6 AI Companies in Singapore to Know

Check out the companies at the forefront of AI innovation in Singapore.

Written by Margo Steines
6 AI Companies in Singapore to Know
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Sara B.T. Thiel | Apr 04, 2024

Whether it’s through chatbots, robotics, automations or image recognition, there is a growing movement among tech companies of all sizes to incorporate artificial intelligence into their products, services and research efforts. Singapore’s standing as a global powerhouse in tech innovation means it’s been making strategic moves to further AI development. We’ve rounded up some of the top AI companies in Singapore building solutions for industries such as retail and finance.

Top AI Companies in Singapore

  • Smartly
  • Workato
  • Alethea AI
  • Acronis


Top AI Companies in Singapore

Smartly is an AI-powered marketing technology company specializing in social media advertising. Through its platform, Smartly automates creative production and campaign management, leveraging AI and data capabilities to optimize clients’ advertising strategies across multiple channels. Smartly is a global company, headquartered in Helsinki with a presence in Singapore.

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ADVANCE.AI serves enterprise clients in the finance, banking, fintech and e-commerce spaces. The company develops AI-driven software that enables customer onboarding, fraud prevention and other business processes. AI-powered facial recognition and ID document verification are at the core of the company’s offerings.

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Workato uses AI to automate processes in HR, marketing, sales, finance and IT. By automating workflows for things like data transfers between systems and routine reporting, the company says its tech can relieve workload pressure on engineering teams, increase ad performance and optimize operations for its clients. One of Workato’s core aims is to integrate business processes and IT functions in order to improve the efficiency of both.

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Alethea AI is a research and development studio that focuses on generative AI and blockchain, with the aim of decentralizing the ownership and governance of artificial intelligence. One of its products is CharacterGPT, a multimodal AI system that can use natural language descriptions to generate characters capable of interacting with humans and other AI. 

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ViSENZE uses AI for search and discovery in the retail and e-commerce industries. Its product discovery platform is made to help shoppers find the right item by running visual searches for specific products. The technology relies on AI to comb through huge sets of visual data, return targeted search results, offer smart recommendations and provide retailers with data insights.

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Acronis is a data protection company that leverages AI to improve its ability to provide cybersecurity services. Serving businesses, service providers and home office users, the company offers products and solutions that provide protections ranging from data loss prevention to disaster recovery and email security. 

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