19 Software Companies Striking It Big in Dallas

Written by Sunny Betz
19 Software Companies Striking It Big in Dallas
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Rose Velazquez | Mar 08, 2024

The west coast lures many software engineers looking to strike it big, but if you’re looking for a great career opportunity without breaking the bank, Dallas is an underrated gem worth considering. Renowned for its ambitious atmosphere and energetic tech scene, the DFW region is well-positioned to become an explosive business hub for years to come. From the "Telecom Corridor" to the campus at UT Dallas, a trip through the city limits reveals the abundance of innovation embraced by this southern city.

Dallas’ reputation as a magnet for software companies earned it the nickname, "the Silicon prairie," and with leaders like Texas Instruments and AT&T claiming Dallas as their home base, it's no surprise that over 25,000 software developers have decided to put down roots in the city. From its vibrant arts scene to its low cost of living, Dallas is not only a prime location to set up shop, but a great place to build a life. Take a look into how these software companies are transforming Dallas into a software hotspot in a class of its own.

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Software Companies in Dallas To Know

  • AptAmigo
  • StackPath
  • Omnitracs
  • Solera Holdings
  • Kibo Commerce
  • TractManager
  • DerbySoft
  • Mercado Labs
  • Ascendix Technologies
  • Matillion


Founded: 1992

Industry: Payments

What they do: KUBRA’s portfolio of billing and payments solutions serve hundreds of organizations throughout industries ranging from utilities and waste management to healthcare and insurance. The company also offers products designed to facilitate improved customer communications, such as the Notifi platform, which delivers personalized reminders and alerts across various channels based on users’ preferences.


Founded: 2002 

Industry: HR 

What they do: Customers remain the backbone of any successful business, so Qualtrics has developed a platform to reflect this priority. Qualtrics’ Experience Management platform covers all aspects of customer service to craft more satisfying interactions. By recording every conversation and leveraging predictive intelligence, Qualtrics enables teams to anticipate future customer needs and develop efficient workflows to meet these needs. 


Founded: 1999 

Industry: Energy 

What they do: Because the energy sector powers daily life, Enverus takes steps to ensure this industry operates seamlessly. The SaaS company has developed technologies that accumulate data-rich analytics and insights. Businesses can then make smarter decisions, optimize their operations, and develop precautions for protecting their data from cyber threats and weather events. 


Founded: 2011

Industry: Data management

What they do: Companies with loads of data on their hands will appreciate the cutting-edge solutions of Matillion, which supports companies with cloud-based technology. Matillion’s platform works seamlessly with Amazon Redshift, Delta Lake on Databricks, and other platforms to help companies store and move their data around. This way, businesses can arrange and analyze information faster and more efficiently. 


Founded: 2015

Industry: Real estate

What they do: For renters across the United States, AptAmigo provides a way to secure their dream apartment while making the process simpler and even more fun. The company’s website combines proprietary technology with concierge-level customer service to ensure renters are set up with everything they need to settle comfortably into their new home.


Founded: 2015

Industry: Network Security

What they do: StackPath offers a software platform where enterprises can streamline their security and edge operations, built with powerful computing capable of detecting and neutralizing risks as soon as they appear. The company's low latency, scalable cloud edge service gives their clients full visibility into their performance and infrastructures. StackPath's platform can be adopted by companies of all sizes and stages, and is trusted by top names like CloudLinux, Viralize and TechSpot.


Founded: 1988

Industry: Transportation

What they do: Omnitracs gives transportation companies more control over their fleet management operations with software services capable of tracking productivity, scheduling, fuel efficiency, safety, and other facets. Working with private, service, and parcel fleets, Omnitracs offers a range of solutions designed to help shipping companies maintain regulatory compliance and safety standards all while optimizing their operations to be as fast and efficient as possible.


Founded: 2005

Industry: Insurance

What they do: Solera Holdings leverages software technology to simplify and speed up insurance claims processing for the automotive industry and other related sectors. Their data and software services make it easier to manage vehicles along every step of the life cycle, providing a digital visibility platform that enables companies to make informed decisions about product development.


Founded: 1995

Industry: E-commerce

What they do: Kibo Commerce guides retailers in building e-commerce platforms that are as impactful as their in-person locations. Kibo provides the tools to build omnichannel marketing and transaction solutions to help clients reach their expanding customer bases. Kibo's main focus is on the digital realm, building web-based payment processing engines and mobile applications for companies of all sizes, but they also provide a range of in-store products to streamline payment processing flows. The company additionally delivers software to track product shipments, with real-time analytics reporting and warehouse management tools.


Founded: 2002

Industry: Hospitality

What they do: DerbySoft is one of the world's leading hospitality software companies, providing distribution and search technology for hotels and travel companies across the globe. Their digital marketing suite integrates machine learning technology with data science to help hotels get more bookings. With additional locations in China, Japan and Europe, DerbySoft serves a large global network of over 200,000 hotel clients.


Founded: 2018

Industry: Shipping

What they do: Mercado Labs partners with shipping and transit companies to help them integrate cloud technology into their supply chain management operations. Their software platform provides companies full visibility into the networks and communities that power their supply infrastructures, helping them reduce unnecessary tasks and bolster regulatory compliance so that their customers can receive their products faster.


Founded: 1996

Industry: Enterprise Tech

What they do: Ascendix Technologies is a software development company that builds a range of products and solutions for companies across the globe. Their design and development teams can work with companies on projects like mobile app builds, systems optimization, cloud integration and data cleaning. With additional offices in Ukraine, Ascendix Technologies gives clients the option to choose onshore or offshore development models based on their budget and time constraints.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Security

What they do: Appsian provides software-powered threat detection products that companies across the globe can use to maintain the security of their assets. With quick implementation times, Appsian helps enterprises hit the ground running with data security and loss prevention tools optimized to their specific needs. The company partners with some of the leading companies in retail, insurance, finance and other industries, teaming up with top names such as Wells Fargo, Geico, and Gap.


Founded: 2016

Industry: HR

What they do: Harver makes it easier for their client companies to attract and retain top talent with the help of software, providing digital solutions for recruiting, background checking and interviewing. Its talent analytics platform spans a number of human resources tech needs, from video interviewing options to leadership assessments and culture analytics.


Founded: 2002

Industry: Enterprise Tech

What they do: As everyday workplace experiences continue to transform, Appspace connects with businesses looking to upgrade their workflows with the help of technology. The company's centrally located software platform gives businesses options for conference scheduling, digital signage and collaborative displays, offering a leg up in optimizing workflows and removing any hitches in completing work. Appspace's scalable platform can be deployed across an entire enterprise, connecting every team member and transforming individual meetings and breakout rooms into company wide strategies.


Founded: 2004

Industry: Communications

What they do: Effective communication is at the root of success for any enterprise. Companies looking to connect their teams with customers and partners can enlist the help of Telligent Systems' communications software suite. From improving customer experiences to ensuring the satisfaction of client prospects, Telligent Systems makes it easy for employees to utilize feedback directly from customers in traffic, pipeline and sales strategies.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Real Estate

What they do: Modern Message offers software solutions for the real estate industry that give agencies the power to run rewards programs and build their residence brand. Combining social media marketing with analytics, Modern Message provides the option to communicate with residents across multiple housing complexes. Their suite of real estate solutions help agencies and property owners increase resident retention and respond to feedback all through one unified software platform.


Founded: 1985

Industry: Energy

What they do: Enertia Software teams up with companies in the energy, oil and gas industries to build technology infrastructures that streamline their operations and help them compete with peer companies. Their enterprise-grade systems can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, as well as respond to data stemming from field sites, financial accounts, supply lines and beyond. 


Founded: 1998

Industry: Edtech

What they do: ExamSoft helps exam administrators build digital testing programs that facilitate quicker retrieval, scoring and analysis processes. With testing options designed to be accessed on any computer, ExamSoft leverages software technology to expand testing capacity and automate many of the grading and organizational processes that eat up valuable time. Their technology can be seen in a broad range of use cases, and have been adopted by everyone from tech professionals to college professors and librarians.

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