Hybrid Cloud Computing: 15 Examples to Know

These companies are advancing the world of hybrid cloud storage and hybrid cloud solutions.

Written by Sam Daley
Hybrid Cloud Computing: 15 Examples to Know
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Brennan Whitfield | Jul 22, 2022

Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Beinoff has called cloud computing a “better way to run your business.” Now over a decade later, a resounding 87 percent of business leaders can still agree to this statement, noting the cloud as a critical component for reaching sustainable company goals.   

What makes hybrid cloud computing so attractive? Essentially, it combines private cloud and public third-party servers to offer businesses data storage flexibility, heightened security and cost efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Examples

  • Infinidat
  • Ensono
  • Threat Stack
  • IBM
  • DataCore Software
  • Unitas Global
  • Rackspace
  • D2iQ

Combining public and private servers lets businesses store the most sensitive information (identifiable customer information, confidential product details, etc.) on their on-site servers and use public servers for data backup and the storing of general business data.     

Netflix, Hulu, Uber and Airbnb all rely heavily on hybrid cloud data storage due to its on-demand and pay-per-use features. 

Netflix and Hulu experience spikes in bandwidth demand when a new binge-able series debuts on their respective platforms. Uber and Airbnb have to scale their data capabilities during peak travel periods like rush hour and holiday periods. Thanks to hybrid cloud providers, these companies can ditch their inflexible servers, adjust their data requirements in real-time and save big money on IT in the process.   

These 15 companies provide hybrid cloud services for today’s business needs.


15 Hybrid Cloud Computing Examples

Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Ensono installs hybrid cloud environments into enterprise IT systems. The company has solutions for everything from managing public cloud services like AWS and Azure to securing private servers that run business-critical applications.

Ensono's hybrid cloud is used amongst well-known brands like Sonoco, Travelodge, the State of Kansas and the Guinness Book of World Records.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Threat Stack is a cloud infrastructure company helping hybrid clouds detect security threats with real-time alerting platforms. The platform constantly analyzes cloud data to spot potentially malicious anomalies. The platform also helps hybrid companies achieve compliance and deploy containerized projects securely.  

SproutSocial, greenhouse, Iora health and several others all trust Threat Stack to secure their clouds and maintain compliance standards.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

A subsidiary of IBM, Turbonomic uses AI to tackle workload automation for the hybrid cloud. The company’s AI optimizes performance, compliance and usage in real-time. Utilizing supply-and-demand techniques, Turbonomic optimizes a hybrid cloud for maximum data usage and migration.   

Lockheed Martin, Expedia, PWC, and JP Morgan are just a handful of the major global brands using Turbonomic to optimize their hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Rackspace’s hybrid cloud computing solutions allow businesses to run their workloads on public or private servers. The company’s RackConnect hybrid cloud lets companies and organizations connect to private and public clouds from the likes of AWS, Zure, VMWare and Openstack. The flexibility of this hybrid allows for the building of multi-cloud environments and the maximizing of data storage.  

Ulta, Omaze, Six Flags, Under Armour and Yeti all use Rackspace’s hybrid cloud to manage their data and build out multiple cloud environments.


Location: Arlington, Virginia

DXC Technology helps businesses transfer to hybrid cloud environments. The company offers a variety of solutions, including strategy planning, hybrid application integration and implementation of specialized tools for AWS and Azure. Other DXC Technology hybrid cloud tools include cybersecurity risk assessment evaluations and continuity services that protect workloads and applications.

DXC Technology’s cloud services assist over 800 customers, and are partnered with known tech names such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft and VMWare.


Location: Austin, Texas

Oracle creates various multipurpose cloud solutions for use in analytics, management, storage and much more. The company’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be deployed to support hybrid cloud environments from edge computing to data center management. OCI brings a dedicated Oracle cloud region, an autonomous database and interconnectable deployment with other cloud services.


Location: Palo Alto, California

VMWare provides networking, infrastructure, a designated app creation platform and other services all for the cloud. Its Hybrid Cloud system in particular allows users to manage applications and data center operations on a hybrid cloud environment. Using this system, companies can migrate and modernize their data infrastructures, plus access related partner solutions for other cloud platforms.


Location: Sunnyvale, California

NetApp’s services work to maintain data centers and manage data operations through 10 different speciality areas, one of which is the hybrid cloud. The company’s hybrid cloud service allows for application management across multi-cloud environments, with the insurance of proper data protection, compliance and tiering as well as cloud bursting capabilities.

Dow Jones, Siemens, Carrefour and others use NetApp’s hybrid cloud for data management purposes.


Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Infinidat manufactures cloud-based data storage and security devices. The company’s data management technology easily integrates within hybrid clouds to offer petabytes of storage capacity and the ability to scale across multi-tenant environments.

Infinidat’s Infinibox storage system series is able to support private, shared and hybrid cloud environments with a storage lab capacity of over 150 petabytes.


Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

Acquired by DataCore Software in 2021, Caringo’s platform creates technology for accessing, storing and distributing unstructured or file-based data on a cloud. The Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud converts files to formats used by major cloud service providers, then acts as a data backup, storage and archival system.  

With technical components from Caringo, DataCore’s Swarm Object Storage uses on-premises and private cloud environments to conduct infrastructure data analysis. The tool allows more data to be stored in a hybrid-like infrastructure, while also facilitating cross-faculty access to information based on credentials. Organizations iQ Media and the NEP Group have utilized DataCore Swarm to maintain and scale their storage capabilities.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Unitas Global manages its end-to-end cloud computing solution called the Hybrid Multi-Cloud. The hybrid cloud consists of private and public cloud orchestration, monitoring and management from the Unitas team. With the Unitas hybrid cloud, enterprises can flex their data resources, manage their cybersecurity efforts and monitor performance from a single pane.

United Global has provided services for companies both under the Global Stock Exchange and the Fortune 250.


Location: San Francisco, California

Previously known as Mesosphere, D2iQ and its DKP platform automate rollout and production operations for containers and data in a hybrid cloud. The platform lets businesses scale their applications across multiple public and private clouds as well as data centers. Additionally, IT administrators can manage multiple clusters on different clouds from a single DKP platform.

Just a few of D2iQ customers using its cloud technology include Empower AI and the U.S. Air Force.


Location: San Francisco, California

Scalr hosts a hybrid cloud management platform to enhance cybersecurity protocol. The company helps enterprises restore cost accountability, facilitates workflow automation and manage database control access.

The Scalr hybrid cloud management platform is trusted by well-known companies like Expedia, Samsung, NASA, Gannett, the FDA and the National Cancer Institute. 


Location: Sunnyvale, California

Platform9 instantly turns a businesses’ existing infrastructure into a cloud. The hybrid services allow companies to centrally maintain their VMs to support a wide range of applications, let companies adopt containers and micro-services at scale and deliver cloud-native applications at quicker rates. Using Platform9, DevOps teams can build standardized workflows across their choice of public or private clouds — or even form a hybrid cloud among a cluster of private clouds.

LogMeIn, Scality, Autodesk, Bitly and Clue all use Platform9 to move their data to more flexible hybrid clouds.


Location: Houston, Texas 

BMC Software specializes in providing tech industry solutions, including cloud management, DevOps, IT optimization and more. Its multi-cloud management products and services assist in migration, cost insights, performance analytics and operation visibility. The company also hosts TrueSight, a designated remediation tool for its cloud services, which works to optimize IT operations and automate compliance.

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