62 US Companies With UK Offices

These U.S. companies boast a global reach that includes offices in the U.K.

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62 US Companies With UK Offices
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Margo Steines | Jul 15, 2024

When looking for work abroad, your first instinct is likely to pursue jobs with companies that are familiar to you. Several companies based in the United States tout a global footprint that helps them reach new customers and gives them an edge in finding and keeping top talent. The growing popularity of hybrid and remote work models and even the option to work in other countries for part of the year can make these organizations especially desirable for job seekers. If you’re interested in international employment, here are U.S. companies with U.K. offices.

US Companies With UK Offices

  • Toast
  • Box
  • 2K
  • PureSpectrum
  • Uber
  • American Express
  • Expedia Group
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Forrester


US Companies With UK Offices

Citadel is an investment firm that works to capture undiscovered market opportunities in sectors across the globe. Citadel helps public and private institutions discern the most effective uses of capital to generate superior long-term returns. The firm executes strategies across commodities, credit and convertibles, equity, fixed income and macro investments.


TransUnion is a U.S. fintech firm that makes software for credit reporting and serves as one of the major credit reporting bureaus for consumer credit. It generates reports on individuals and businesses that can be accessed by lenders, creditors, employers, landlords and other interested parties to evaluate their creditworthiness. The company has U.K. offices in London and West Yorkshire.


iManage offers business services and software to support them, including document and email management. Its software products are cloud-based to allow for collaboration across locations, and are built for law firms, healthcare companies and other entities that generate a large number of documents that must be handled in a compliant manner. The Chicago-based company has offices around the world, with two U.K. locations in London and Belfast. 


Dotdash Meredith is an American media company. It publishes a wide array of web and print content in spaces as varied as health and wellness, celebrity news and lifestyle, and is one of the largest publishers of combined print and digital media in the U.S. Dotdash-Merideth operates its own distribution network that gets many well-known titles, like People magazine, into the hands of readers. Its U.K. base is in London. 


Reorg makes data and intelligence software for the financial services and legal industries. Its products provide credit intelligence, data and analytics on markets, businesses, individuals and commodities, in order to create dynamic views of everything that impacts a financial or legal decision. The company’s software is built on advanced data gathering tools with AI analysis and provides clients with intelligence assets including editorial reports and  transcripts. 


Getty Images is a visual media company that creates, sells and licenses still images and video content to clients that include web designers, advertisers and creatives who need stock images and other visual assets in their work. It covers breaking news, entertainment and political events to capture images of historical significance as well as everyday life. The company is headquartered in Seattle and has a London office. 


Comcast Advertising is the advertising arm of Comcast Cable, an enterprise telecommunications company. Comcast Advertising owns ad markets for all Comcast channels, including developing and deploying adtech tools for bidding, order automations and analytics. The company has operations in nine countries on three continents, with headquarters in New York and a London office in the West End. 


Fusion Risk Management offers products for managing client readiness and resilience against different kinds of operational risk. When clients face IT incidents, cyberthreats and business continuity disruptions, they need a plan already in place, not after the fact, and the Fusion platform allows them to project the likelihoods and impacts of different risk scenarios. The company is based in Chicago and operates a team out of London.


IDeaS provides enterprise revenue management software, primarily focusing on the travel and hospitality sectors. The company leverages data and industry expertise to offer automated decisions to help organizations enhance their revenue. IDeaS aims to provide analytics solutions that optimize total revenue performance, using revenue science to help businesses fuel growth.


Geneva Trading is a trading firm operating in markets spanning OTC energy trading to liquid and competitive equity index futures. The principal trading company uses its own capital to support its business and trading activities. It works to foster trading excellence and teamwork to build a collaborative culture that supports the company and its stakeholders.


Zone & Company helps high-growth companies automate advanced billing and revenue processes in NetSuite. Its platform enhances out-of-the-box enterprise resource planning capabilities, offering teams more visibility and control over company operations. Its solutions assist with tasks like complex billing and revenue recognition, accounts payable automation and advanced financial planning and analysis reporting.


Nasuni offers cloud computing software that creates data clouds for enterprise clients. Companies can build and run applications and file storage solutions in Nasuni’s cloud-native system, granting them increased scalability, security and file access efficiency. Nasuni’s system also includes centralized management and automated backup. Companies can also incorporate Nasuni’s tech into their existing storage systems.


Origami Risk is an enterprise software company offering integrated SaaS solutions specifically designed for the risk and insurance industry. With a variety of tools for claims, underwriting, analytics and data integration, Origami Risk automates processes related to assessing risk, handling claims and collecting exposure values. The company has offices around the U.S., including its Chicago headquarters, in addition to a London office.


Snap builds software that connects millions of users around the world. Its initial reputation centered around the popularity of its Snapchat social media app, which lets users exchange photo and video messages. But the company has also shifted into the realm of augmented reality, offering Lens Studio, a platform for developing AR projects with the help of generative AI features.


Qualtrics, developer of experience management software, works to help business-to-consumer companies make measurable changes to the services and experiences they provide to both customers and employees. The company uses AI to turn data into personalized experiences that help companies determine what drives their workforces and customer bases so they can fuel growth.


Fintech company Enfusion provides asset managers with solutions to generate maximum returns for their investors. Its SaaS offering helps investment managers, hedge funds, family offices and more better manage their workflows, monitor risk and make sound investment decisions for their clients.


Apex offers platforms, APIs and services designed to enable seamless access and frictionless investing. It provides tools for bespoke custody and clearing, advisory, institutional, digital assets and SaaS solutions through its digital ecosystem. Its brand offerings include Apex Clearing, Apex Advisor Solutions, Apex Silver and Apex CODA Markets.


Klayvio offers a data-driven platform that works to help businesses build strong digital relationships with consumers. Its SaaS solution helps businesses leverage first-party data from more than 350 integrations across advertising solutions, e-commerce platforms, survey tools, subscription services and more. Klaviyo helps businesses reach consumers via email, SMS and push notifications. The company is headquartered in Boston with a U.K. office in London.


Workrise serves the energy industry, aiming to boost operational efficiency through solutions that cover important business components like workforce management, billing and compliance and client engagement. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but has a Belfast office where several members of its engineering team work.


Businesses rely on Own Company’s platform for managing their SaaS data. Its solutions cover everything from bolstering data security to enabling analysis of historical data to produce actionable insights. The international company has employees spread across multiple locations, ranging from its New Jersey headquarters to an office in London.


JPMorgan Chase is a financial services company that’s been around for more than two centuries. Its global business operations cover investment banking for major corporations, governments and other entities, as well as banking services for small businesses and consumers. The company has multiple U.K. office locations, including tech centers in London, Bournemouth and Glasgow.


Seatgeek is a mobile ticketing company that functions as both a secondary sales platform and a primary retailer, working with major sports teams and concert venues to sell tickets to their events. The company uses machine learning models to build smart pricing algorithms, which consider everything from a seat’s perceived quality to a singer’s social media status to adjust pricing in real time. 


Publica’s adtech platform for connected TV includes a variety of features meant to drive revenue for publishers, including tools for ad pod automation, audience targeting and campaign management. The company’s Elea AI solution helps publishers streamline deduplication and frequency capping for optimized ad breaks. Founded and based in Silicon Valley, the company’s U.K. office serves its European team and clients.


Chainlink Labs specializes in Web3 services, building technology that enables organizations from industries such as financial services and gaming to develop applications that can securely connect to any blockchain. Based out of San Francisco, the global company has a fully remote workforce and hires employees in the U.K.


NBCUniversal’s family of media brands covers a broad array of television networks, the Peacock streaming service and multiple film studios. The company is a Comcast subsidiary responsible for content that ranges from news and sports programming to reality and true crime series. NBCUniversal’s global footprint extends to the U.K. with the company hiring in cities like London and Belfast.

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Altium supports innovation in the electronics industry by offering PCB design software intended to enhance collaboration and efficiency. Headquartered in California, Altium is an international company with team members working out of multiple global locations, including an engineering hub in Cambridge in the U.K. The company also hires remote employees in the U.K.

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ZS is a tech firm and management consultancy working with client businesses across industries, with a specialization in the healthcare space, to offer strategic support in sales and marketing, business tech, research and development, AI and analytics and other important areas. The company operates U.K. offices in London and Cambridge.

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Clari makes revenue management and intelligence software that pulls data from sales, marketing and other revenue-critical business systems. Its platform enhances visibility and uses AI to analyze the data and drive strategies for predicting and stabilizing revenue streams. The company established its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, but also maintains a London office for its U.K. team.
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SharkNinja is a product design company that has turned out several viral products, including the Ninja blender, the Shark vacuum cleaner and the Instagram-famous Ninja Creami ice cream maker. As an e-commerce company, SharkNinja focuses its strategy on disruptive product development, capitalizing on innovations in areas like robotics and influencer marketing to meet business goals.

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PagerDuty offers a digital operations management platform used across various sectors, providing enhanced visibility into organizational operations and solutions for incident management and system monitoring. PagerDuty serves industries like financial services and retail, supporting digital operations for its diverse clientele. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and operates an office in London.

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Cisco Meraki is an IT company that specializes in cloud computing, offering cloud-controlled IT management. Wifi, routing, security and other network tech can all be managed remotely through its centralized management hub. The company’s U.K. headquarters is expanding its engineering team and growing its U.K. presence. 

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Prove is an identity verification software company with a product that can reliably confirm ID using just a cell phone number. By pulling data from the phone’s SIM card and using AI to pair it with other data from the phone’s various functions, the software can provide sufficient verification to enable financial transactions and other fraud-vulnerable digital processes. The company maintains a U.K. office in London. 

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Mondelez International is a food and beverage company that focuses on snack foods, making some of the U.K.’s most beloved treat brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk and Maynards Bassetts. For roughly 200 years, the company has been producing confectionery and baked goods in the U.K., where it employs approximately 4,000 people across its facilities. 

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Navan provides businesses with a comprehensive software solution for simplifying corporate travel and expense management. The company’s platform lets users manage travel arrangements for individuals or groups of as many as 50 people. It also comes with tools for establishing and maintaining compliance with spending policies. Navan’s capabilities benefit travel managers, travelers, finance teams, office administrators and executive assistants.

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Harry’s owns a number of well-known direct-to-consumer brands including Lume and Mando alongside its own line of shaving, hair and skin care products. It has steadily expanded its portfolio to “create things people like more.” The company is headquartered in New York with a smaller office based in London.

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Gopuff is an e-commerce and delivery company supplying customers with everything from groceries to cleaning, beauty and bath supplies. The company operates throughout major U.S. cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas. It also has a growing presence in the United Kingdom.

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Celonis uses big data technology to analyze and visualize various aspects of business processes. It offers tailored tools that leverage data to enhance operations across procurement, manufacturing, logistics and IT functions. With dual headquarters in New York and Munich, Celonis opened its London office in 2019. 

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Serving a diverse clientele including online banking providers, hospitals, government agencies and higher education institutions, Duo Security provides cybersecurity solutions encompassing mobile security, two-factor authentication, and proactive measures against data breaches and credential theft. The company is headquartered in Michigan with U.S. offices in San Francisco and Texas. It also has an office in London.

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Telesign, specializing in communications security for businesses, helps clients safeguard against fraud with custom API solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Telesign offers a suite of services including telephone identity verification, voice verification and number masking. Telesign’s stateside presence is centered in California but it also has an office in London.

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Toast offers software and hardware solutions to serve fine dining establishments, bars, bakeries, food trucks, fast casual spots and other food and beverage businesses. The company is headquartered in Boston, but has operations in multiple countries, with a growing U.K. presence based out of Toast’s London office.

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EPAM is a global company, employing thousands of professionals who provide strategic consulting, software engineering, cybersecurity and other digital transformation services to businesses in industries like telecommunications and life sciences. Its footprint in the United Kingdom covers operations in London and Newcastle.


Rapid7 is a cybersecurity company that offers an array of services, including managed detection and response, security consulting, product consulting, vulnerability management, penetration testing and IoT security testing. Among the company’s global offices are U.K. sites in Reading and Belfast.

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Accounting software provider FloQast makes workflow automations that handle the financial processes of huge corporations like Yelp and Zoom. Its automated systems eliminate human error in accounting processes and streamline operations. In 2021 FloQast expanded to the U.K. with an office that hosts a growing roster of team members.

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adMarketplace provides a digital marketplace for search advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising. Advertisers with content to place and publishers with space to sell can connect and transact, using the algorithmic bidding tool BidSmart. Headquartered in New York and Miami, the company expanded operations to Europe in 2019 with a London office, which serves Fortune 500 clients in the EU. 

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Box offers SaaS products for document management, collaborative work, cloud computing and other areas of IT, which allow users to safely store and work on content in the cloud. Nearly 100,000 companies (including 68 percent of Fortune 500 companies) use Box software as part of their tech stack. The company now operates U.K. offices in London and Cardiff.  

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GumGum is an adtech company offering solutions that rely on contextual intelligence, rather than personal data, to get relevant ad content in front of the right consumers at the right time. Its over 400 global employees serve customers across 19 markets. The company has been around since 2008 and opened its London office in 2015.

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Players worldwide enjoy titles developed through Take-Two Interactive’s well-known gaming labels: 2K, Private Division, Zynga and Rockstar Games. The company has thousands of global team members. Its European headquarters is based in London, and its subsidiaries have employees across their U.K. locations.

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Samsara’s portfolio of products enable companies to optimize their business operations in three key areas: safety, efficiency and sustainability. Since its 2015 founding, the company has been providing tech solutions like AI-powered dashboard cameras and equipment monitoring to customers across a broad range of industries. Samsara has nine global offices, including its European headquarters in London. It also hires remote workers in the United Kingdom.

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Adtech company Sojern provides solutions for hotels, airlines, tourist attractions and other hospitality industry businesses. Its technology offerings give businesses the tools to reach the right travelers, engage them throughout their journey and turn them into loyal customers. Although Sojern is headquartered in San Francisco, the company opened a London office that’s steadily growing.

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Video game company 2K publishes a broad range of titles across genres like racing, sports, horror, role-playing and strategy. Its portfolio of games includes the widely played franchises NBA 2K and WWE 2K. The company’s corporate office is located in California, but 2K also maintains an international office in London.

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Flywire’s software platform facilitates payments throughout the globe. Businesses that use its tech get access to a proprietary network of banking institutions and payment partners, support for payments in more than 140 different currencies and a team with expertise across multiple industries. The company serves clients from 12 offices, including a location in London.

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InterSystems is a software company that offers database management products and services for clients in spaces where precision and security is critical: health care, financial services and life sciences. The company, which has been in operation since 1978, is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, but also maintains U.K. offices in Windsor and Edinburgh.

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Braze is a marketing technology company that gives brands in industries like retail, media and hospitality a platform for engaging customers through tailored messaging across various channels. More than 250 Braze employees work out of the company’s London office, which is a dog-friendly environment with wellness rooms, a library, multiple kitchens and other appealing features.

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The Kraft Heinz Company is a food and beverage industry giant responsible for household brand names like Oscar Meyer, Kool-Aid, Ore-Ida, Velveeta, Lunchables and Maxwell House. It has a global presence, with more than 1,200 employees working across locations in Northern Europe, including an office in London.

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Bullhorn provides staffing and recruitment software to thousands of companies, from startups to large-scale enterprises. It has more than 1,600 employees, with approximately 30 percent of its workforce based outside of the United States. The company is remote first, but maintains multiple offices, including a location in London.

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Conduktor is a tech platform that offers productivity and efficiency tools for users within the Apache Kafka data-streaming program. It takes management, testing, monitoring, data quality, security and data governance and delivers them all on a single dashboard, as either a self-hosted program or a managed cloud service. Based in New York with a small local office in the West Village, the company has a hybrid office model and maintains offices in Dublin and London.


PureSpectrum’s market research platform can be used by businesses to conduct surveys of target audiences and access data insights to inform business decisions. Brands like Tide, Office Depot and Intuit have taken advantage of its capabilities. The company is headquartered in Westlake Village, California, but has opened offices in nine different countries, including the United Kingdom, according to the PureSpectrum website.

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Transportation company Uber is known for its ride-hailing and delivery services in the United States and abroad. The company has operations throughout the globe, and its London office is the home base for more than 100 employees across teams like marketing, communications, policy and operations.

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American Express provides businesses and consumers with banking and credit card services. The company maintains its global headquarters in New York, but there are American Express offices in 55 countries. That includes three offices in the United Kingdom. Most American Express employees can decide to work completely onsite, primarily from home or under a hybrid model in which they come to the office two to three days a week.


Headquartered in Seattle, Expedia Group operates a family of brands that connect customers with travel experiences. The company’s Discover EG program lets employees do some traveling of their own, with the option to explore Expedia Group’s global offices and work from another location for approximately one month every year. Among those locations is the company’s U.K. office, which is located in London’s Angel district.


Goldman Sachs is an investment banking firm with offices throughout the world. It has a global headquarters in New York and European headquarters in London. Goldman Sachs’ presence in London dates back to 1970 when the company opened its first office in the city. The London campus now features multiple buildings, a fitness center, onsite showers and a rooftop garden.


Consulting firm Forrester’s research and advisory services seek to help its customers grow. The company has offices and operations in 28 different countries, with dual headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and London. The U.K. office is Forrester’s second-largest office space.

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