16 Washington, D.C. Healthcare Companies Innovating the Future of Medicine

These 15 Washington, D.C. healthcare companies are using tech to solve some of healthcare's biggest problems.

Written by Sam Daley
16 Washington, D.C. Healthcare Companies Innovating the Future of Medicine
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Healthcare seems to be at the forefront of everybody’s mind nowadays. Whether it’s COVID-19 or talk of rising costs in the U.S., talk of our healthcare system can seem a little daunting. Healthtech companies in our nation’s capital are here to change the usual dialogue surrounding our systems and procedures. 

These Washington D.C. companies are making strides in a field that is synonymous with slow supply chains, inefficient scheduling, skyrocketing costs and drug development that grinds medical progress to a halt. They’re reducing the amount of time it takes to develop vaccines. They’re connecting patients with the right medical professionals at the right time. Some are even developing new, non-invasive technologies that can easily predict our chances for harmful diseases, like cancer. Whatever negative aspects of our current medical system you can think of, these healthcare companies are likely fixing it. Check out 16 of the most promising Washington, D.C. area healthcare companies below.

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Notable Healthcare Companies in Washington, D.C.

  • Kit Check
  • CareJourney
  • Rally Health
  • Socially Determined
  • DocASAP
  • Verato
  • Mytonomy
  • Babyscripts
  • Heartbeat Health
Heartbeat Health Healthcare Companies Washington DC
Heartbeat Health

Founded: 2017

Focus: Telemedicine, Heartcare

What they do: To address the growing concerns over heart disease, Heartbeat Health has developed a platform designed for those specifically in the cardiology area. Crafted by a team of cardiologists, the Heartbeat Health app provides a secure platform for doctors to conduct virtual visits, gather personal information, and discuss treatment options. Heartcare isn’t something that can wait, so Heartbeat Health connects heart patients to the professionals and care they require.  


kit check healthcare companies dc
Kit Check

Founded: 2011

Focus: Pharmaceutical, Logistics

What they do: Kit Check is an automated medicine inventory management system helping pharmacies gain heightened insights into their logistics processes. The platform uses RFID tags to track medications and medical supplies like vials, syringes, and bags that pass through pharmacies. Tracking these items provides more visibility into medication lifespan, logistical inefficiencies and staff shortages. The Kit Check analytics dashboard keeps real-time information on patterns to point out major flaws in a pharmacy’s systems.


carejourney healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2014

Focus: Big Data, Analytics

What they do: CareJourney has partnered with the likes of Microsoft, Harvard and Rush Hospital System to create value-based analytics platforms for payers, providers and life science organizations. The scalable platform has market intelligence on providers and patients in any geographic region, data on prevalence of chronic conditions and information regarding key networks of care, drugs and healthcare facilities. Additionally, Arlington-based CareJourney can help to track patient journeys and help them to predict costs. 


rally health healthcare companies
Rally Health

Founded: 2012

Focus: Wellness, Insurance, Benefits

What they do: Rally Health is a consumer-centric healthcare platform that helps employees choose the optimal benefits, find nearby care providers and learn simple ways to stay healthy. Rally’s system is offered by employers, who allow their employees to personalize and manage healthcare plans and benefits, along with fitness goals. The company uses engaging goal-setting techniques and a rewards program to help employees to manage everything from weight loss to sleep habits. 


socially determined healthcare companies dc
Socially Determined

Founded: 2017

Focus: Analytics, Social Sciences, Risk Management

What they do: Socially Determined’s SocialScape platform lets companies and government entities manage health costs by predicting social risk. Socially Determined’s platform is able to measure characteristics like food insecurity, lack of stable housing, social isolation and poor health knowledge, and will then help companies and governmental bodies create business-friendly mechanisms to reduce these factors. Whether it’s analyzing individuals in a geographic region, customers all over the world or a company’s employees, Socially Determined can help organizations reduce healthcare costs, while also aligning with a business’s goals.


mytonomy healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2011

Focus: Patient Engagement, IT

What they do: Mytonomy is a patient experience cloud that features microlearning content that helps patients follow care plans. The platform features short, engaging videos, surveys, automated coaching and analytics dashboards that help educate patients and motivate them to continue working towards a healthier existence. Mytonomy’s curated content library features personalized content from everyone from oncology patients to people with diabetes or congestive heart failure.


babyscripts healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2013

Focus: Child Care

What they do: Babyscripts is a digital health toolkit for tech-enabled prenatal and postpartum care. The mobile app is a to-do list that helps guide mothers through pregnancy by offering personalized tasks related to nutrition, exercise and health. Babyscripts works closely with OBGYNs and other healthcare professionals to bring personalized digital health solutions to pregnant women, enabling them to track their progress and access a plethora of health information via the app.


docasap healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2012

Focus: Scheduling, Logistics

What they do: DocASAP’s platform connects patients to the optimal providers, provides real-time scheduling and engages patients pre- and post-visit to collect vital information. DocASAP connects patients with the right provider at the right time by asking a few medical questions and then displaying different providers based on availability and speciality. They then help these providers reduce no-shows by offering appointment reminders and post-visits prescription reminders to ensure that they’re always on top of their health.


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emergent biosolutions healthcare companies dc
Emergent Biosolutions

Founded: 1998

Focus: Biotechnology, Life Science, Pharmaceutical

What they do: Emergent BioSolutions is a publicly-traded biotech company developing vaccines to counteract public health threats. The Gaithersburg-based company has developed vaccines that prevent everything from Smallpox to Typhoid. Most recently, Emergent signed an agreement with Johnson & Johnson to manufacture their COVID-19 vaccine.


verato healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2012

Focus: Cloud, Big Data, Scheduling

What they do: Verato is a cloud-based patient matching platform that gathers holistic information about a patient to make the best healthcare recommendations. Most medical systems rely on fractured and out-of-date data. Verato’s platform aims to collect all information about a patient in order to correctly match them to the optimal specialist and stay on top of medical issues, without duplication or wasted resources.


righteye healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2012

Focus: Wellness, Diagnostics

What they do: RightEye has developed the world’s first commercialized eye-tracking solution that adapts to a multitude of general healthcare and wellness tests. The company’s non-invasive eye tracking test is being used by general practitioners, eye doctors and sports performance specialists to track everything from functional vision to brain health and sports performance. The RightEye eye-tracking technology captures pictures of eye movements (30-250 times a second) to produce data that can be easily interpreted by medical professionals. With RightEye, doctors can catch brain issues like concussions, and pediatric doctors can catch learning disabilities earlier.


getwellnetwork healthcare companies dc

Founded: 1999

Focus: Patient Engagement, IT

What they do: Bethesda-based GetWellNetwork provides patient engagement tools and software that help patients get more involved in their care process and for doctors to collect more pertinent information. The platform, for hospitals and providers, can easily track patient progress in real time, automate reminders and personalize education based on a patient’s condition. The GetWellNetwork platform offers seamless office check-ins, sets expectations and reinforces home care management.


helparound healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2013

Focus: Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical

What they do: Helparound’s mobile platform applies behavioral, medical and demographic patient insights to help patients overcome hurdles for specialty treatments. The patented intelligence platform enables patients to personalize their experience through unique content and behavioral insights. Helparound tracks a patient’s activity, offers support systems, continuously monitors patient behavior and reports on data to help patients find the right treatments and medicines.


brainscope healthcare companies dc

Founded: 1999

Focus: Biotechnology, Medical Device

What they do: BrainScope is a neurotechnology company that uses a radiation-free, non-invasive platform that helps physicians make quick and accurate brain injury assessments. The BrainScope One brain injury assessment device uses machine learning and algorithms to create actionable data in minutes, informing physicians of the possibility and severity of a brain injury. The device has the same TBI assessment technologies as a CT scan, but at a fraction of the cost and time it normally takes.


pacify healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2014

Focus: Wellness, Parenting, Child Care

What they do: Pacify’s platform allows for new and expecting parents to have constant access to a team of nutritionists, dietitians and pediatric doctors. The on-demand app gives new and expecting parents 24/7 peace of mind, where they can contact nurses, counselors, and even lactation consultants to ask questions, gain information or seek advice. The app does away with the need for unnecessary ER visits and helps promote healthy parenting techniques. 


medcura healthcare companies dc

Founded: 2017

Focus: Wound Care

What they do: Medcura transforms natural materials into wound treatment and bleeding management products. The company’s proprietary combination of natural polysaccharides, that mix with the body’s natural fatty tissue, help to create a durable biomaterial that stops blood from leaving the body and still protects against dirt and other outside pathogens. Medcura’s wound treatment products have a natural clotting ability that helps manage blood loss in everything from a routine laceration to more traumatic wounds.


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