Brennan Whitfield | Jul 06, 2022

They used to be little more than buzzwords, but that's not the case anymore. Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have evolved into leading technologies that power innovation across almost every industry.

AI and Blockchain

AI and Blockchain are combining to upgrade everything from food supply chain logistics and healthcare record sharing to media royalties and financial security.

From blockchain’s ability to track-and-trace food supply chains to the integration of AI in almost every facet of healthcare, each is tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges.

It turns out they actually work well in unison, too, building and organizing immense databases, strengthening cybersecurity protocols and performing tasks in a fraction of the time it takes humans.

Here are 30 companies that are combining blockchain and AI with great results.

Blockchain + AI = Decentralized Artificial Intelligence. | Video: Coding Tech


AI and Blockchain Examples

Companies Using AI and Blockchain

  • CertiK
  • Core Scientific
  • Token Metrics
  • Figure
  • WealthBlock
  • Chainhaus
  • Verisart


Location: New York, New York    

CertiK provides tools powered by AI and Formal Verification to secure blockchain, smart contract and Web3 applications. With four offered products, CertiK technology helps identify security risks, monitor data insights and visualize where crypto funds are going. The company also offers SkyTrace, a digital wallet that lets users store and provide security data on their cryptocurrency.


Location: Bellevue, Washington

Core Scientific integrates personalized blockchain and AI infrastructure with current business networks, upgrading a business’ infrastructure, servers and software in the process.  

At more than 273 acres, the Core Scientific campus contains two on-site substations and a dam that collects hydroelectric power. Because blockchain and AI take up massive amounts of computer processing and power, Core Scientific ensures that company controlled data centers and blockchain and AI infrastructures always run at optimal efficiency.


Location: Austin, Texas   

Using AI technology, Token Metrics is a tool for analyzing cryptocurrency trends for personal investment purposes. The technology scans the data of over 6,000 cryptocurrencies and extracts market insights and updates to help users make investment decisions. Token Metrics has been used by large companies such as Coinbase, Amazon and Facebook.


Location: Denver, Colorado 

Bext360 uses AI and blockchain to boost supply chain transparency and efficiency in the coffee, timber, seafood and mineral industries. The company’s artificial intelligence analyzes crops and predicts growing patterns, while blockchain ensures the recording of a product’s supply chain from seed to finished product.

Bext360 has applied mobile apps, bots and blockchain to the coffee supply chain to create a more transparent and ethical journey from bean to cup. The company’s AI measures the quality of coffee beans and predicts weather and growing patterns, while the blockchain immutably records the farm where the beans originated and the exact specifications of a coffee shipment. It even acts as a payment ledger to ensure that all parties are paid quickly and fairly.


Location: Denver, Colorado 

BurstIQ created a “Health Wallet” in 2019, which combines AI, blockchain and big data to holistically manage a patient’s data. The Burst IQ wallet gives healthcare professionals access to their patient’s health records and wellness plans. They can buy, sell or trade patient data for different scientific studies or to learn more about a specific disease, while still ensuring that patients’ personal identifying information is kept private and only the big-picture health data is shared.

BurstIQ is using its technology to combat the opioid crisis. By logging a patient’s drug use history, BurstIQ can suggest different treatments, physicians or services that can help reduce opioid dependence.



Location: Irvine, California

NetObjex is a smart city infrastructure platform that uses AI, blockchain and IoT to power everything from connected devices to cloud-based products. The combination of these technologies reportedly improves logistics tracking, real-time failure detection and data and device authentication.

Since 2017, the Brooklyn Public Library has used NetObjex’s data collection technology to grow its customer base and boost positive engagement. In order to use the library’s free phone charging station, patrons must first watch a 15-30 second video clip on a blockchain-enabled IoT device that records subsequent survey answers.


Location: San Francisco, California

Figure uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to streamline the home loan process by finding new access points for consumer credit products, including home equity lines of credit, home improvement loans and even home buy-lease offerings for retirement. 

Established by former SoFi founder Mike Cagney, Figure sits at a valuation of $3.2 billion as of 2021.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Wealthblock.AI is a SaaS platform for businesses raising capital that handles automated marketing and messaging. A blockchain powers the company’s investor referral and suitability checking process so companies can rest assured they’re working with only high quality partners. Additionally, Wealthblock’s AI automates content and keeps investors continuously engaged.      

In 2018, WealthBlock.AI partnered with payments platform Dwolla, letting investors use ACH to send payments for real estate, venture capital and hedge funds. And in 2021, WealthBlock.AI partnered with tZERO to connect more companies across tZERO’s alternative asset and fund trading system.


Location: New York, New York 

Cyware Labs incorporates AI and blockchain-based tools into its cybersecurity and threat intelligence solutions. The Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP), for example, uses those tools to power a mobile threat intelligence, secured messaging and suspicious incident reporting platform. Consequently, users are provided with an in-depth look at their real-time mobile cybersecurity protocols.     

In 2021, the Global Resilience Federation and Cyware Labs partnered to create a role-based secure communication and information sharing tool that GRF is now adopting for its analysts in the utilities and legal sectors.


Location: New York, New York

Chainhaus is a blockchain and AI advisory, education and marketing firm. The company provides a variety of end-to-end solutions for everything from teaching and app development to research and capital raising.

The Chainhaus Academy has schooled students from global organizations like Citi, AIG, PWC and Deloitee.


Location: London, England and Los Angeles, California

Verisart uses artificial intelligence and blockchain to certify and verify works of art in real-time. The company’s blockchain allows artists to create tamper-proof certificates of work that ensure credit and immutability. The blockchain-backed certificates feature encryption and time-stamping that instantly stop fraudulent copies from being sold as originals.

While older pieces of art and collectibles will still need to be verified by experts, Verisart’s blockchain can immutably document the origin of every new work.


Location: Danville, California

Marketed as an Amazon Prime meets a Netflix for business, BoxPlay creates original content for evolving careers that’s interactive, on-demand and designed to be consumed at work. Each BoxPlay channel focuses on a specific subject (like communication, emerging technologies, etc.) to provide employees with relevant and easily consumable content.    

BoxPlay features content on artificial intelligence and blockchain in the workplace.


Location: Austin, Texas

Vytalyx is a healthtech company using AI to give healthcare professionals blockchain-based access to medical intelligence and insights. By storing medical information on a blockchain, a patient’s medical staff can use AI to personalize treatments and nutrition plans, increase patient/doctor communication and even search for clinically relevant medical studies almost instantly.       

Vytalyx develops individualized AI-powered blockchains for a variety of medical modules, including hormone replacement therapy, cardiology, kidney disease and neurology.


Location: West Hollywood, California

WorkDone automates business processes between SaaS platforms. The company’s “Work Heuristics Management” uses smart contracts and machine learning to capture customer-specific, work-related characteristics from all SaaS platforms in a businesses’ ecosystem in order to reduce the time people spend on repetitive tasks like customer retention and analysis processes.        

WorkDone’s browser plugin studies a business’s repetitive tasks and trains itself to perform those tasks (so far they include invoice processing and customer support-related work). As a result, humans are freed up to do higher-level tasks that require critical thinking.



Location: Berkeley, California

Stowk’s blockchain-based platform, which features AI tools for almost every part of a businesses’ operations, streamlines everything in supply chain management from data access and IT governance to procurement.

Using blockchain, Stowk hosts an extensive automotive transportation network and app for carriers and shippers to manage every step of their shipment process.


Location: San Francisco, California

MOBS is a blockchain-based video marketplace for the selling and buying of smartphone videos. Once a user puts their video up for sale, potential buyers — say, marketers that need compelling footage — can scroll through the app and find what they need. Mob’s blockchain then creates a smart contract that directly allocates money to the content creator based on engagement rates and views.            

New Balance has used amateur footage of marathon races from MOB’s video collection for its marketing campaigns.


Location: San Francisco, California

Hannah Systems brings AI and blockchain to autonomous vehicles. The company’s portfolio includes an AI-powered data exchange platform, real-time mapping tool, an insights dashboard and blockchain so an autonomous vehicle can quickly absorb, interpret and safely store data.    

Hannah System’s proprietary deep learning predicts road information based on human behavior such as jaywalking and speeding. It also takes into account up-to-date weather and traffic congestion notifications.


Location: Pasadena, California

ObEN is a blockchain and AI company that combines the two technologies to create a platform for intelligent AR and VR avatars. Celebrities, professors and any other users can create their own virtual avatars that can then interact with each other on the ObEN platform. The combination of AI, blockchain and VR helps to create more personal and social experiences in a virtual world.

In 2017, ObEN and South Korean talent agency, SM Entertainment, teamed up to form the world’s first celebrity AI agency. In 2018, the duo debuted the first ever personal celebrity AI. The companies envision to continue using AI for “AI-tainment," whereby virtual celebrities could act as a personal assistant or perform a consumer’s favorite songs.


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah 

Neureal is a prediction engine that combines AI, blockchain and cloud technologies to predict everything from the stock market to Google searches. The company’s AI scans past predictions to predict future occurrences. Additionally, its blockchain ledger logs every outcome so the computer networks can pinpoint trends in correct predictions.  

Neureal is working on its AI/blockchain combination for a variety of sectors. Most recently, the company said it was working on an AI-based method for predicting the exact path of hurricanes.


Location: San Francisco, California 

Numerai is a decentralized hedge fund at which hundreds of data scientists from all over the world are constantly working on AI and blockchain problems. Featuring a weekly data science competition that runs Ethereum and machine learning, NUMERAI gives scientists raw data on machine learning problems, the scientists create models based on the data. The scientists with the best models are rewarded with their own Numeraire (NMR) crypto. 

Every time a data scientist proposes a model to Numerai, they must stake a certain portion of their NMR token. If a scientist’s proposed model is chosen, that scientist will double or even triple their bet


Location: San Francisco, California 

The Synapse AI network rewards members with cryptocurrency (SYN Tokens) for sharing personal data. By sharing data in the Synapse marketplace, users can trade in their Synapse Tokens for Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD.

Synapse AI’s reward-based data sharing marketplace encourages users to share their data, which in turn enables data purchasers in the advertising, education, entertainment and pharmaceutical industries to access a larger data pool


Location: New York, New York 

AI BlockChain is a digital ledger that employs intelligent digital agents to govern the chain. The company’s blockchain acts as a cybersecurity tool and digital ledger for real estate, media, healthcare and financial industries. The company then employs AI to control the process of building and maintaining the blockchains.

Besides cybersecurity, AI BlockChain is working on ways to use its ledger as a platform for smart contracts, due diligence and loyalty reward tokens


Location: San Francisco, California 

Blackbird.AI uses its blockchain and artificial intelligence to rate the credibility of news content in the strategic communications, fintech and adtech industries. In combating “fake news” and gauging industry risk, the company deploys AI to classify and file content based on credibility indicators that identify misinformation, hate speech and satire.

The Blackbird.AI blockchain acts as a ledger that irrefutably stores the verified content created by AI and crowdsourced reports.

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, Blackbird.AI has constantly scanned a myriad of news outlets for fake articles, references, websites, social media pages and even memes to ensure that content is truthful and credible.


Location: New York, New York 

Gainfy is a healthcare platform that employs blockchain, AI and IoT devices to improve the industry experience. There are many ways the company implements these technologies in the healthcare industry, including a digital urgent care platform, an identity verification system, a data encryption tool, a crypto payment system and a database for clinical trials.


Location: Washington, D.C.

Dobby is a property management platform for homeowners seeking to facilitate insurance claims and change up a living space. The AI-based application utilizes its own Halos Insurance, operating on blockchain technology to exchange data quickly and reduce subsequent loss. For needed home services following claims, Dobby partners with local providers to help users move, fix home appliances or prep a home for sale.


Location: San Francisco, California 

LeewayHertz helps businesses create Web3-focused software platforms. The company leverages tools in blockchain, AI and more to create software products harboring the latest in tech for various industries. LeewayHertz services have built software for use from healthcare and education to the Metaverse and NFTs.


Location: Austin, Texas   

With its cloud-based applications, CognitiveScale provides users the tools to build and manage their own AI solutions. The Cortex AI Engineering Platform acts as the hub for the Fabric, Certifai and Blueprints applications, where users are able to plug in their data and customize predictive models and frameworks. CognitiveScale’s cloud platform offers blockchain infrastructure services, and is able to be integrated into existing business systems.


Location: Orlando, Florida   

When managing a mortgage becomes overwhelming, a virtual robotic assistant can help. Home Lending Pal is an application for home mortgage advising, comparison and more. The AI-based platform allows users to view local homes, calculate personal budgeting and choose their preferred home lender based on related mortgage rates. In addition, Home Lending Pal also stores all user information on the blockchain to ensure data security.


Location: Nashville, Tennessee    

Based on blockchain and AI technologies, Hashed Health creates software to streamline care and administrative tasks in the healthcare industry. The company provides an array of products for practitioners to automate multi-party contracting, manage credentials, facilitate product development and more. Using blockchain, products are available across distributed ledgers and open the door for collaborative project operations.


Location: Raleigh, North Carolina  

Imaginovation builds and hosts customer-centric applications for clients in need. The company works with expertise in UI/UX design as well as web and mobile application development, with the goal of making platforms that are creative and engaging for users. Utilizing solutions from blockchain, AI, IoT, AR and VR, applications can be created for purposes ranging from manufacturing to entertainment.  

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