17 Staffing and Recruiting Agencies in Charlotte to Know

These staffing companies can help you find your next great opportunity or hire.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 14, 2024
17 Staffing and Recruiting Agencies in Charlotte to Know
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Staffing firms and recruiting agencies foster connections with top employers and connect with job seekers to fill vacancies for their clients. Some also provide candidates with resources like resume reviews, salary negotiation tips and interview training. Below are some of Charlotte’s top staffing agencies for your next job search, or to help you find your next hire.

Top Staffing Agencies in Charlotte to Know

  • Built In
  • Robert Half
  • MyWorkChoice
  • Allegiance Staffing
  • Associate Staffing
  • Hire Dynamics
  • TalentBridge


Top Staffing Agencies in Charlotte

Built In is one of the largest platforms for tech professionals, with a community of over four million people. The site hosts several thousand job openings and helps employers market themselves to potential candidates through content and branded landing pages. Additionally, Built In has features like easy apply, job notifications and salary tools to help anyone search for tech jobs.

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Robert Half is one of the largest staffing and recruiting agencies in the United States, with offices in nearly every major city. The company works with employers in various industries and fills roles ranging from contract to temporary and permanent placements.


GoodWork Staffing, or GWS, is a division of Goodwill Industries that provides staffing solutions for temporary and permanent positions. GWS is a non-profit that uses its revenue to provide candidates with training services. 


Manufacturing and distribution jobs have high turnover, but MyWorkChoice works to reduce absenteeism. The platform helps employers find talent and hire long-term workers. Additionally, MyWorkChoice provides onboarding solutions that minimize training costs and prepare new employees for success.


Allegiance Staffing provides permanent and temporary employment for manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse and call center workers. For employees, it provides aims to provide clear job postings and ways to streamline the recruitment process.


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Associate Staffing is a talent recruitment company in finance, healthcare and engineering. While the company uses its recruiters to source for candidates, it also focuses heavily on using its talent pool to fill vacancies. It meets with candidates and finds ideal job opportunities based on their experience and skills.


Hire Dynamics is a staffing firm operating in Charlotte and other cities. It specializes in call center, logistics and manufacturing roles. It aims to simplify job applications and also has an employee referral feature.


TalentBridge provides job placement services in over 40 states and fosters long-lasting partnerships with clients to understand their hiring needs. The company fills temp and permanent roles in finance, customer care, human resources and creative fields. TalentBridge’s focus is on ensuring a good match between candidates and prospective company cultures.


Lingo Staffing provides recruitment solutions for administrative and warehousing businesses. The company pulls individuals from its talent pool, and after an initial interview, it passes on the applicant’s information to employers, who decide whether to proceed with the candidate.


Sparks Group recruiters find the best candidates for individual roles. Its services cover temp staffing, contract-to-hire and direct hire roles. It also provides search services for executives and remote workers.


Legacy Staffing built its reputation by providing exceptional short and long-term staffing solutions to its clients. Before taking on new clients, the company visits their facilities to ensure safe working conditions for candidates. Legacy Staffing also provides payroll processing and timekeeping.


Interim HR Consulting helps its clients hire human resources professionals. It works with companies of all sizes and provides different hiring contingencies, but overall, it aims to speed up the job search for clients and candidates.

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Find My Profession provides reverse recruiting services for candidates. This process involves hiring a resume writer to write custom CVs and cover letters for candidates. It also sources job openings based on skills. According to Find My Profession, the process benefits those in a time crunch.


CRG is a staffing agency that provides talent solutions for clients in sales, finance and customer services. Its recruiters often focus on one sector, which allows the company to generate multiple qualified candidates for each role with a fast turnaround.


Beacon Hill helps Fortune 500 companies recruit for temp, contract and direct-hire positions. Founded in 2000, Beacon Hill is known for its flexible staffing solutions and additional services like timesheet management and consulting solutions.


Creative Circle helps connect talent with companies looking for creative work. The company keeps a large candidate pool and offers freelance and full-time opportunities to skilled individuals. Creative Circle also provides agency services for one-off creative projects.


Strategic Staffing Solutions has over 28 locations and connects job seekers to national and international job opportunities. Its staff augmentation services cover government, energy, healthcare and insurance roles.


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