30 Top Companies in Houston Defining the City’s Tech Scene

Written by Olivia McClure
30 Top Companies in Houston Defining the City’s Tech Scene
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Built In Staff | Aug 04, 2022

Texas alone can round out the list for top tech hubs in the country, boasting numerous cities that stake their claim as the state’s leading center for creative activity. While major metropolitan areas like Austin and Dallas grapple for the spotlight, Houston gives growing professionals plenty of reasons to set down roots in the region. The Bayou City features a tradition of investing in the aerospace and energy sectors, and it offers a more affordable option for those looking to avoid West Coast prices.  

These attractive factors have combined to produce the perfect storm, helping Houston surpass Philadelphia and Minneapolis on its way to being a top producer of tech jobs in the nation. Inventive minds have flocked to the city, resulting in an explosion of fresh opportunities. Now Houston workers can dabble in telecommunications, financial services, IT, the digital economy, and other topics. 

With a diversified professional landscape, the latest wave of Houston businesses is drawing even more talent and technology to the area. These 30 companies reflect the city’s revamped workforce and its ability to impact daily life in Texas and beyond.

15 Top Companies in Houston to Know

  • BMC Software
  • Insperity
  • HighRadius
  • Sysco
  • PROS
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Cardtronics
  • Crown Castle
  • Infosys
  • Siemens
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Thrasio
  • Live Nation Entertainment
  • AvidXchange
  • Perficient
Milliman Largest Companies Houston

Focus: Healthtech + HR Tech

Number of employees: 3,600+ 

What they do: Healthcare can become a sprawling, confusing web of connections when not organized properly, so Milliman is stepping in to provide a broader perspective guided by data. With the advanced tools of Milliman, healthcare providers can study local markets, develop customer profiles, pinpoint weaknesses in their systems, and more. Eliminating unnecessary processes and delivering a more comfortable healthcare experience are part of the end result when providers work with Milliman. 


Oceaneering International Largest Companies Houston
Oceaneering International

Focus: Transportation + IT Solutions 

Number of employees: 11,000

What they do: As a common presence in the most extreme frontiers, Oceaneering International has become a hub for creative solutions that enable companies to adapt to a range of environments. The organization thrives on crafting safe and efficient solutions for businesses working in science, aerospace, renewable energy, and other sectors. Oceaneering International makes intense conditions more manageable with timely decisions and reliable technology. 


Memorial Hermann Health System
Memorial Hermann Health System

Focus: Healthtech

Number of employees: 26,000

What they do: When it comes to delivering comprehensive treatments, Memorial Hermann Health System excels with human-centric thinking and innovative technology. Besides covering a variety of areas that includes orthopedics and heart services, the organization also offers virtual care, a digital nurse health line, and online scheduling for a more seamless experience. People can look forward to safe and efficient care when they rely on the physicians at Memorial Hermann Health System.


Fiserv Largest Companies Houston

Focus: Fintech + IT Solutions

Number of employees: 30,600+

What they do: Fiserv is giving a range of organizations the ability to keep up with customer demands and the quicker tempo of today’s financial processes. From local governments to small businesses, clients of Fiserv have access to the latest technologies that make transactions simpler than ever. Instant payment processing, mobile banking platforms, and digital payments are just a few of the solutions Fiserv has planned for entities looking to streamline their financial operations.


LyondellBasell Largest Companies Houston

Focus: Plastics + Appliances

Number of employees: 11,300+

What they do: Balancing fast-paced production with a thoughtful attitude, LyondellBasell has set out to make plastics, polyolefin materials, and other chemical technologies work for the environment. The organization places sustainability at the center of its work, improving the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles, crafting more robust pipes, developing effective waste management systems, and more.


Global Atlantic Financial Group
Global Atlantic Financial Group

Focus: Insurance

Number of employees: 1,100+

What they do: To ensure people navigate every stage of their financial journey with total confidence, Global Atlantic Financial Group places a suite of financial tools and solutions at the fingertips of its customers. Whether someone is looking to save for retirement or select the right life insurance option, they can make an informed decision with the company’s numerous online calculating features. Customers can prepare for whatever lies ahead with the resources of Global Atlantic Financial Group. 


Power Home Remodeling Largest Companies Houston
Power Home Remodeling

Focus: Home Improvement 

Number of employees: 2,300+

What they do: Whether it’s installing windows or tackling larger remodeling tasks, Power Home Remodeling supplements the most up-to-date products with an unflappable attitude. Customers can look forward to a convenient digital experience, top-notch materials, and dedicated professionals. A dream home is only a few steps away, thanks to the innovative tools of Power Home Remodeling.


Focus: Semiconductor 

Number of employees: 18,600+

What they do: Processors and semiconductors have come to fuel various industries, placing AMD in a key position to leave a lasting impact. Working with partners from gaming companies to disease research facilities, AMD has developed the technologies needed to keep these diverse sectors moving forward. The demand for processing power continues to grow, so AMD remains focused on enhancing the capabilities of supercomputers and other machines that rely on its cutting-edge products.


Perficient Largest Companies Houston

Focus: IT Solutions 

Number of employees: 3,200+

What they do: Perficient brings an imaginative element to every business strategy with a range of digital solutions. Not only does the organization come up with a plan for each client, but it also offers the tools to deliver the results. From cloud technology to customer relationship management systems, Perficient showcases the resources that businesses need to improve their online presence and provide more meaningful experiences for their customers across the world.  


AvidXchange Largest Companies Houston

Focus: Software 

Number of employees: 1,300 

What they do: The old-fashioned way of managing finances involves stacks of paperwork, but AvidXchange is developing a more modern way to handle previously time-consuming tasks. A suite of thoughtful technologies enables companies to automate invoices, billing payments, and purchase order processes. Without the clutter, businesses can save energy and worry less about mundane financial chores.


Live Nation Entertainment Largest Companies Houston
Live Nation Entertainment

Focus: Events + Entertainment 

Number of employees: 13,700+ 

What they do: While audiences are familiar with names like Ticketmaster, few may know the company that runs the logistics behind the scenes. Live Nation Entertainment has united fans, artists, athletes, and performers with convenient platforms for selling tickets and staying connected to events. Managing activities across the globe becomes easier with the all-around technology of Live Nation Entertainment.


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Thrasio Largest Companies Houston

Focus: E-commerce + Fintech

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: For business owners who are looking to take their products to the next level, Thrasio steps in to deliver the necessary tools and resources for growth. The company specializes in acquiring Amazon businesses and finding ways to improve brands. By refreshing all aspects of an organization with data-informed decisions, Thrasio is able to streamline logistics, tailor digital marketing strategies, and create brands with more lasting reputations.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Focus: IT Solutions 

Number of employees: 61,600+

What they do: Speed is everything when it comes to surpassing competitors and delivering a satisfying customer experience, which is why Hewlett Packard Enterprise is delivering efficient solutions for businesses. With an approach centered around AI and cloud platforms, companies can accelerate operations and ramp up their production. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s high-powered network of supercomputers and resources places organizations at the forefront of their respective industries.


Siemens Largest Companies Houston

Focus: Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things

Number of employees: 293,000

What they do: With a fierce determination and an endless desire for innovation, Siemens continues to leave its mark on a range of industries. This organization is helping build more robust economies for the future by investing in essential projects, including efficient power grids, creative rail networks, and green-friendly automobiles. Thriving in a changing world requires a reliable yet flexible foundation, so Siemens is taking proactive measures to prepare societies for upcoming challenges.


Infosys Largest Companies Houston

Focus: IT Solutions 

Number of employees: 250,500+

What they do: Businesses that succeed today are the ones that know how to best adapt to a digital environment, and no company understands this reality better than Infosys. That’s why the organization is combining artificial intelligence and cloud technology to give businesses a revamped approach for the modern age. With the guidance of Infosys, companies can reorganize their resources more efficiently and develop cutting-edge strategies for reaching customers across the globe.


Waste Management largest companies in Houston
Waste Management

Focus: Waste + Environmental Services

Number of employees: 18,500+

What they do: Waste Management provides integrated waste and environmental solutions across North America. In addition to residential waste pickup, the company specializes in recycling pickup, household hazardous waste disposal, electronics recycling, compactor solutions, construction and demolition, and sustainability consulting. With 104 recycling plants located across the country, Waste Management currently serves about 20 million municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers. 

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KBR, Inc. largest companies in Houston
KBR, Inc.

Focus: Aerospace + Defense

Number of employees: 37,000+

What they do: KBR, Inc. provides differentiated professional services and technologies to government and energy clients. The company offers a wide range of solutions such as large-scale energy and chemicals sites and facilities, mission-critical services for aerospace and defense, naval architecture consulting, advanced structural engineering and missile defense system training. With a global presence spanning several continents, KBR currently serves customers in over 80 countries. 


Crown Castle largest companies in Houston
Crown Castle

Focus: Telecommunications

Number of employees: 4,800+

What they do: Founded in 1994, Crown Castle operates a network of communications infrastructure that connects people, businesses and communities nationwide. Partnering with wireless carriers, broadband providers, tech companies and municipalities, the company operates a network of over 40,000 towers as well as about 70,000 on-air or under-contract small cell nodes. Crown Castle’s aim is to improve public spaces, create safer communities and advance access to education and technology. 


HighRadius largest companies in Houston

Focus: Receivables Management + Cash Application Automation

Number of employees: 1,600+

What they do: HighRadius is dedicated to helping companies automate accounts receivable and treasury processes by leveraging AI-based autonomous systems. The company’s platform is designed to reduce cycle times in clients’ order-to-cash processes, while their treasury management applications help teams achieve touch-less cash management and accurate cash forecasting. HighRadius works with a diverse range of clients including UberSony, Honeywell and 3M. 


BMC Software largest companies in Houston
BMC Software

Focus: IT Solutions

Number of employees: 6,700+

What they do: Established in 1980, BMC Software provides open, scalable and modular solutions to help businesses solve complex IT challenges. The company’s specialties include multi-cloud cost and security, cloud migration, application workflow automation, application performance improvement, mainframe cost optimization and cognitive service management. BMC Software’s client base boasts industry leaders like Boston Scientific, Transport for London, SAP and Ingram Micro.  

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Insperity largest companies in Houston

Focus: Human Resources

Number of employees: 3,800+

What they do: Insperity is dedicated to offering human resources and business solutions to help clients improve their business performance. The company’s suite of HR solutions includes employee benefits, HR admin and payroll, risk management, HR-related compliance, and talent management. Boasting more than 60 offices nationwide, Insperity has so far acquired Galaxy Technologies and ExpensAble. 


Air Liquide largest companies in Houston
Air LIquide USA

Focus: Chemicals + Gases

Number of employees: 29,000+

What they do: Air Liquide USA delivers gas solutions and technologies with the intention of helping organizations drive their performance and reduce their environmental impact. Operating across 80 countries, the company specializes in various processes such as carbonation, industrial cyrogenics, petrochemical synthesis, water treatment, modified atmosphere packaging, and welding and cutting. Air Liquide USA works with clients from a diverse range of industries including aeronautics, automotive, construction, oil and gas, biotech and electronics manufacturing.


Sysco largest companies in Houston

Focus: Food + Beverage

Number of employees: 17,200+

What they do: Sysco sells, markets and distributes food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, and lodging establishments. The company’s platform offers companies a variety of solutions designed to help them differentiate and grow their businesses, providing products ranging from plant-based offerings to sustainably-raised proteins. Sysco operates various initiatives including the Sysco Healthy and Positive Eating Program, which is designed to help organizations meet the demand for nutritious food products and build healthier menus. 


ConocoPhillips largest companies in Houston

Focus: Oil + Gas

Number of employees: 18,700+

What they do: Launched in 2012, ConocoPhillips is an oil and gas company with operations in more than 17 countries. The company explores for, produces, transports and markets crude oil, natural gas and bitumen for organizations worldwide. ConocoPhillips’ operations span Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Latin America. 


Cardtronics largest companies in Houston

Focus: Financial Services

Number of employees: 1,100+

What they do: Cardtronics is dedicated to expanding ATM management and cash access. As the world’s largest ATM operator, the company specializes in driving foot traffic for retailers, enhancing ATM brand presence for financial institutions and expanding cardholders’ surcharge-free cash access. With a global presence spanning four continents, Cardtronics currently operates approximately 285,000 ATMs. 


Halliburton largest companies in Houston

Focus: Oil + Energy

Number of employees: 60,000+

What they do: Established in 1919, Halliburton is a global provider of products and services for the energy industry. Operating across 80 countries, the organization is dedicated to helping its clients maximize value throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir, which includes locating hydrocarbons, managing geological data, evaluating drilling and formation, and constructing wells. Halliburton has worked with industry leaders across the globe including Kuwait Oil Company. 


PROS largest tech companies in Houston

Focus: Digital Commerce

Number of employees: 2,500+

What they do: PROS aims to enable smarter selling in the digital economy through the use of AI and machine learning. The company’s platform helps organizations manage pricing, deliver optimized prices, offer real-time pricing, accelerate sales responsiveness, increase account penetration and more. PROS works with a diverse range of clients including HP, Siemens, Bausch + Lomb and Lufthansa. 


McDermott International largest companies in Houston
McDermott International 

Focus: Oil + Energy

Number of employees: 25,600+

What they do: McDermott International provides technology, engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. The company’s capabilities include module fabrication and assembly, field construction, process planning and development, and supply chain management. McDermott International operates worldwide in areas such as Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. 


Jiffy Lube largest companies in Houston
Jiffy Lube

Focus: Automotive

Number of employees: 1,900+

What they do: Founded in 1979, Jiffy Lube is an automotive maintenance company that operates more than 2,000 franchised service centers across North America. The company offers a wide range of automotive preventive maintenance services, ranging from oil changes to tire rotations. With a customer base exceeding 20 million, Jiffy Lube also offers online training through Jiffy Lube University, which is designed to provide people with the skills and knowledge needed to excel within the automotive services industry. 


Quanta Services largest companies in Houston
Quanta Services

Focus: Construction

Number of employees: 1,300+

What they do: Quanta Services is a full-service engineering, procurement and construction service provider that serves a variety of industries. The company specializes in electric power transmission and distribution, pipelines and facilities, 5G deployment, storm response, environmental services and more. With an employee base that spans all 50 states and over 15 countries, Quanta Services currently operates 60 units throughout North America, Australia and Latin America. 


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