7 Marketing Agencies Shaping Salt Lake City's Future

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jan. 12, 2021
7 Marketing Agencies Shaping Salt Lake City's Future
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As techies begin to get priced out of Silicon Valley, many are looking toward other industry centers as places to start their businesses, giving rise to areas like the "Silicon Desert" in Phoenix or the "Silicon Forest" in Portland. One city that has enjoyed similarly tremendous growth in recent years is Salt Lake City, where the emerging tech scene and its growing talent pool have begun to eclipse those of rival cities like Boston and Denver. The Utah capital has the drive and the resources to become the country's next tech capital. 

Salt Lake City owes a lot of its recognition to the various marketing agencies that have drawn eyes to both the city itself and the companies that call it home. Combining proven traditional marketing techniques like video content and logo design with more modern approaches like influencer marketing, the following marketing agencies know how to boost the profile of any company, regardless of its industry or specialty.

Take a look at these seven marketing agencies in Salt Lake City helping companies build their brands and businesses. 

Salt Lake City Marketing Agencies to Know

  • Clearlink
  • IC Group
  • Merkle
  • ExpertVoice
  • Contravent
  • Sharpr
  • ThoughtLab
Merkle Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 1971

What they do: Merkle is a digital and traditional marketing agency that helps brands of all backgrounds develop personalized user experiences designed to help foster strong customer relationships and strengthen brand messaging. Its team takes advantage of consumer data points and behavior analytics to craft strong brand identities, user interfaces and campaigns, as well as providing creative services like photography and video content creation. Merkle has worked on a broad variety of projects for companies in a diverse set of industries, ranging from finance and software to healthcare and media.

Other services: Market analysis, content strategy, interaction design, mobile development, optimizations and testing.

Clients: Adobe, Peacock, Ciena, Canon, Subaru, The American Heart Association.


Clearlink Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 2003

What they do: Over the past two decades, Clearlink's team has worked with members of the Fortune 500 to create impactful and engaging marketing and infrastructural initiatives built to meet the demands of the digital era. Clearlink's capabilities go beyond basic lead generation and marketing, with a comprehensive service suite that offers solutions for companies in insurance, energy, sales and other industries looking to expand the functions of their entire enterprise. The company utilizes the power of machine learning technology to gather, sort and track customer data, helping client businesses gain a more clear picture of their audience's behavior and needs.

Other services: SEO, social media marketing, chat programs, customer behavior modeling, conversion rate optimization.

Clients: Cartesian, Frontier, Vivint, Kate Spade, Telco.


IC Group Marketing Agency Salt Lake City
IC Group

Founded: 1989

What they do: IC Group is a creative marketing agency that offers interactive promotional services, loyalty programs and gamified experiences alongside traditional digital marketing services to companies looking to amplify their brand voice. IC Group additionally hones in on social media, particularly Twitter, as a means for engaging customers and turning online interactions into long term relationships. 

Other services: Loyalty programs, interactive promotions, social media marketing.

Clients: Wendy's, KitchenAid, Xbox, Subway, Dial.


ExpertVoice Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 2004

What they do: ExpertVoice takes an unconventional approach to marketing by helping companies leverage expert review as a means for harnessing customer attention and turning engagement into tangible growth. ExpertVoice hosts a community of over one million verified experts who partner with brands to gain firsthand information and experience with company products so they can then make trustworthy recommendations to potential customers. ExpertVoice's base of expert reviewers include sales associates, industry professionals, influencers and everyone in between, and their client base includes some of the leading names in retail and beyond.

Other services: Brand advocacy, e-commerce advocacy, outreach tools.

Clients: Purina, Mammut, Garmin, Pelican, Brooks, Helly Hansen.


Contravent Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 2012

What they do: Contravent guides brands in developing powerful customer experiences that ensure long term loyalty, generate real results and help stimulate growth. Contravent's main focus is on creative development, offering high impact content solutions that both boost numbers and build a more cohesive brand story. The agency's services range in specialty and scale, from simpler projects like logo design to bigger undertakings like partner program development.

Other services: Website design, AI integration, video content creation, trade show booths, digital strategizing.

Clients: Adobe, Aktana, CenturyLink, Egencia, Vivint, Workfront.


Sharpr Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 2011

What they do: Sharpr offers its clients an AI powered search platform and knowledge management service that combines web search capabilities with digital marketing solutions that empower companies to improve their customer outreach initiatives. Sharpr's machine learning platform delivers highly tailored and refined insights on market data and customer behavior to its client brands. The agency also offers options for social media content sharing, API integration, document transfer, video content distribution and more.

Other services: Newsletter development, mobile marketing, analytics, dynamic content delivery.

Clients: Spotify, McDonald's, Purina, Helly Hansen, Ameritrade, Clorox.


ThoughtLab Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Founded: 1999

What they do: ThoughtLab mixes creative insight with modern technologies to deliver marketing solutions that are both time tested and optimized for the digital world. From web design to social media outreach, ThoughtLab's team collaborates with brands of all sizes on projects built to maximize their impact both online and offline. ThoughtLab serves companies across the United States from several national offices in addition to its Salt Lake City headquarters.

Other services: Web design, graphic design, custom software development, UX design, video content production.

Clients: Wish, ClearOne, SkyWest, Rakuten, Deem, IndoorAtlas.

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