15 Cloud Storage Companies Handling Our Data

With cloud storage, these companies maneuver quintillions of bytes (that’s a lot).

Written by Sam Daley
15 Cloud Storage Companies Handling Our Data
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Brennan Whitfield | Jul 07, 2022

These days, data is the lifeblood of any organization. And there’s a ton of it — too much, in many cases, to rely on hard drives for secure or even sufficient storage. No worries, though. The cloud has it covered. Today, cloud computing has become integral to everyday existence and a boon to businesses. In fact, according to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending for cloud services is projected to reach over $397 billion by the end of 2022.

Cloud Storage Companies You Should Know

  • Onehub
  • Wasabi Technologies
  • Infinidat
  • NetApp
  • Seagate
  • Nasuni
  • SwiftStack
  • Box
  • Nimbus Data
  • Actifile

The cloud offers flexibility and efficiency that’s missing in other means of storage. Instead of relying on massive physical databases with rigid storage limits, companies now have the option to store petabytes (over one quadrillion bytes) of information on flexible third-party systems. This technology operates as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service that lets businesses pay (in real time) for only the storage they need rather than inheriting expensive physical databases that could easily overflow or languish half-full.    

Take Netflix, for example. The streaming giant has become one of the largest cloud users on the planet. With over 221 million subscribers as of 2022, the company needs to up its bandwidth every time a binge-worthy show debuts or drops another season. Thanks to the cloud, it can increase storage capabilities in real-time so users can watch Stranger Things sans loading errors. The company saves millions of dollars in the process. Pretty sweet.

Check out these 15 innovators in cloud information storage.


15 Cloud Storage Companies You Should Know

Location: San Francisco, California

Box is an online file sharing and cloud data management solution for digital content. The company’s Cloud Content Management artificial intelligence tool automates tasks and manages digital content across many different teams, from sales to HR.         

Box’s cloud content storage is used by 67 percent of the Fortune 500, including Coca-Cola, Walmart and G.E.   


Location: San Francisco, California

Dropbox provides secure cloud storage, sharing and backup services for various file types. The company’s primary “Dropbox” service allows collaborative storage and access of data, with storage maximums of two terabytes for personal use and three terabytes for professional use. 

Dropbox’s user base has almost doubled in five years, bringing in over 16 million users as of 2022.


Location: Mountain View, California

Along with hosting its popular search engine, Google utilizes and offers cloud storage to harness the data of millions across the globe. Its Cloud Platform brings object, block, archival and file storage capabilities with close to 100 percent annual durability, and is the powerhouse responsible for storing everything within Google Workspace and YouTube.

As of 2022, over 900,000 companies are using Google’s Cloud Platform to store their collaborative data.


Location: Sunnyvale, California

A hybrid cloud company focusing on the storage of data in public and private clouds, NetApp offers cloud platforms that integrate enhanced cybersecurity protocols and analytics so businesses can get a holistic look at their data. The company also helps businesses scale their private cloud storage or blend storage with one of the larger public platforms like AWS or Azure.

NetApp has crafted customized data storage solutions for some of the most prominent organizations in the world, including DreamWorks, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz.


Location: San Francisco, California

In 2020 NVIDIA acquired SwiftStack, which powers enterprise cloud storage by offering the power of public cloud computing, but on servers that enterprise IT teams can fully manage. The SwiftStack platform is integrated with Amazon and Google Cloud, which extends private storage environments into the public cloud by including enterprise custody on infrastructure.         

The NFL, PayPal, eBay, Verizon and Cisco have used SwiftStack to manage their cloud data storage.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Wasabi is a "hot cloud" storage company that deals in cloud-based, business-critical information that needs to be accessed right away. For a flat rate, the company provides big data hot storage for web, social media, apps, IoT devices and scientific research institutions.    

Wasabi Technologies claims its cloud requires less costs than AWS S3 and is “faster than the competition,” making data retrieval cheaper and almost instantaneous.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Onehub provides cloud-based data storage and file sharing solutions. The company’s “data rooms” help businesses store information securely and let credentialed users anonymously share files. In addition, the Onehub data storage platform features tools like full-text search and archive downloads for enhanced cybersecurity.      

Over one million business users trust Onehub with their cloud-based file storage, including the Seattle Seahawks, Aflac, CVS, LG and the University of Washington.


Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Infinidat manufactures cloud storage devices with enhanced security features like data backup and archival services. Its InfiniBox enterprise data storage is built for multi-petabyte capacity and lowered rates of annual downtime.

As of 2022, Infinidat is enhancing its partner program to further drive storage-as-a-service adoption. In part of this endeavor, Infidat has integrated with cloud delivery platform ArrowSphere.


Location: Cupertino, California

Seagate offers cloud-based storage solutions for digital content. The company offers a wide range of products that help individuals and businesses back up their information, scale their data needs and even boost their gameplay speeds. Seagate also offers flash storage for real-time business data availability.       

Seagate notably creates cloud-based gaming hard drives that can hold up to 2 terabytes of data and install directly into PC, PlayStation and Xbox systems.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Nasuni enables enterprises to store and access files across all locations at scale. The company offers several cloud-related services, including multi-site file sharing, long-term file retention and rapid retrieval, all of which allow enterprises to scale their storage on an as-needed basis while maintaining access to their files directories from anywhere.        

Nasuni is trusted by The Field Museum, Ecolab, Electronic Arts and Caterpillar to store, share and access massive amounts of data in real-time.   


Location: Irvine, California

Nimbus Data develops flash memory solutions for data storage and cloud management. Need quick extra storage? The Nimbus Data Scalable SSDs plug into cloud-based servers for up to 100 terabytes of instant storage capacity.         

With the launch of its ExaDrive in 2018, Nimbus Data continues to hold the largest solid state drive in the world.


Location: New York, New York

Actifile is an information backup tool to secure cloud-based intellectual property data. The company provides employees, contractors and vetted third parties with solutions that help build trust when sharing cloud-based data. Actifile requires no configuration and is data and application agnostic.

Based in Israel, with an office in New York, Actifile works to secure cloud-based data for the freelance and gig economy.


Location: Palo Alto, California

OpenDrive is an unlimited cloud storage, backup and content management service for personal, business and enterprise use. The platform also consolidates video, audio, photo, notes and apps in one place so users can easily search through massive amounts of data to find exactly what they need.               

T-Mobile, Ancestry.com, Re/Max, FC Barcelona and Michigan State University use OpenDrive to manage their files and content on the cloud.


Location: Palo Alto, California

MinIO is a storage server designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure. The server is compatible with Amazon S3 for object storage and features heightened cybersecurity protocols like data backup and encryption to ensure that all cloud-based information is secure.

MinIO is the “only object suite available on every public cloud,” and currently serves as one of the most downloaded self-hosted object storage servers in the world.


Location: Mountain View, California

Egnyte creates software and APIs for storing and managing data within the cloud. With a storage capacity of 10 terabytes, the company’s platform allows for encrypted file sharing, data controls and insights as well as cyber threat detection

As of 2022, Egnyte stores the data of over 16,000 companies across the business, construction, finance and life sciences industries.

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