere
Although there's no singular path to starting a company, every founder learns lessons along the way. We asked three founders to share theirs, so you won’t have to learn them the hard way.
Innovations in the growing healthtech sector are helping to shape the future of healthcare.
Technology and Mental Health
Virtual reality, mobile apps and other forms of new technology are changing the way we deal with mental health.
cloud computing in education
These companies are combining cloud computing and education to enhance students' learning experiences.
machine learning for trading
Machine learning is transforming financial trading. We've rounded up 14 companies using it to make better trades and more money.