7 Companies Hiring Data Scientists

Data science jobs at these companies require knowledge of relevant tools and programming languages.

Written by Margo Steines
7 Companies Hiring Data Scientists
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Sara B.T. Thiel | Apr 03, 2024

With the rise of big data, companies need skilled professionals who can transform massive amounts of data into valuable business insights. Data scientists’ work fuels business intelligence solutions that can support various teams, including marketing, product development, tech support and people management. Here’s a list of companies hiring data scientists to draw on their expertise with programming languages, data tools and problem solving.

Companies Hiring Data Scientists

  • McDonald’s Global Technology
  • Smartly
  • Grammarly
  • Block
  • Datadog
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Spring Health


Companies Hiring Data Scientists

McDonald’s is an iconic enterprise food and beverage retailer with a global franchise network of fast casual restaurants of more than 36,000 locations. The company uses significant tech, including AI and machine learning, in its operations and is currently hiring data professionals for consumer data science, data and analytics, supply chain data and machine learning operations roles. 

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Marketing technology company Smartly specializes in AI-powered social media advertising, providing a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools to minimize manual tasks and expand customer reach. Smartly’s platform automates campaign management and creative production while leveraging artificial intelligence and data capabilities.


Grammarly is a software company that makes a cloud-based composition product that uses AI to scan written work and suggest improvements for grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity and other facets of writing quality. The company works with large data sets and employs data scientists who are proficient in programming languages like SQL, Python, R and Scala


Block is a fintech company focused on digital payment processing solutions for businesses and consumers. The parent company of Square and Cash App, Block’s tech allows users to accept point-of-sale payments on tablets, process credit card payments on site and make digital peer-to-peer transactions. The company needs experienced data scientists to work across its brands to support business units like Square’s restaurant division and Cash App’s support team.

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Datadog offers a cloud monitoring SaaS product that keeps tabs on client assets like cloud infrastructure, network devices and cloud-based applications. The software provides metrics and insights on how client IT systems are working. Datadog seeks data scientists with experience designing, prototyping, scaling and launching data science projects. 


Integral Ad Science uses data and tech solutions to help its clients overcome challenges in areas like ad fraud, viewability and contextual targeting. Digital advertisers and publishers work with Integral Ad Science to address issues like whether ad views represent real people or bots, and whether their ads are displayed in proximity to offensive content. The company is recruiting for its data science team, which participates in projects that impact its core products and processes. 


Spring Health is a medtech company with a platform for personalized employee mental healthcare. It relies heavily on AI to personalize and scale its offerings, pairing machine learning with client assessment to deliver customized resource matches. The company’s data scientists need to have experience with developing predictive models, analyzing data for actionable insights and knowledge of relevant data visualization and dashboarding tools.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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