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Top Baltimore, MD 3D Printing Companies (6)

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3D Printing • Information Technology • Software
Savage, Maryland
2 Employees

Tiresias Technologies expertise in engineering design, software development and 3D printing with a wide range of IT service for businesses.

3D Printing
Baltimore, Maryland

Custom 3D Stuff offers 3D printed jewelry for sale, movie props, replicas, prototypes and design services.

3D Printing • Web3
Columbia, MD
19 Employees

Quidient Reality® engines enable devices like smartphones to capture photorealistic 3D models of any scene or object on earth. The pioneering platforms are capable of Generalized Scene Reconstruction (GSR), which is an important new category of 3D Imaging. GSR engines will become critical components of Web 3.0 (the Spatial Web). Quidient Reality engines are actually five-dimensional (5D) in that they record the three linear dimensions of matter (3D) concurrent with two directional dimensions of light (2D). This revolutionary approach enables devices like smartphones to create complete, visually accurate models of any scene or object, including those that are shiny and transparent. Transformational applications that have been “around the corner” for years like digital content creation, automated visual inspection, and augmented reality (AR), will be enabled by GSR. As the disruptive technology becomes widely deployed, billions in economic value will be released in markets including entertainment, mobile, consumer products, insurance, defense, automotive, healthcare, construction, and real estate. For you technophiles: convergent technologies used in Quidient’s engines include light field physics, spatially sorted 5D databases, and imaging polarimetry. Polarimetric cameras, optionally used with Quidient Reality engines, can “see” the shape of the world from single images. AI/ML can be remarkably enhanced when it is based on 5D data. Quidient is a 3D imaging technology firm led by a world-class team of scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs who have built some of the most advanced 3D imaging systems in the world. The company’s state-of-the-art technology center is in Columbia, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C., near Annapolis and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Quidient’s culture is open, honest, supportive, decentralized, multicultural, and high-performance

3D Printing • Food
Baltimore, MD

3D Printing • Cryptocurrency • Web3 • Industrial
Fully Remote
600 Employees

3D Printing
Elkridge, MD