Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Year Founded: 2007

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We translate strategy into long-term, sustainable, and measurable results by using our three-tier approach: Strategy, Capability and Execution. We structure our work with clients around three critical questions: 1. STRATEGY — Are we doing the ‘right’ things? Gut instincts alone are not enough to manage a growing enterprise. You need strong analytics to make the quantifiable strategic decisions that will drive your continued success. Capital spending and organizational initiatives must be aligned to the strategy. We help you implement strategic alignment tools to prioritize your capital spending and strategic initiatives. 2. CAPABILITY — Are we ‘capable’ of doing the ‘right’ things? Capability is the readiness of the company to navigate the path set by its strategy. The importance of capabilities was highlighted when research showed that some companies consistently outperformed others despite having similar strategies, market positions, value propositions and pricing. Those leading companies were found to have superior capabilities that allowed them to perfect the implementation of their strategies. We help you transform your organization and develop the capabilities required for strategy implementation. Our engagement is often structured around the four elements of capability: process, organization, systems, and performance. 3. EXECUTION — Are we ‘executing’ the ‘right’ things ‘right’? Strategy and capability are essential to superior performance, but they alone are not sufficient for a company’s success. Excellence in execution is the third required ingredient. Execution is about getting things done. Excellence in execution is about getting things done right every time. Our involvement during the execution phase is usually categorized under one of the following categories or a combination thereof: · Monitoring and measuring performance · Outsourcing some of the client’s business functions

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