3 Hot and 2 Not-So-Hot Video Content Trends

To be on trend, embrace storytelling and authenticity and say goodbye to pranks and overdone CGI.

Written by Marko Preocanin
Published on Jan. 16, 2024
3 Hot and 2 Not-So-Hot Video Content Trends
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On New Year’s Eve, many video content creators bid farewell to 2023 with some wistfulness. It was a great year for online video content, one that introduced AI, among other innovations, to the industry.

As a content creator myself, I am happy experimenting with a few super-hot trends developing for the new year and saying goodbye to trends whose time has come and gone.

Video Content Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not

  • Hot: Storytelling-driven longform content
  • Hot: Exclusive content such as outtakes and looks behind the scenes
  • Hot: Innovative editing techniques, for instance those that add 3D effects
  • Not: Overdone CGI
  • Not: Prank videos

In this article, I’ll take you on a quick journey into the hearts of the hottest trends our team is seeing at BucketSquad, plus a couple you should steer clear of, so you can kick-start the year creating killer content that’s sure to break through.

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3 Hot Video Content Trends

Longform content driven by storytelling, exclusive behind-the-scenes content for viewers and innovative editing techniques top my list of hot trends. Here’s a dive into each.

Storytelling-Driven Longform Content

One of the most exciting trends we’ve witnessed is the shift toward longform content driven by storytelling, with creators like Ryan Trahan paving the way by focusing on narrative over brevity. This approach has led to an influx of longer videos, spanning 30 minutes to even an hour.

These extended videos are thriving on YouTube, thanks to the platform’s algorithm that rewards watch time. As viewers engage with these immersive stories, YouTube runs more ads on them, further incentivizing creators to embrace longform content. It's a win-win situation for creators and viewers.

A Look Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes content is another hot commodity in the video content landscape, as creators are increasingly offering exclusive access to how their videos are actually made. This glimpse behind the curtain fosters a deeper connection with the audience, with channels like Sidemen setting the standard by providing extra content, for instance outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage, that showcases the raw, unfiltered process of video creation. The transparency demystifies the production process and also highlights the teamwork and effort involved, making the content more relatable and personal.

Innovative Editing Techniques

In the world of video editing, mastering Dolby After Effects and similar programs has become a game changer. These tools allow editors to add captivating effects, such as 3D, that elevate the visual appeal of videos. 

For instance, imagine a basketball court with vibrant, sparking blue lines that resemble live wires. Such effects bridge the gap between YouTube and traditional television, creating a captivating viewing experience. For aspiring editors, proficiency in these advanced editing techniques is invaluable as it opens doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations with high-profile creators.


2 Not-So-Hot Video Trends

Think again before you go gangbusters with computer-generated images and fake video pranks this year. Here’s why.

Overengineered CGI

While innovation in video content is highly sought after, there’s a fine line between pushing the envelope and overengineering. Some content creators have fallen into the trap of creating content solely for the purpose of maximizing viewer retention, but in doing so, they sacrifice the viewer’s enjoyment of the content itself. 

Authenticity and originality should always take precedence over engineering videos to copycat popular content. Instead of copying creators like MrBeast, creators should strive to find their own unique voice and style.

Fake Prank Videos

Another concerning trend is the proliferation of fake prank videos, for instance those involving eating detergent pods or spoonfuls of ground cinnamon. Although these videos often involve staged scenarios where the prankster and the victim are in on the joke or have been briefed beforehand, such content lacks genuine humor and sends the wrong message to younger generations. It can encourage impressionable individuals to attempt similar pranks, which doesn’t always end well. It’s vital for creators to consider the potential consequences of their content and opt for genuine reactions over scripted pranks.

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Authenticity: The Timeless Trend

One thing remains constant: the enduring appeal of authentic content. Audiences are drawn to creators who showcase their unique personas and daily experiences. It’s the individuality of creators that viewers find most captivating; so aspiring content creators should remember that the heart of their content lies in their genuine selves. 

While trends may come and go, authenticity will always resonate with audiences worldwide. In this dynamic world of online content, staying true to oneself is the ultimate key to success.

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