10 Atlanta Music Companies Mixing Frequencies to Find Success

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
10 Atlanta Music Companies Mixing Frequencies to Find Success
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Music has been one of the central points of civilization for many centuries. From a way to pass along stories and traditions to a means of unifying people in a singular, shared moment, music of all varieties has transcended its simple frequencies and vibrations to become a cultural phenomenon with longevity that few other art forms have been able to achieve.

One of the issues that has plagued the music industry and the globalization of regional music, however, has been accessibility. Many regions of the world are cut off from the technology needed to embrace music as it grows, while other people may be affected by hearing limitations that have acted as a barrier from being able to fully embrace music at any time. Where music and tech intersect, is in the desire to enrich human lives, and many tech companies, organizations and startups have taken the challenge upon themselves to spread the feeling of fulfillment that comes with exploring music to as many people as possible.

Whether they are turning music into a learning tool, creating a streamlined solution to releasing music into the world or even providing a platform for people to connect through a shared love of a genre, these are the 10 music companies in Atlanta to know about right now. 

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Music Companies In Atlanta To Know

  • Sixthman
  • Elastic Audio
  • Make Music Count
  • Crescendo
  • Deepr
  • DJ Courses Online
  • iZotope
iZotope Music Companies Atlanta

Founded: 2001 

What they do: Combining a passion for music and cutting-edge technology, iZotope is helping musicians realize their full potential with a suite of tools. Creatives can purchase individual products that assist with vocal production, audio repair, and effects. However, customers can also dive into an iZotope membership. With access to a more complete toolkit, musicians can fine-tune their tracks for a more satisfying audial experience. 


Elastic Audio music companies Atlanta
Elastic Audio

Founded: 2019

What they do: Elastic Audio is working to make the audio and music experiences found in video gaming more robust than ever. The company has designed a new programming language, known as Intonal, with the goal of connecting environments like VST, Wwise, FMOD, UE4, Unity, and other platforms together to allow sound effects to be altered universally and written into games in real-time, bridging the future of sound technology.


Make Music Count music companies Atlanta
Make Music Count

Founded: 2017

What they do: There has always been a clear connection between music and mathematics, but Make Music Count is using that connection to help students improve their skills in both areas at the same time. The platform’s library already features hundreds of songs from leading artists for students to learn with, making use of app-based pianos to teach students concepts like algebra, division and fractions while fostering an interest in music.


Sixthman music companies Atlanta

Founded: 2001

What they do: Sixthman organizes and curates unforgettable events between artists and fans, creating community-inspired vacation experiences and full-scale festivals that feature non-stop live performances, artist collaborations, in-depth panels, fan-artist activities and more. The group hosts both national and international events, and as of 2020, has begun hosting a live streaming series that bring artists even closer to where fans live.


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Fit Radio music companies Atlanta
Fit Radio

Founded: 2013

What they do: Fit Radio combines motivational music with the coaching needed to power users through even the most intense of workouts. The platform features thousands of DJ-made mixes curated by workout type to provide the perfect backdrop for accomplishing fitness goals, with the ability to select songs that match BPM to the desired pace of any activity so users can focus less on their metrics and more on getting into the right zone. 


Deepr music companies Atlanta

Founded: 2017

What they do: Deepr allows users to enhance their music discovery process by highlighting not just artists and genres, but by providing information on producers, songwriters, featured artists, background vocalists, musicians, engineers, directors and more — creating unparalleled ways for finding tracks that vibe specific ways. The app brings artists who are too often buried in liner notes to the forefront and helps users find favorite tracks before they know they even exist.  


MyMy Music music companies Atlanta
MyMy Music

Founded: 2016

What they do: MyMy Music is an online destination for breaking free of the mainstream artists that dominate radio waves and discovering exceptional hip-hop and R&B music from around the globe. Music featured on the platform is vetted through a blind voting system that pushes breakthrough work to the top — voted on by everyone who uses the platform, not just industry professionals. 


ShowSlinger music companies Atlanta

Founded: 2014

What they do: ShowSlinger is a breakthrough platform for booking venues big and small, whether it be for live music, trivia, DJ performances, open mics, karaoke or stage performances of all kinds. For artists both big and small, ShowSlinger uses automation capabilities to constantly locate and book performances, increasing profits and decreasing the time required to traditionally book shows, while including capabilities for digital tip jars and fan funding initiatives.


Decibel music companies Atlanta

Founded: 2013

What they do: Decibel offers a platform for connecting audio creators with advertisers of high-quality products to provide a streamlined method for content monetization. The Decibel network allows advertisers to bid on content producers to ensure they can reach a robust, global network of consumers in the most efficient ways possible, with precision targeting, powerful dashboards and analytics capabilities available to provide thorough visualizations of advertising metrics.


DJ Courses Online music companies Atlanta
DJ Courses Online

Founded: 2012

What they do: For most of the world’s DJs, spinning records is more than just a hobby — it’s a passion and an artform. DJ Courses Online provides users with access to a library of DJ education courses to boost their abilities and bring more of themselves to the turntables, with courses that cover techniques in Traktor, Ableton, Serato and more all available on a subscription basis from the company. 


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