18 Software Companies Standing Out In Portland

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
18 Software Companies Standing Out In Portland
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Even those who have never set foot in the Pacific Northwest can tell you that Portland is in a class all its own. As fans of the TV show Portlandia know, the Oregon metro has a reputation for eccentricity and ingenuity that far surpasses any of its neighbors. For decades, artists and creators of all stripes have flocked to the City of Roses to find a like-minded community willing to embrace the wild side of life.

While one would think that such a unique atmosphere would create an air of exclusivity, Portland is in fact seeing an economic surge as companies of all industries rush to put roots down in the Pacific Northwest. Software companies in particular continue to place more and more emphasis on creativity as an essential skill, and in Portland, one can truly see the breadth of achievement that innovative software professionals can accomplish. From construction to government, Oregon’s tech engineers are dreaming up incredible new ways to put software to good use, giving credence to Portland’s nickname “The Silicon Forest.” Whatever the industry, these 18 software companies in Portland prove that sometimes, standing out is way better than fitting in.

Software Companies In Portland To Know

  • Tripwire
  • Viewpoint
  • InFocus
  • Opal
  • Act-On Software
  • Clinicient
  • Exterro
  • Jama Software
  • Work & Co
  • Procore Technologies
DAT Software Companies Portland

Founded: 1978 

Focus: Logistics, Transportation 

What they do: Many factors influence the logistics industry, but DAT is restoring confidence with its comprehensive freight marketplace. DAT One is an all-around platform that enables businesses to find trucking partners, verify carrier information, and track shipments. Plus, DAT iQ offers even more carrier and market data, allowing businesses to make informed shipping decisions. 


Procore Technologies Software Companies Portland
Procore Technologies

Founded: 2002 

Focus: Construction Management  

What they do: It’s not easy juggling all the different variables of a construction project, so Procore Technologies is bringing simplicity to worksites. With a cloud-based platform, companies can make adjustments to stay within budget, streamline manual entry tasks, and compile historical records. Storing everything in one place, teams can align all parties and run projects efficiently with the tools of Procore Technologies. 


Work & Co Software Companies Portland
Work & Co 

Founded: 2013 

Focus: Consulting 

What they do: Every business needs a trusted partner to guide them through transitions, which is why Work & Co steps in to help. The consulting firm provides small, multidisciplinary teams that get to know their clients and mold their solutions around each company’s needs. As a result, Work & Co is known to produce cutting-edge digital products, revamp brand identities, streamline UX design processes, and perform other vital services for businesses.   


Zapproved Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2008

Focus: Legal Software

What they do: Zapproved provides corporate legal teams with an e-discovery platform capable of tracking filed litigations, managing documents, and assessing cases and holds to preserve their assets and reputations. Based in Portland's Pearl District, Zapproved works with companies nationally and internationally to help them maintain the integrity of their data and come out of litigations successful and prosperous. Enterprises that adopt their software can more easily maintain regulations compliance and improve their defense to tackle risks as they appear.


Jama Software Software Companies In Portland
Jama Software

Founded: 2007

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Jama Software partners with companies in healthcare, automotive, tech and other industries to deliver a requirements, risk and test management software platform for use by product engineering teams. The company guides their clients in getting their products to market faster without having to worry about bugs or other issues. With over a decade of experience in the software industry, Jama Software represents a client base of over 600 global leaders, and has an international presence with offices in Portland and the Netherlands.


AltSource Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2004

Focus: Mobile, Enterprise Software

What they do: AltSource offers a comprehensive SaaS suite for industry clients who need to implement software technology as a key part of their growth and branding strategies. AltSource provides their clients with custom designed software and data management tools to help them achieve scalable growth objectives while having full visibility into areas for improvement. AltSource's model of service combines consulting with design and development, working from step one to better understand each company's specific needs to guide them through to launching stages.


Viewpoint Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 1976

Focus: Construction

What they do: Viewpoint delivers a number of cloud-integrated software platforms to companies in the construction business so they can contract labor and manage projects with more ease. Implementations of their software allow construction managers to gain insights into field data and process work orders as they happen, so that their teams can maintain up-to-date budgets and schedules. A leader in the construction tech field, Viewpoint has been recognized for over two dozen awards and has worked with companies like Precision Concrete, ATG and F+F Mechanical.


Act-On Software Companies In Portland
Act-On Software

Founded: 2008

Focus: Marketing

What they do: Act-On Software puts the power to build strong marketing campaigns in their clients' hands with a software platform that helps turn leads into loyal customers. Companies of all sizes can adopt their platform to build websites and landing pages, collect and deploy data forms, and gain insights into prospective customers and partners. In addition to their competitively-priced platform, Act-On Software's site contains a variety of content and e-books to help their clients better understand how to capture and retain customer attention.


Tripwire Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 1997

Focus: Security

What they do: Tripwire connects with some of the top companies in the world to create software infrastructures that maintain the security and integrity of their most valuable digital assets. Their product suite helps companies bring their data to the cloud securely, providing a full range of visibility into potential threats and weak points in their foundations. Tripwire guides their clients in adopting the latest cybersecurity software so they can respond to risks before they happen and keep pace with emerging hacker techniques.

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InFocus Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 1986

Focus: Enterprise Tech

What they do: InFocus produces a variety of products and services for use in the workplace, from televisions and projectors to video conferencing software platforms. Their audiovisual technologies help enterprises connect across teams and encourage collaboration on projects, no matter their size or industry. The company built its name on inventing the first video projector, and today continues to innovate projection televisions, interactive whiteboards, and other display technologies.


Opal Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2011

Focus: Marketing

What they do: Opal builds tech solutions for marketing teams that encourage collaboration and group strategizing for some of the biggest companies in the nation and beyond. Adopted by leaders like Microsoft, T-Mobile and Airbnb, Opal's marketing tech siloes campaign data in order to provide greater insight into the impacts of branding initiatives on customers and company growth. Their platform is designed for use in a broad range of marketing use cases, including content, direct-to-consumer, brand and corporate marketing.


Clinicient Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 1999

Focus: Healthcare Technology

What they do: Physical therapy offices and rehabilitation clinics can adopt Clinicient's IT software technologies to manage their finances, process billing operations and measure their incoming revenue. Their team helps therapists and other providers update their budgeting practices with cutting edge software that makes their operations more efficient and helps boost asset growth. Clinicient's platform provides solutions for documentation, scheduling, collections, reporting and a range of other commonplace clinical tasks.


Exterro Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2004

Focus: Risk Management

What they do: Keeping track of the latest regulations and security threats is intensive, so Exterro works with companies to find software options for assessing risks, understanding legal applications, and maintaining compliance. Their end-to-end e-discovery solutions help companies maintain data privacy and analyze potential risks, helping them maintain the integrity of their information while expanding their operations.


SynapseCo Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2000

Focus: Enterprise Software, Web Design

What they do: Every company needs a good website to be able to compete in today's market, and Portland companies looking for a digital makeover can enlist the help of SynapseCo. Their team of over 200 IT and software professionals work with companies in a broad range of industries to build mobile apps, design websites, develop e-commerce functionality and collaborate on many other projects. SynapseCo’s workforce can also help companies optimize their existing digital infrastructures, updating technology and implementing SEO practices to make them more prolific in their fields. 


ID Experts Software Companies In Portland
ID EXperts

Founded: 2003

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: ID Experts leverages the power of software and automated technology to help users and customers secure their identity and digital information from theft. Their suite of enterprise services give companies the ability to discover threats and mitigate them before they do damage. ID Experts' team can work with affected clients to help restore their identities after an attack. The company offers breach response services to companies both large and small, catering their delivered services to each client's scale and needs.


Adpearance Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2009

Focus: Marketing

What they do: Adpearance is a digital marketing and advertising agency that provides their clients with both human expertise and advanced software technology to develop effective, intuitive campaigns. Working with companies in a broad swath of industries from automotive to senior living facilities, Adpearance's service suite covers web design, SEO, social media branding, reputation management and more.


Selectron Technologies Software Companies In Portland
Selectron Technologies

Founded: 1960

Focus: Telecommunications, Government

What they do: Selectron Technologies' aim is to serve local and state governments, delivering a range of software and voice applications to encourage collaboration across agencies and organizations, streamlining governance. Their platforms enable everything from video conferencing to payments processing, making it easier for governing bodies to maintain budgets and contracting for utilities, courts, community development and infrastructure construction. 

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MakeWebBetter Software Companies In Portland

Founded: 2016

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: MakeWebBetter helps enterprise clients develop and expand their e-commerce operations with software tools that help increase clickthrough conversions and profitability. Their team provides full scope services that tackle the marketing, advertising, web design and payments processing aspects of running an online business, helping companies build solid infrastructures for long term success. A Hubspot Gold Solutions Partner, MakeWebBetter serves an international client base with offices in Portland and research facilities in India.


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