17 IT Companies in Atlanta You Should Take Note Of

IT is a driving force that transforms information into success stories at these Atlanta companies.

Written by Sunny Betz
17 IT Companies in Atlanta You Should Take Note Of
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Margo Steines | Apr 05, 2024

For centuries, humanity has found ways to collect, organize and make use of information for the advancement of society. In the 21st century, we have more recorded data than ever before — the only problem is sorting, processing and sifting through it all. Luckily, we have technology to take some of that work off our hands.

Simply put, information technology (IT) is a term for any technology that helps us process, sort, store or retrieve electronic data. Beyond that definition, IT is a vast discipline of its own, encompassing everything from machine learning technology to analytics software. Having the ability to leverage past data to inform future initiatives can open up huge opportunities for enterprise success, and because of this, IT can be seen at work in nearly every industry. In the city of Atlanta, IT can be found in very diverse applications, powering the success of security, education and marketing companies alike. Behind the scenes, IT is a driving force that transforms information into success stories — check out how it comes into play at these IT companies in Atlanta.

IT Companies In Atlanta To Know

  • SecureWorks
  • NCR
  • Charter Global
  • Proudfoot
  • Movius Interactive
  • Apto Solutions
  • SpendHQ
  • Illuminate Education
  • Gogo an Intelsat Company

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IT Companies in Atlanta

Founded: 2009

Focus: Digital operations management

What they do: PagerDuty offers a platform that businesses use to automate processes, enable communications between teams, quickly resolve security incidents and transform other important elements of their operations. More than 25,000 companies from industries like retail, healthcare and financial services trust PagerDuty’s technology.


Founded: 2005

Focus: Insurance

What they do: Simply Business is a digital business insurance brokerage that brings together the worlds of insurance and IT, using emerging technology in data analysis to offer tailored coverage for small business clients across industries. The company provides policies for general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, errors and omissions and sole proprietor insurance. 


Founded: 1964

Focus: Aviation and Information Technology

What they do: With the recent addition of Gogo, Intelsat is primed to deliver even more efficient connectivity solutions for commercial airlines. The company enhances communications on flights by tapping into a powerful network of satellites on Earth and in outer space. Both airline workers and passengers can enjoy uninterrupted online connections, resulting in safer and more satisfying trips. 


Founded: 2011  

Focus: Fintech  

What they do: Capitalizing on the unprecedented amount of data available today is crucial, so Matillion is making it easier than ever to convert data into a valuable asset. The company provides a data integration platform that is rooted in the cloud, allowing customers to navigate between various platforms, including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.


Founded: 1884

Focus: Fintech & Payments

What they do: NCR is a global payments company that builds sales technology and point-of-sale systems for brands both online and offline. Offering solutions for industries from retail to travel, NCR assists brands in integrating the latest financial technology into their operations, streamlining payment processing so they can more effectively deliver products and experiences to their customers. 


Founded: 2014

Focus: Automation

What they do: Itential offers low-code automation technology to help companies streamline collaboration throughout their IT teams. Their platform makes it easier for companies to build and launch new workflows for their everyday operations, offering a suite of solutions including 5G, multi-cloud integration, and DevOps products. Itential is an Atlanta-based company, but they boast an international impact with additional offices in the U.K.


Founded: 1972

Focus: HR Tech

What they do: TalentQuest utilizes information technology to build talent management and human resources software that enterprises can use to attract and retain top team members. The company offers a cloud powered software platform capable of assessing job candidates on a range of traits and skills, making it easier for enterprises to organize and sort through applicants. TalentQuest also provides solutions for performance reviews, compensation, training and employee development management operations.


Founded: 1999

Focus: Security

What they do: SecureWorks is one of the top cybersecurity firms in the world, partnering with global clients to build solid foundations for protecting their digital assets and anticipating threats. Relying on deep learning and analytics technology, SecureWorks tracks breaches and security incidents in real time so businesses can make effective adjustments and respond to threats as quickly as possible. SecureWorks' automated risk-detection technology is trusted by over 4,000 customers in over 50 countries across the world, and beyond their Atlanta headquarters the company maintains presences in Europe, Asia and Australia. 


Founded: 1999

Focus: Communications

What they do: Movius Interactive supports the communications operations of their clients with a cloud-based, mobile communications software platform. This platform enables companies to leverage cutting-edge technology to better engage with their customers. Movius Interactive teams up with companies in finance, healthcare, and other industries to build IT reliant communications systems that can connect users across channels both within and without enterprise bounds.


Founded: 2001

Focus: Cleantech

What they do: Apto Solutions is an Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) company that helps businesses manage and dispose of decommissioned IT assets in a sustainable and secure fashion. They offer recycling and refurbishment services to companies looking to reduce the environmental impact of decommissioned IT equipment, providing the opportunity for enterprises to maximize their savings, data integrity, and social impact. Apto Solutions' efforts toward reducing e-waste have earned them recognition and accolades, including an award at the 2018 World Economic Forum. 


Founded: 2012

Focus: Fintech, Software

What they do: High-powered businesses need to have full visibility into their spending patterns and expenses, and SpendHQ offers a full-service platform to give them the power to do just that. With integrated software and analytics technology, SpendHQ's SaaS tools collect real-time data from suppliers and vendors to help companies keep better track of where their revenue is coming and going.


Founded: 2013

Focus: Transportation

What they do: Innovations in technology have transformed the shipping industry, and VehWare has joined the fold by offering a comprehensive IT product with which transport companies can manage their fleets and maintain the safety of their drivers and assets. The VehWare team designs and installs blackbox technology for use in trucking and shipping, enabled with GPS and 3D imaging capabilities to detect environmental threats and make fleet management easier. With previous experience in military technology and the automotive industry, VehWare's team works to develop transit solutions that make shipping safer and more efficient for the next generation of shipping needs.


Founded: 1994

Focus: IT Consulting & Development

What they do: Charter Global provides both consulting and practical services to clients looking to undertake IT restructuring projects within their companies. Offering services such as app development, e-commerce integration, cloud optimization and more, Charter Global helps ease the transition to new technology and guides companies in using IT to boost their brand and revenue. Charter Global's team of both on and offshore technicians offers clients 24/7 support with their projects in order to help them get to market faster.


Founded: 1946

Focus: Marketing

What they do: Proudfoot understands the impact a digital strategy can have on any brand's success. Because of this, Proudfoot works with companies across the country and beyond to realize their potential by integrating IT and data solutions into their general operations. Their team of tech designers and engineers works with companies both large and small to accelerate growth, offering a suite of services that includes digital marketing, supply chain technology, risk management and more.


Founded: 1997

Focus: Edtech

What they do: Illuminate Education helps educational institutions fine tune their teaching methods and strategies with the help of data and technology. Offering schools a platform that collects data from classrooms across the country, Illuminate guides educators in developing effective learning programs. Their technology platform gives teachers the ability to create lesson plans targeted to each students' needs and strengths, providing products such as achievement tracking and digital educational content to fully engage students and encourage long-term growth.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Marketing

What they do: BrandMaker makes it easier for companies to keep track of multichannel marketing operations by providing them a resource management platform designed for optimizing campaign operations. With solutions for budget planning, launching, and performance tracking, BrandMaker's software provides companies full visibility into the process and impact of their marketing initiatives. Their technology makes it simpler for brands to respond to market changes and adapt their strategies to reach as many people as possible.


Founded: 2004 

Focus: IT Consulting

What they do: Interra Networks guides private and public sector clients in adopting state-of-the-art information and communications technology to drive their workflows and projects. From software development to business automation, the firm offers a broad range of tailored IT services to companies throughout the world. Interra Networks helps these global companies take advantage of the latest tech developments in order to adapt and succeed in the rapidly changing global marketplace. 

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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