26 Energy Companies to Know

From geothermal energy to biofuels, there are companies supporting nearly every form of energy available.

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26 Energy Companies to Know
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Da’Zhane Johnson | Feb 27, 2024

Behind the scenes, it takes a lot of work to keep our power systems up and running. There are approximately 3,300 electricity companies in the U.S. alone, and that’s just one form of energy that the country relies on. From geothermal energy to biofuels, there are companies supporting every form of energy available. 

Energy companies are responsible for keeping our world running right now, but they also have the task to create a better future. To halt global warming, it’s estimated that the world will need to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050 — a daunting prospect. Luckily it’s one that some energy companies have made commitments toward. Today, there are more green power solutions offered like solar and wind power that can help us live more sustainably.

Read on to learn more about these energy companies and their role in the industry.

Companies in the energy field to know

  • Uplight
  • Mosaic
  • PosiGen
  • LGCY Power
  • Invenergy
  • NRG Energy
  • Romeo Power
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Enviva


26 Top Energy Companies

Enverus offers a SaaS platform for data analytics focused on energy operations. It offers insights to client companies on power and renewables as well as oil field services and minerals. Enverus’ platform reveals opportunities and vets potential investments through a massive data set containing information about the entire energy ecosystem.  


Workrise serves the energy industry, connecting vendors, skilled laborers and tradespeople with energy companies in need of workers and other supply chain solutions. In oil and gas, wind, solar, commercial construction and defense contexts, companies can’t hire just anyone — they need professionals with specific skills and clearances. Workrise serves as a connection point between energy companies and thousands of qualified workers across roles and specialties.


EnergyCAP makes enterprise resource planning software for energy and sustainability companies. Its three products monitor energy accounting, provide real-time energy analytics and convert energy and utility usage into standardized emissions units, allowing client companies to make informed decisions and establish best practices for sustainability. EnergyCAP serves clients in the education, utility and government industries.


Adopted by over 80 companies across the planet, Uplight delivers tech solutions to help energy companies manage their customer-facing operations, according to the company’s website. When energy companies want to reach more customers, they can use Uplight’s data-driven engagement tools to attract more people to their services. 


Clean Power Research works with energy and utility companies to advance energy transformations. With four software products, the company helps streamline and quantify solutions for efficient decision-making. Businesses can partner with Clean Power Research to analyze distributed energy resources, predict energy supply and advise customers’ energy plans. 


Upstart Power develops solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) products and technologies, with the goal of delivering environmentally friendly backup power. The company’s lineup of generators are used for residential, remote power and industrial purposes. While reducing GHG emissions, the company also strives to make products that are affordable, dependable, paired with storage and more.


Alarm.com’s independent subsidiary, EnergyHub, improves how customers value home utilities. The energy management platform has a clean power system for customers with new technologies like connected thermostats, solar panels and electric vehicles. Some services provided by the company’s Mercury DERMs platform are DERs monitoring, regulating voltage and frequency, utility integration and load forecasting.


GridX utilizes cloud-based software to support utility and energy providers. The software allows providers to view analytics regarding the cost of clean energy alternatives, like solar panels, versus traditional energy usage. The analytics are even shared with customers to promote cleaner alternatives. GridX also assists providers with customer service and billing tasks.


Founded in 2020, Lunar Energy produces home products with clean, all-electric power. The company hopes to transition every household into a world of 100 percent clean energy. By employing solar power, the company will launch a series of battery modules, power electronics and software that can be integrated with the grid and microgrids.


Shell is looking to reimagine research and development practices with Studio X. The outfit has three products: Xeex, XCover and SixLab, which help unite data sciences and geoscience communities, improve workflows within the communities and acquire resources, mentorships and facilities for innovation to succeed.


Crusoe Energy Systems assist the energy industry in reducing routine flaring of natural gas. The company also provides solutions for energy transitioning to cloud computation at a lower cost and reduction of environmental impact. Through its services, oil businesses can strategize how to contribute to the renewable energy industry by consulting with experts.


Romeo Power is a battery technology manufacturer and developer, whose products include built-in systems for managing battery usage, voltage measurement and battery safety controls such as temperature moderation and short circuit prevention. Focused on energy efficiency, Romeo Power mostly builds batteries to power the electric vehicle and sustainable energy markets, according to its website.


Mosaic’s aim is to make renewable energy the first choice for homeowners by making solar power options more accessible and affordable, according to the company. Through Mosaic’s app and web platform, users can learn more about solar financing options and get loans to transition their homes to clean energy. 


PosiGen is a company focused on making sustainable energy a more reasonable option for homeowners, said the company’s website. Its products are marketed specifically to low and moderate income homeowners, and the company seeks to help its customers reduce their reliance on traditional power and utilities companies by offering affordable solar alternatives and free installation.

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LGCY Power is another leader in the solar power space, serving energy customers in 26 U.S. states, said the company’s website. The company’s consultants visit homeowners to discuss the options and process of transitioning to solar energy — this includes educating clients about what panels will fit best with their energy goals and home design. Specialists then coordinate installation dates and necessary permits to make that transition.


Invenergy is a global power generation company with a focus on sustainable, renewable energy production, according to the company’s website. Its product suite supports wind, solar, natural gas and other types of green energy sources. The company partners both with homeowner customers and corporate clients, and additionally provides solutions that help customers store energy more efficiently.


NRG Energy is a large oil, gas and integrated power company that provides a variety of energy generation products and services to clients across the U.S. and Canada. Working with both residential and business clients, NRG Energy helps customers build energy plans that can help reduce their carbon footprint, said the company’s website. The company also offers support for electric vehicle usage and smart technologies to manage energy use.


Parker Hannifin is an energy and manufacturing company that builds gas generators, refrigeration technologies, thermal power management tools, air purifiers and other energy-focused products. The company’s solutions support clients in a broad array of sectors including the transportation, aerospace, semiconductor and healthcare industries. According to its website, Parker Hannifin aims to uphold sustainability standards within both its own organization making the commitment to transition to fully renewable energy by 2040.


Enviva is a bioenergy company that produces wood pellets, which can be used as an energy alternative to oil and coal. According to the company’s site, Enviva’s commitment is to “fight climate change” by reducing reliance on coal and fossil fuels and encouraging sustainable forestry practices. At the moment, Enviva is the world’s biggest wood pellet manufacturer, and aims to reduce its own emissions to net-zero by 2030.

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NextEra Energy’s primary focus is on clean energy, with a power infrastructure network capable of producing over 45,000 megawatts of energy, according to the company’s website. The company produces wind, solar and nuclear energy for over 460 thousand customers across the country, and also runs the NextEra Energy Foundation to support research into sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Offering services both in the U.S. and in the U.K., National Grid produces electricity and gas, as well as clean energy solutions and support for transitioning to clean power. It’s one of the biggest investor-owned power companies globally, and like other companies on this list has made commitments to reduce carbon footprints both within its own organization, according to the company’s website.


Luminant is a power company that produces around 39,000 megawatts of energy in 12 U.S. states, with a product portfolio that includes energy sources ranging from traditional gas to solar power, according to its website. Luminant is one of the oldest and biggest energy companies in Texas, and partners with the Texas department of Parks and Wildlife to stay compliant with land stewardship and sustainability standards.


NVent’s main focus is on building home heating and electricity products, with the goal of helping homeowners power their houses at the lowest cost possible, according to the company. NVent supports the operations of its industrial clients with electrical heat tracing solutions, manufacturing automation tools and building electrical safety products.


Onsemi is a semiconductor company that builds efficient energy solutions including power management tools, sensors and power modules, according to its site. From solar power to EV charging, Onsemi builds a diverse array of clean energy solutions to speed up the national transition to net-zero emissions. Onsemi serves the needs of companies in the automotive industry, 5G production and every sector in between.


World Fuel Services works with companies in aviation, marine and land logistics companies to help them move their cargo more efficiently. The company’s platform lets clients measure energy investment risk and facilitates the delivery of fuel, solar power, and renewable energy resources, said the company’s website. World Fuel Services is a member of the Fortune 250, and supplies power to customers in 200 countries across the globe.


Working to make both homes and corporate offices more comfortable and energy efficient, Lutron Electronics develops light and temperature controls to be more strategic about their energy consumption, according to their website. The company offers customers an app called Caséta with which they can control, dim and schedule their home lighting systems to conserve as much energy as possible. It also offers sensor technology that can detect when a house is being occupied, so that lights and thermostats can be automatically turned down when the home is vacant.

Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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