Have you ever yelled at Alexa, Siri or Echo? Do you and your friends debate the Singularity? Do you think you know what artificial intelligence is, but aren’t quite sure? If you’ve nodded yes to any of the above, try an AI podcast to build or broaden your knowledge of this ubiquitous tech tool. 

AI Podcasts: 20 to Check Out

  1. AI and The Future of Work
  2. AI In Business
  3. AI Health Podcast
  4. AI Podcast
  5. AI Today
  6. Artificial Intelligence Podcast
  7. Brain Inspired
  8. Data Skeptic
  9. DeepMind The Podcast
  10. Eye on AI
  11. HumAIn
  12. Intel on AI
  13. Lex Fridman Podcast
  14. Living With AI 
  15. Me, Myself and AI
  16. Practical AI
  17. The Pulse of AI
  18. TWIML
  19. Talking Machines
  20. Voices in AI 

These 20 AI podcasts have aired episodes covering everything from how robot dogs learn to walk to AI applications in cancer research. Turn on your phone, tune in to a podcast and drop more knowledge into that data storage center called your brain.


20 Popular AI Podcasts

AI and The Future of Work 

How will AI reshape the world of work? That’s what host Dan Turchin explores with AI and The Future of Work. Turchin, CEO of HR tech company PeopleReign, interviews top tech leaders to find out where they think work is going as AI takes hold. A recent episode discussed Flow, WeWork Adam Neumann’s new company. Listen on Castro, Amazon, Overcast and other platforms. 

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AI In Business

AI in Business imparts knowledge to non-technical business people who need to know about AI to run their businesses. Host Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, interviews scientists, investors, executives and researchers about trends in AI and ML, how to use AI in business planning and other pertinent-to-business topics. Find it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play and Stitcher. 


AI Health Podcast

Industrial-scale immunology, woolly mammoths and improving medical billing are just some of the topics AI Health Podcast has explored. It’s hosted by Pranav Rajpurkar, an associate professor at Harvard University, and DeepMind Scholar Adriel Saporta. Tune in on Apple, Spotify, and Google Play. 


AI Podcast

Bay Area journalist Noah Kravitz, host of Nvidia’s The AI Podcast, interviews tech leaders about the effect of AI, deep learning and machine learning on today’s world. A recent episode featured images from the James Webb Space Telescope to be analyzed by AI. Find it on Google, Apple, Spotify, Overcast, Amazon Music, PlayerFM and Soundcloud. 


AI Today

Discussions on AI Today, an offering from AI data and training company Cognilytica, focus on AI’s relevance in today’s world, according to its website. Hosts (and Cognilytica founders) Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, have discussed AI system transparency, AI safety and security, and AI and data fairness and bias. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon, Tunein and other services. 


Artificial Intelligence Podcast

The Artificial Intelligence Podcast delivers AI knowledge in snack-size segments — an episode covering how a robot dog learns to walk spanned just nine minutes. Host Tony Hoang, a Ph.D and AI expert, aims to “humanize AI” via his discussions. Listen to it on Apple and Spotify, among other venues. 


Brain Inspired

Brain Inspired is the podcast “where neuroscience and AI converge,” according to its website. Host Paul Middlebrooks and guests discuss cutting-edge research focused on AI and the brain, including conversations on how AI might help humans understand how brains really work. Find it on Apple, Soundcloud and other services. 


Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic host and founder Kyle Polich interviews tech experts about AI, machine learning and data science. Polich has explored fraudulent Amazon reviewers, how physicians at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center use ML as a tool to treat cancer and the best machine learning algorithm. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify. 


DeepMind The Podcast

What is artificial intelligence? Is it safe? What’s it used for? DeepMind The Podcast delves into just that. The host, broadcaster and mathematician Hannah Fry, has discussed why language is a crucial part of intelligence and AGI, or artificial general intelligence, with DeepMind co-founder Shane Legg. Find it on YouTube, Spotify and other services. 

The road to AGI - DeepMind: The Podcast (S2, Ep5) | Video: DeepMind


Eye on AI 

Eye on AI is hosted by Craig S. Smith, a longtime New York Times correspondent, according to the podcast’s website. A recent episode featured Smith and Peter Schrammel, a co-founder of automatic unit-test writing software company DiffBlue, discussing how automatic generation of code increases developer productivity. It’s available on Apple, PlayerFM, Google Play and other services. 



The name says it all: HumAIn (pronounced humane) focuses on the human side of AI — how the technology will affect the present and future world and the people who live in it. Episodes feature host David Yakobovitch in conversation with top tech professionals. One episode featured serial software entrepreneur Steven Shwartz discussing how AI will affect the world over the next decade. 

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Intel on AI

Intel on AI, a product of Intel, features Intel vice president Amir Khosrowshahi in conversation with tech titans and other Intel execs on cutting-edge AI innovation and their perspectives on that innovation. Khosrowshahi and guests have covered the evolution of technology and mammal brains, AI and social media’s influence on politics and designing molecules with AI. Tune in on Intel’s website as well as Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. 


Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman Podcast host Lex Fridman is an MIT AI researcher working on autonomous vehicles, robot-human interaction and machine learning, his website says. He’s discussed the possibility of a war between the United States and China with linguist Noam Chomsky; the metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg; and has interviewed Elon Musk not once, but twice. Find Fridman on Apple and Spotify. 

MIT researcher Lex Fridman and Elon Musk discuss the Tesla autopilot. | Video: Lex Fridman


Living With AI 

Anyone who’s ever yelled at Alexa, Echo or Siri might want to give Living With AI Podcast a listen. During panel discussions with leading researchers, it explores what’s happening and what will happen in industry, cities and people’s homes as AI powers more machines and apps, according to its website. Listen in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Overcast.


Me, Myself and AI

Me, Myself and AI introduces listeners to “people achieving big wins with AI,” the website promises. This podcast, an offering from MITSloan Management Review, has covered AI and beauty, AI in agriculture, and AI in pharmaceuticals, all with leaders from prominent companies in their sectors. Find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Practical AI

Practical AI makes artificial intelligence “practical, productive and accessible to everyone,” its website promises. Hosts Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack have weighed in on stable diffusion, licensing and automating creativity, privacy in the age of AI and, get this, practical and positive uses for deep fakes. Practical AI is a product of Changelog, which bills itself as “news and podcasts for developers.” Tune in on Apple, Overcast, Spotify and Android. 


The Pulse of AI

The Pulse of AI calls itself “the business leader’s guide to AI and robotics.” Host Jason Staughton and his guests, whom his website defines as leading AI scientists, thought leaders, startup founders and C-suite executives, reveal what it takes to build a successful AI company, use AI in a business, build effective AI teams, and more along those lines. Listen on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and other services. 



AI expert Sam Charrington hosts TWIML, which shares the perspectives of diverse AI and ML professionals so the fields can become more accessible and better able to enhance lives. He’s talked with experts on biological-physical systems about how ML can help understand insect communication, and a guest host has interviewed executives from Hugging Face about multi-modal, multilingual NLP. Listen on Apple, Castbox, Spotify, Overcast and several other services. 


Talking Machines

Talking Machines features “humans talking about machine learning,” according to its website. Co-host Neil Lawrence is the DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge; co-host Katherine Gorman is a former public-radio producer. One episode tackled this question: “If a machine could predict your death, should it?” Tune in at Apple Podcasts, Art19, “or wherever you get your podcasts,” the website says.


Voices in AI

Tech research and analysis company Gigaom publishes and sponsors Voices in AI. Its host is Gigaom CEO Byron Reese, who with guests has discussed the ethics of machine learning and the relationship between AI and security. Find it on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and Stitcher. 

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