6 Multinational Companies in Krakow to Know

Krakow is a hub for global IT companies due to its talented workforce.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 Multinational Companies in Krakow to Know
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Sara B.T. Thiel | Apr 30, 2024

IT and tech are big contributors to Krakow’s economy. The city produces thousands of tech graduates as computer science is the leading field at local universities. Over the years, this has resulted in several global IT companies establishing offices in the city to leverage the growing workforce. Below are some of the top multinational companies in Krakow to know. 

Top Multinational Companies in Krakow

  • Chainlink Labs
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Remitly
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Akamai Technologies


Multinational Companies in Krakow 

Chainlink Labs facilitates the development of decentralized Web3 applications by connecting them to off-chain data and computations. The company aims to foster interoperability among diverse blockchains. It boasts a fully distributed workforce and offers team members the flexibility to work from anywhere. The company provides a hardware allowance and co-working space stipend to help employees craft their optimal remote work setup.


Motorola Solutions develops robust hardware for critical environments and situations. Law enforcement uses many of its products, including two-way radios and body cameras, to enable communications in high-risk situations. Motorola Solutions also provides managed IT services that protect clients’ data, infrastructure and devices.  


Remitly enables people to send money to over one hundred countries. Its remittance service runs on Remitly’s mobile app and web platform, which operates with increased transparency and no hidden fees. Besides its cross-border transfer services, the company runs an extensive resource page covering financial and immigration topics. 

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Cisco is one of the largest IT and tech employers in the world, and it maintains a substantial presence in Krakow. The California-based company rose to prominence in the 1980s by designing and developing connectivity products like routers and switches. The company maintains its reputation as a tech innovator, developing AI and cybersecurity platforms, among other digital products and certifications. 


IBM is a household name in the tech industry. The company has been influential in the computing, software, cloud and microprocessor space for several years but has recently made significant strides in artificial intelligence. Through its AI platform, watsonx, clients can automate workflows and tasks using AI assistants. IBM operates a large office in Krakow, where it employs IT and software talent. 

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Akamai Technologies provides industry-specific cloud services that help clients host online games, build SaaS software and deliver media. It delivers its services using the Intelligent Edge Platform, which leverages several thousand data centers.

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