7 Top Clean Energy Companies

Here are some clean energy companies providing sustainable power to homes and businesses.

Written by Margo Steines
7 Top Clean Energy Companies
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 03, 2024

Clean energy companies develop efficient, zero-emission renewable energy solutions. They generate and store clean energy from sources like solar and wind farms and natural gas plants to provide power for homes, businesses, electric vehicles and other applications. These top clean energy companies are working to fuel a sustainable future.

Top Clean Energy Companies

  • Clean Power Research
  • Inspire
  • NextEra Energy
  • Invenergy
  • Bloom Energy
  • Constellation
  • Enphase


Top Clean Energy Companies

Headquarters: Napa, California

Clean Power Research builds software solutions that support the clean energy landscape, from tools for managing building electrification to forecasting that supports efficient solar power plant operations. Its services equip more than 80 utility providers and over 200 entities across the solar industry with the capabilities to power millions of homes.


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California

Inspire provides energy plans that give customers the option to power their homes using clean energy, which the company supplies by purchasing renewable energy certificates from wind, solar and hydro power projects across the United States. Inspire also offers clean natural gas plans, which offset customers’ natural gas usage through “high-quality nature-based projects.” Customers who have taken advantage of Inspire’s offerings have prevented a collective 8 billion-plus pounds in carbon emissions, according to the company website.


Headquarters: Juno Beach, Florida

NextEra Energy is an energy company that provides electric power to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Its subsidiaries generate clean energy from renewable solar and wind plants. NextEra Energy’s corporate aim is to do better than net zero carbon emissions and instead reach “Real Zero” — meaning the total elimination of carbon emissions from all of the company’s processes. 

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Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Invenergy develops and operates sustainable energy generation and storage facilities, including battery storage plants that hold energy, allowing it to enter the grid as it is needed. The company generates enough power from wind farms, solar farms and natural gas plants to power over 9 million homes. Invenergy also helps local governments access and manage desalination services to ensure clean water. 


Headquarters: San Jose, California

Green energy company Bloom Energy makes solid oxide fuel cell power generators, known as Bloom Energy Servers. These generators make electricity out of fuel through a complex process that uses sand wafers and proprietary ink. Because the technology works on-site without combustion, it offers “always-on primary power.” The servers can use biogas — including the pollutant methane — for fuel, taking it out of the environment while producing clean energy. 

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Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

Constellation owns and operates a group of retail energy businesses that serve clean energy to residential, commercial and public sector customers across the country. Constellation draws on hydroelectric, hydrogen, natural gas, wind and solar energy sources, and it also operates carbon-free nuclear power plants. 


Headquarters: Fremont, California

Enphase is a solar power company. Using microinverter tech to convert sunlight into clean energy, Enphase sets customers up with a system to make, use and save their own energy from solar panels on their homes or properties. Its app allows customers to sell their unneeded energy on the marketplace.

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