15 Healthcare Companies in Dallas Pioneering Innovations Across the Industry

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jun. 23, 2020
15 Healthcare Companies in Dallas Pioneering Innovations Across the Industry
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As Dallas’ population continues to grow each year, so does its healthcare sector. According to the Dallas Regional Chamber, the city’s healthcare industry is valued at $52 billion annually, representing roughly 15 percent of the region’s economic activity. As a reflection of this financial boom, healthcare occupations in Dallas have flourished over the past several years, with experts estimating that the industry will add four million new jobs by 2026, as reported by The Dallas Morning News.

Like Atlanta, Dallas has emerged as one of the nation’s largest healthcare hubs. The city boasts many companies crafting developments in areas such as mental health recovery, revenue cycle management and telemedicine. Some of Dallas’ healthcare leaders are developing revolutionary ways to tackle issues like diabetes and blood bank shortages, while others are making it easier for organizations to support their employees through digital health and wellness programs. For the organizations that make up Dallas’ healthcare ecosystem, technology is vital to the cultivation of healthier, safer communities. Here’s a look at 15 healthcare companies in Dallas pioneering innovations across the healthcare industry. 

Healthcare Companies in Dallas to Know

  • Signify Health
  • Cariloop
  • Catapult Health
  • Take Command Health
  • ACAP HealthWorks
  • Care Experience
  • Bloodbuy
  • Socrates Health Solutions


Signify Health healthcare companies in Dallas
Signify Health

Founded: 2009

Focus: Clinical Solutions + Tools

What they do: Signify Health offers organizations a variety of clinical solutions and tools through its intelligent platform. The company offers a mobile clinician network that provides analytics and logistical support as well as as a health evaluation data capture tool, which allows clinicians to focus more on face-to-face interaction. Collaborating with a wide range of health plans, healthcare providers, and biotech companies, Signify Health is dedicated to providing tech-enabled services to vulnerable populations to improve quality of life.

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Take Command Health healthcare companies in Dallas
Take Command Health

Founded: 2014

Focus: Health Insurance 

What they do: Take Command Health offers organizations a tax-free way to reimburse their employees for health insurance. The company’s platform is designed to make it easier to reimburse employees using an HRA, enabling employers to customize their reimbursement plan, send vital information to employees and more easily manage the claims process. In addition to offering unbiased health plan recommendations, Take Command Health’s platform also offers access to tools like telemedicine, pharmacy discounts and medical bill review and resolution. 

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Cariloop healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 2012

Focus: Caregiver Support

What they do: Cariloop has developed a caregiver support platform that offers services and tools designed to make caring for a loved one less disruptive, stressful and expensive. For individual caregivers, the platform enables them to receive support from professional care coaches through a HIPAA-compliant portal, craft medical, financial and legal plans, and easily store files and manage tasks. Organizations can use Cariloop’s platform to improve emotional wellness among employee caregivers, which in turn boosts productivity and reduces turnover.


Catapult Health healthcare companies in Dallas
Catapult Health

Founded: 2011

Focus: Worksite Wellness

What they do: Catapult Health is a national preventive healthcare practice that brings preventive checkups to worksites through the use of healthcare and data management technology. Each 30-minute checkup is accompanied by diagnostic blood work, a full medical history, a personal health report and a private consultation with a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners consult with each patient through secure video technology powered by multiple mi-fi systems, thus removing the need to connect with the client’s wi-fi system or network.


Phynd Technologies healthcare companies in Dallas
Phynd Technologies

Founded: 2013

Focus: Enterprise Provider Data Management

What they do: Founded by Tom White, Phynd Technologies seeks to simplify provider data management for healthcare systems. The company’s data management platform, Phynd 360, enables organizations to manage provider data, maintain profiles of care locations, match providers with the right terms, and track provider and location participation in health  plans. Phynd Technologies’ mission is to help health systems improve the customer experience, offer more efficient patient access and secure greater management of clinical networks. 

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OmniSYS healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 1988

Focus: Pharmaceutical Solutions

What they do: OmniSYS offers solutions that help pharmacies engage patients, grow clinical services and improve financial performance. The company’s solutions include a patient-centric messaging platform, a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) for pharmacies, an end-to-end immunization program, automated prescription pricing and a consumer engagement platform. OmniSYS has worked with a variety of organizations such as Pfizer and Garland Independent Pharmacy. 


Bloodbuy healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 2014

Focus: Blood Banking

What they do: Launched by Christopher Godfrey, Bloodbuy provides an online platform that facilitates the distribution of life-saving blood products. The company offers hospitals direct access to a nationwide network of blood centers while enabling them to track cost savings, improve performance and eliminate delayed procedures due to local blood inventory shortages. On the other hand, blood centers can use Bloodbuy’s platform to seamlessly supply products to hospitals and other centers while identifying growth opportunities.


Vivature healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 2004

Focus: Medical Billing + Injury Tracking

What they do: Vivature offers a medical billing service for campus health centers, counseling centers, athletic departments and high schools. The company enables campuses to generate revenue by billing students’ private health insurance for services already provided on campus while also offering athletic departments surgery re-pricing and insurance verification. Vivature’s NExTT software is designed to simplify documenting, tracking and reporting, allowing medical providers on and off campus to securely share information.


Plutus Health healthcare companies in Dallas
Plutus Health

Founded: 2008

Focus: Revenue Cycle Management

What they do: Plutus Health delivers HIPAA-compliant revenue cycle management outsourcing and end-to-end business solutions for healthcare providers and revenue cycle management organizations. Utilizing machine learning and robotic process automation, the company offers solutions pertaining to insurance eligibility verification, medical coding, denial management, physician credentialing services and more. Plutus Health aims to assist organizations with challenges like delayed billing, slow or low collections and frequent denials. 


Socrates Health Solutions healthcare companies in Dallas
Socrates Health Solutions

Founded: 2013

Focus: Diabetes Management

What they do: Socrates Health Solutions is committed to helping people manage diabetes and reduce complications. The company’s monitoring system, CompanionCM, acts as a non-invasive blood glucose monitor designed to alert users with predictions of sudden increases or decreases in blood sugar levels while providing real-time insights and enabling them to share important information with family members and loved ones. Socrates Health Solutions’ other products include CompanionSR, a single glucose reading device for Type 2 diabetes management, as well as CompanionLS, a continuous monitor that allows users to track fitness and dieting goals. 


Access Physicians healthcare companies in Dallas
Access physicians

Founded: 2011

Focus: Telemedicine

What they do: Access Physicians delivers inpatient telemedicine services for the enterprise. The company’s telemedicine technology enables physicians to make immediate diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, avoid fractured care and cost, receive formal peer reviews and maintain relationships with coworkers and patients across the continuum. Through the use of their technology, Access Physicians routinely manages issues such as respiratory failure, therapeutic hypothermia and cardiogenic shock. 


PediaQ healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 2015

Focus: Pediatric Care

What they do: PediaQ has created a mobile app that enables users to receive pediatric care from the comfort of their home. The app removes the need to visit an urgent care clinic by offering phone consultations with nurses and home visits by pediatric specialists certified to diagnose and treat children. 


ACAP HealthWorks healthcare companies in Dallas
ACAP HealthWorks

Founded: 2006

Focus: Workplace Health + Wellness

What they do: ACAP HealthWorks aims to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace through its suite of clinical solutions. Some of the company’s solutions include a cloud-based portal that allows caregivers to manage financial and legal documents and a digital application designed to help those struggling with mental illnesses build daily habits through life coaching and resilience training. ACAP HealthWorks is dedicated to helping its clients significantly improve the health of their organizations. 


Care Experience healthcare companies in Dallas
Care Experience

Founded: 2016

Focus: Patient Engagement

What they do: Founded by Gautam Mahtani, Care Experience has created a mobile patient engagement platform to help clinical staff more efficiently assess risks and respond accordingly. Leveraging cognitive computing, the company’s Care Experience CRMD and Integrated Rn platforms enable healthcare facilities to translate patient feedback into actionable insights in addition to mapping the patient journey across the care continuum. Care Experience’s mission is to make the voice of the patient a powerful and reflective ally in the delivery of quality care. 


BroadJump healthcare companies in Dallas

Founded: 2012

Focus: Spend Management

What they do: BroadJump provides supply chain analytics and insights to enable healthcare facilities to manage their costs on-demand. In light of inefficient supply chain processes and a lack of pricing transparency, the company offers a variety of solutions to help organizations control costs, streamline sourcing and spend management, determine the best pricing, compare pricing in real-time and more. BroadJump is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations lower costs, operate more efficiently and improve quality of care.


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