18 Software Companies in San Diego Changing the Future of Tech

Written by Olivia McClure
18 Software Companies in San Diego Changing the Future of Tech
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Rose Velazquez | Oct 23, 2023

San Diego is no longer simply a beach lover’s paradise. Besides boasting a cultivated culinary scene and a quirky arts community, this coastal city hosts a tech community that rivals some of the country’s leading tech capitals. According to a 2019 CBRE report, San Diego has one of the fastest-growing tech job markets in North America, with a growth rate of 19.7 percent over the past couple of years. This rapid growth has been paired with an influx of millennial residents, which make up about 24 percent of the city’s population, as stated by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Like many other tech hubs along the West Coast, San Diego earns major points among young professionals for boasting both carefree vibes and a promising local economy. 

Within San Diego’s extensive ecosystem of startups and tech companies, there exists a large number of organizations dedicated to software development. Spanning a wide range of industries, these companies are redefining the ways that teams discover prospects, schedule home healthcare visits and make scientific discoveries. These local techies prove that software holds the power to entirely change the human process, having the ability to render tedious tasks obsolete and optimize people’s time. Here's a look at 18 software companies in San Diego changing the future of tech through the creation of innovative, disruptive technologies. 

Software Companies in San Diego to Know

  • CareStitch
  • Verse.io
  • Nanome Inc.
  • Occuspace
  • Intheon
  • Procuro
  • XILO
  • Workiz
  • Linus Health
  • ClickUp


Focus: Electronics design software

Altium builds software that enables printed circuit board, or PCB, design for the electronics industry. Its cloud-based Altium Designer software features an intuitive user interface, high-level project views, a photo-realistic 3D design environment and other helpful capabilities. The company also offers CircuitStudio, an entry-level design tool, along with a free tool called CircuitMaker.


Focus: Productivity and task management

Seeking to remove inefficiencies from the workplace and the way teams interact with each other, ClickUp lets professionals bring all their tasks to one location. The company has developed a platform where people can create documents, manage projects, incorporate their favorite applications, and more. Instead of moving between countless spaces, teams can centralize their resources with the platform of ClickUp.


Focus: Healthtech

Monitoring the brain requires the most advanced tools available, so Linus Health has crafted sophisticated yet streamlined solutions for healthcare patients and professionals. Thoughtful AI technology is able to monitor brain activity from a single digital platform, providing health experts with the ability to care for their patients in an in-person or remote setting. Instead of waiting for symptoms of declining brain functions, doctors can predict possible issues and take proactive measures to maintain strong standards for their patients’ mental wellbeing.


Focus: Intelligent field automation

Movemedical has created intelligent field automation software designed for medical device sales, marketing and ops teams. The company’s platform helps medical device companies increase sales force effectiveness and inventory optimization. Movemedical also enables users to simplify scheduling, make reports, share files, secure communication, send and receive tools and more.


Focus: Lead conversion

Verse.io offers a multi-channel conversion platform designed to help sales and marketing teams find qualified prospects within inbound leads. The company’s AI-powered software enables users to instantly contact and engage with leads, schedule appointments, send engagement history and create reports in real-time. Verse.io’s client base spans a broad range of sectors including real estate, education, insurance and finance.

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Focus: Home healthcare

CareStitch offers a platform that simplifies the scheduling process for home healthcare agencies. Agencies using the platform can connect the right clinicians to the right patient quickly using CareStitch's matching algorithms. CareStitch’s platform is intended to optimize business, reduce compliance risk, provide greater visibility and generate better patient outcomes.


Focus: Insurance

Founded by Eli Zaragoza and Jon Corrin, XILO provides a quoting and sales automation platform to help independent insurance agencies convert the next generation of insurance shoppers. The company’s platform is designed to eliminate manual data entry and offer smarter integrations while allowing users to manage agent productivity and view client reports and activity. XILO allows users to integrate forms on their website in fewer than 24 hours.


Focus: VR and biotech

Nanome Inc. develops software with the aim to change the way humanity understands and interacts with science. Powered by VR, the company’s platform allows researchers and scientists to analyze, visualize and design solutions in an immersive lab to maximize productivity and discovery while solving problems in real-time. Nanome Inc.’s mission is to solve age-old problems of collaboration, incentivization and siloed information by creating a world with open access to science and technology.


Focus: Smart home device connectivity

Established in 2015, Lynx Technology creates software that connects consumer electronics with smart home devices. Their software allows consumers to securely discover and enjoy their smart home devices and media libraries while coordinating and controlling them from any mobile device. Lynx Technology is dedicated to helping organizations deliver innovative IT smart home solutions for their customers in any environment.


Focus: Biotech and robotics

Founded in 2003, Biosero develops industrial and laboratory automation software and robotics integrations for use in the life sciences industry. The company’s Green Button Go software enables users to track inventory, transport labware, manage and schedule orders, create new workflows, integrate data and more. Biosero’s aim is to empower people to make complex decisions in less time while using more data and information.


Focus: WordPress plugin developments

Impress.org offers software designed to help nonprofits and small businesses reach their online goals. The company’s GiveWP software enables nonprofits to accept online donations through Wordpress while allowing them to manage donors, report on giving and integrate with other services. Impress.org also offers WP Business Reviews, which lets businesses display their best reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook on their websites.


Focus: Neurotechnology

Intheon aims to develop the world’s first scalable, middleware platform for real-time processing and interpretation of neural signals. The company’s platform, NeuroScale, is designed to bring real-time and offline brain and body state decoding and BCI to any device or application through a web API. Their other platform, NeuroPype, offers real-time brain-computer interfacing, neuroimaging and bio/neural image processing. Intheon is driven by the aim to empower developers to create transformative applications impacting health and wellness, human performance, interactive experiences and more.


Focus: Occupancy detection and monitoring

Occuspace counts the number of people in a given space in real-time. The company’s software scans for bluetooth and WiFi signal activity while machine learning algorithms estimate the number of people, thus enabling building staff to determine when a space is approaching its safe capacity limit. In an effort to promote safe and comfortable spaces, Occuspace enables users to learn from past trends and let visitors know when to expect busy times.


Focus: Project management

Launched by Russell Holmes, Projecis offers a knowledge convergence platform that allows project stakeholders to easily connect teams, organize data and disseminate information. Their software allows users to collaborate on their own terms, control and secure their access,. and centralize their knowledge base. Additionally, Projecis allows teams to connect with members over Skype, email, text and more.


Focus: Supply chain management

Procuro develops supply chain management software to offer organizations end-to-end visibility. The company specializes in a variety of solutions including refrigerated warehouse monitoring systems, GPS tracking of mobile assets, refrigerated transportation monitoring, fleet management and utilization, in-store temperature management and proof-of-delivery verification. Procuro’s mission is to automate, intelligently modify and provide practical analysis regarding their clients’ operations.


Focus: Field service management

Workiz has created a field service management and communication platform for on-demand field service businesses that specialize in areas like carpet cleaning and appliance repair. Their platform enables service professionals to easily record client calls, schedule jobs, manage invoices and payments and more. Workiz integrates with a variety of technologies including Zoom, MailChimp and Google Calendar.


Focus: Order management

Lead Commerce offers B2B and B2C cloud-based order management software. Their software allows users to manage their inventory, create customized quotes, book orders, develop custom attributes, track orders from multiple sources and more. Lead Commerce is designed to easily integrate with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and BigCommerce.

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Focus: Real estate appraisal

Valcre provides an appraisal platform for the real estate industry. The company’s SaaS platform allows users to access appraisal job assignments, client contacts and comparables from anywhere, customize templates, and create personalized CRE reports. Valcre also offers a free data tool that lets users analyze unemployment and employment rates within a specific region.

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