Atlanta has always been a hub for business, with enterprise giants like The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, Delta Airlines and Newell Rubbermaid having called the city home for decades. But it's not just large corporations thriving in Georgia's commerce capital, there are tons of startups hustlin' and bustlin' their way to success in industries like media, healthcare, software, fintech, and more, with more fresh ideas and innovation constantly coming to the forefront.

The startup scene in Atlanta will only continue to grow from here, so here are the 23 startups you should know about right now.

Startups in Atlanta To Know

  • Aveanna Healthcare
  • Buckle
  • CharterUP
  • Flourish Software
  • Greenzie
  • Sifted
  • SimpleShowing
  • Instacart
  • Mailchimp
Simply Business Startups Atlanta
Simply Business

Founded: 2005

Industry: Insurance

What they do: Small businesses aren't always equipped to find the right insurance, so Simply Business offers a helping hand. The company finds suitable insurance providers for businesses, filtering their list according to the industry their clients work in and the type of insurance they desire. From painters to lawn care specialists, a diverse range of professionals can discover the perfect insurance provider through Simply Business. 


Instacart Startups Atlanta

Founded: 2012

Industry: E-commerce

What they do: Instacart is changing the way people shop for groceries, connecting customers to local grocery stores in their area. Entering an address is all it takes to generate numerous food options nearby and view their selections in a digital format. Once customers complete their orders, a team of Instacart shoppers can pick up and deliver food that same day to give people access to the meals they need most. 



Founded: 2017

Industry: Transportation

What they do: When chartering a bus to transport mid-to-large size groups of people, CharterUP offers a simple solution within a fingertip's reach. CharterUP instantly compares quotes and prices from local vendors, displaying them with ratings, reviews and photos to give users a more exact idea of transportation options. CharterUP even offers the ability to create long-term or short-term bus routes to provide transit solutions for organizations of all sizes.


Cove.tool Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: Machine Learning

What they do: Cove.tool is a unique solution for bringing machine learning into the construction of buildings of all types. Automated tools are included in the platform to deliver energy, cost, carbon, water, daylight and integration solutions while Cove.tool continuously optimizes to get better with every run.


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Mailchimp Startups Atlanta

Founded: 2001

Industry: Marketing Tech

What they do: For businesses that need to develop a strong online presence quickly, Mailchimp provides the sharpest tools in the marketing field. Mailchimp has constructed a platform where organizations can create landing pages, craft emails, analyze customer demographics, and more. With various capabilities located in one place, marketing teams can produce timely materials tailored toward target audiences.  


Bakkt Atlanta startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Cryptocurrency

What they do: Bakkt unlocks digital assets held within cryptocurrencies, rewards/loyalty points, gaming assets and merchant stored value, deepening the capabilities of what people can do with their earnings. The company is able to aggregate consumer assets to enable instant liquidity so users can trade, transfer and pay more efficiently while providing institutional clients with end-to-end true price transparency.


Buckle Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: Insurance

What they do: Buckle offers automotive insurance solutions for drivers working in the rideshare industry, offering a more convenient way to ensure coverage while working or driving off the clock. The company has recently partnered with Lyft to provide a single-policy insurance solution to provide around-the-clock coverage at more efficient rates.


Cognira Atlanta startups

Founded: 2015

Industry: Analytics

What they do: Cognira delivers advanced analytics reporting and data capabilities to businesses in the retail industry, leading to better forecasting to keep up with demand. The Cognira team uses a deep understanding of AI, machine learning and scalable cloud technologies to bring automated merchandising and supply chain tools to its customers and allow for more informed decision making.


Coinmo Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: E-commerce

What they do: Coinmo aims to reinvent the way that consumers and merchants connect with a coin-based system that transforms coupons into currency. The platform operates via a safe and secure app that allows users to stay connected with current deals, as well as other users, to never miss out on a perfect deal.


Demand Driven Technologies Atlanta startups
Demand Driven Technologies

Founded: 2017

Industry: Logistics + Software

What they do: Demand Driven Technologies delivers advanced supply chain management capabilities through unique DDMRP software. Solutions from Demand Driven Technologies lead to improved production scheduling, better lead time compression and a reduction of inventory, allowing customer service to become a supply chain’s top priority.


Fanaticus XR Atlanta startups
Fanaticus XR

Founded: 2018

Industry: VR

What they do: Fanaticus XR offers a new way to engage with clients in any industry, combining mixed reality capabilities to deliver unique experiences and create unforgettable events. Virtual reality, asymmetric gaming and projection mapping are combined to transform physical environments and unleash fully immersive experiences upon guests in environments of any size. 


Flourish Software Atlanta Startups
Flourish Software

Founded: 2017

Industry: Cannabis + Logistics

What they do: Flourish Software provides software options meant to revolutionize supply chain operations in the hemp, CBD and cannabis industries. Designed with cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and retailers in mind, the Flourish platform contains tools to assist in auditing, cultivation, custody and advocacy, allowing synchronicity between every part of the supply chain. 


Greenzie Atlanta startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Robotics + Software

What they do: Greenzie’s goal is to free humans from repetitive outdoor labor, freeing up time for them to pursue more meaningful aspects of life. The company accomplishes this through its retrofitting software, Autostriping, that delivers precise self-driving capabilities to existing zero-turn commercial lawnmowers.


ModifyHealth Atlanta startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Food

What they do: ModifyHealth provides an option for people looking to take better care of their digestive health through gut-friendly, fully-prepared meals delivered directly to the door. The gluten-free and low FODMAP meals are designed with the support of a GI-trained dietician, and the ModifyHealth app goes the extra mile by providing continued support for maintaining control over IBS and similar conditions.


nView Health Atlanta startups
nView Health

Founded: 2016

Industry:  Healthcare

What they do: NView Health offers online behavioral health solutions that allow educators, physicians and research specialists to screen for and identify mental health conditions in individuals more efficiently. Solutions from nView are intended to reach practitioners on all levels to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of mental health symptoms and challenges, allowing for faster diagnosis and a more qualified referral process. Atlanta startups

Founded: 2016

Industry: Fintech

What they do: creates API solutions intended to provide real-time and historical data on stocks, currencies and the crypto market with accuracy. The company’s APIs provide 100% market coverage and access to 10 banking institutions and eight crypto exchanges with speed and reliability, compatible with all major development languages for complete creativity and flexibility when building applications.


SAFETRIP Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: Healthcare + Transportation

What they do: SAFETRIP is a medical transportation app designed to provide rides for individuals in rural and metro areas to healthcare offices and hospitals, intended to reduce no-show rates and provide care to those who need it most. Users are able to pay for rides using debit or credit cards, or even insurance in some cases.


SecurEnds Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: Security

What they do: SecurEnds helps to reduce security risk and costs by providing software that automates identity governance and access control. The company focuses on protecting identities and organizations from potential breaches and internal security threats while meeting compliance thresholds, with products that feature identity provisioning, employee on/offboarding and additional features.


Sifted Atlanta startups

Founded: 2015

Industry: Food

What they do: Sifted offers a best-in-class catering solution designed to provide employees with quality meals and provide a fresh spin on office culture. Employee lunches can be provided on flexible schedules and can be curated to tastes and dietary restrictions, plus Sifted handles all donations of leftovers so food waste never is never a concern for organizations.


Aveanna Healthcare Atlanta startups
Aveanna Healthcare

Founded: 2017

Industry: Healthcare

What they do: Aveanna Healthcare is a growing leader in the field of home pediatric healthcare. The team of employees at Aveanna Healthcare are highly skilled in nursing, pediatric therapy, autism services, enteral nutrition and therapy, providing crucial resources and medical solutions to one of the most vulnerable groups of people.


Motivo Atlanta startups

Founded: 2017

Industry: Healthcare

What they do: Motivo provides a solution for therapists, counselors, psychologists and social workers who are on the path to achieving licensure, pairing them with state-licensed supervisors for online clinical supervision. The platform is HIPPA compliant and offers secure documentation, hour tracking, live video sessions and transparent pricing so mental health workers can build their supervision practice remotely and efficiently.


Project Verte Atlanta startups
Project Verte

Founded: 2017

Industry: E-commerce

What they do: Project Verte offers a full-circle e-commerce solution that allows brands to grow and engage with customers without being held back by backend, sales channel and fulfillment challenges. The company operates an automated fulfillment warehouse that provides real-time inventory visibility, two-hour order-to-dispatch capability and multi-channel sales insights. Plus the Project Verte platform is compatible with top e-commerce carts, retailers and marketplaces to give brands complete control over their operations. 


SimpleShowing Atlanta startups

Founded: 2018

Industry: Real Estate

What they do: SimpleShowing offers intuitive solutions for listing and purchasing property, featuring lower listing commissions, buyer refunds and on-demand showings with experienced local agents. The platform provides users access to full-service agents and the ability to book showings at their own convenience, with powerful resources available online so buyers and sellers can access a deeper understanding of the property purchasing process from both sides.


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