15 Houston Consulting Firms Solving Texas-Sized Challenges

These 15 Houston consulting firms solve challenges as diverse as the city itself.

Written by Sam Daley
15 Houston Consulting Firms Solving Texas-Sized Challenges
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Built In Staff | Jul 26, 2022

The world of technology is fast paced, no matter what industry you’re in. Organizations all over the world, from construction companies to government agencies, are clamoring to adopt technologies that will help them streamline processes, gather important information and give their customers a better experience. Sometimes, it’s just too overwhelming to navigate new tech all alone and luckily, consultants are here to help. There are expert consultants for almost every field that will help companies identify pain points and then suggest the tech that will turn it into a strong suit.

Houston’s consultancy scene is as diverse as the city itself. Need help making oil fields more efficient? Houston’s got consultants for that. Want to beef up your cybersecurity infrastructure? Houston doesn’t have a problem with that task. The city is bound to have the consultants you need to tackle any organizational issue, no matter how large or out of the ordinary. Check out 15 consulting firms in Houston that are on the cutting-edge of technology in a variety of fields.

Top Consulting Firms in Houston To Know

  • Utegration
  • CGI
  • Set Solutions
  • Jacobs
  • The Lab
  • North Highland
  • Bridgepoint Consulting
cgi consulting firm houston

Focus: Banking, Communication, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Transportation

What they do: CGI is a full-service consulting firm offering their advice in everything from business process improvement to IT strategy. When it comes to IT, the global firm specializes in everything from application consulting to infrastructure and systems integration services. CGI is especially well-equipped to consult on digital transformation, analytics, cloud IT, cybersecurity and DevOps.

Who they work with: Carrefour, US Bank, Montreal Heart Institute and British Columbia Ministry of Health

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jacobs consulting firms houston

Focus: Environment, Construction, Engineering, Transportation

What they do: Jacobs is a global consultancy and engineering firm advising on the building of “smart” construction projects. The company, based in Dallas, but with an office in Houston, helps construction companies incorporate sustainability technology and design into each of their projects, leading to greener and more efficient outcomes. Jacobs acts as a trusted advisor on everything from the creation of office buildings and manufacturing plants to college campuses and even entire regions. 

Who they work with: Etihad Rail, Campbell’s Soup Company, O’hare Airport, George R. Brown Convention Center and the City of Melbourne, Australia


north highland consulting firms houston
North Highland

Focus: Energy, Finance, Life Sciences, Public Sector, Media, Transportation, Retail

What they do: North Highland is a global consulting firm with services in about a dozen areas, including analytics, strategy, technology, agile transformation and experience design. The company’s IT consultants help to design hybrid cloud architecture and can even engineer company-specific applications to help companies drive progress and stay ahead of competitors.

Who they work with: North Highland consults brands all over the globe, from startup to Fortune 500.


set solutions consulting firms houston
Set Solutions

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: Set Solutions is a cybersecurity consulting firm that partners with dozens of top tech companies around the world to give clients the tools they need to solve their security challenges. The consultancy partners with tech stalwarts, like Splunk, Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike, to advise on a variety of important cybersecurity functions, including vulnerability testing, incident response and data migration.  

Who they work with: Set Solutions works with companies all over the US to boost their cybersecurity infrastructure and protect sensitive data from criminals.


utegration consulting firms houston

Focus: Utilities, Environmental Energy

What they do: Utegration works with clients to implement and integrate solutions for utilities. The firm’s consultants help their clients to harness their utilities, like electricity and water, to help drive efficiency throughout the business and lower operating costs. Utegration uses SAP’s platform to power everything from their Utility4U utility cloud platform to their Finance4U Regulatory Reporting tool that allows enterprises to keep up with shifting policies. 

Who they work with: Utegration works with enterprise companies across North America to install utility-tracking tools that lower costs and improve environmental impact.


the lab consulting firms houston
The Lab

Focus: Healthcare, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Food

What they do: The Lab is a business management consulting firm helping clients make improvements on everything from businesses processes to data gathering. The Lab has developed a lengthy series of process automation templates that help businesses adopt new technologies and practices without having to suffer any disruptions in workflow. By focusing on methodology and risk reduction, The Lab has been able to reportedly boost revenue productivity for clients up to 30% and has saved them upwards of 30% in labor costs.

Who they work with: SunTrust, Nationwide, Walmart, St. Jude, Bridgestone, Nordstrom and Wells Fargo


darby consulting consulting firms houston
Darby Consulting

Focus: Healthcare, Education, Government, Oil & Gas, Real Estate

What they do: Darby Consulting advises clients on all-things IT, including staff augmentation and digital transformation. The Houston-based IT management consultancy, with additional offices in Austin and Dallas, has experience in software selection, BI & Data Management, CRMs and systems training, among others. 

Who they work with: HP, US Department of Homeland Security, BP, Applied Materials, Spectra Energy


fti consulting consulting firms houston
FTI Consulting

Focus: Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Real Estate, Transportation

What they do: FTI Consulting is a global business consulting firm specializing in everything from strategic communications to emerging technologies. When it comes to technology, FTI specializes in everything from information governance to visual analytics software and entire organization-wide technology transformations. FTI is based in Washington D.C., but has dozens of offices across the globe, including one right in Houston.

Who they work with: Peabody Energy, ReVive, Sally Beauty and DuraFiber Technologies


bridgepoint consulting consulting firms houston
Bridgepoint Consulting

Focus: Construction, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Software

What they do: Bridgepoint Consulting is a business management consultancy helping companies throughout the business lifecycle. Bridgepoint offers technology consulting services, along with financial and risk consulting (among others). The tech side of the house helps clients with everything from cloud migration to cybersecurity and software evaluation. They’re also certified NetSuite and Salesforce consultants.

Who they work with: Yeti, Deep Eddy, SailPoint, Sparkcognition, CognitiveScale and VersantHealth


avanade consulting firms houston

Focus: Banking, Consumer Goods, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Nonprofit, Retail

What they do: Avanade is a business consulting firm focusing on upgrading companies through technology. The Microsoft-affiliated firm helps companies all over the world adopt Microsoft-based products, like Azure, Analytics, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, in order to boost efficiency and create a uniformity among a company’s tech stack.

Who they work with: Accenture, Airbus, Aon, Siemens and Goodwill


aldridge consulting firms houston

Focus: Oil & Gas, Legal, Nonprofit, Construction, Transportation

What they do: Aldridge is a full-service IT consulting firm offering services in everything from IT auditing to cybersecurity testing. Aldridge’s consultants have expertise in a variety of IT sectors, including network design, CRMs, data backup, disaster recovery, IT budgeting and business continuity.  

Who they work with: Houston Zoo, Rain CII Carbon, Howrey Law Firm, and MPI


centre technologies consulting firms houston
Centre Technologies

Focus: Healthcare, Finance, Energy

What they do: Centre Technologies is an IT consulting and managed services firm based in Houston. The company specializes in enterprise IT services that range from cybersecurity infrastructure testing to cloud consulting. Centre Technologies customizes each solution to fit the exact needs of the client and relies on Microsoft, Dell and RingCentral products to get the job done right. 

Who they work with: Centre Technologies has worked with clients, both big and small across Texas and the U.S.


imperium elite consulting firms houston
Imperium elite

Focus: Retail, Marketing, Sales

What they do: Imperium Elite is a Houston-based sales consulting firm advising clients on everything from leadership training to goal-setting. The firm even advises partners on how to best execute marketing and sales campaigns to achieve the data-driven goals and acquire new customers.  

Who they work with: Imperium Elite works with businesses of all verticals and sizes to help optimize and execute marketing and sales strategies.


rimkus consulting firms houston
Rimkus Consulting Group

Focus: Energy, Construction, Public Sector, Transportation, Hospitality, Insurance

What they do: Rimkus is a Houston-based international consulting firm specializing in forensics consulting. When accidents or property loss occurs, Rimkus is called in to determine the scope of error and to put procedures in place that prevent it from happening again. Rimkus’ staff of forensic consultants are trained in everything from explosion science to consumer product goods to give clients the most detailed solutions to the challenges they face.

Who they work with: Rimkus works around the globe with major construction, energy, agriculture, retail and transportation companies, conducting accident consulting in order to make products safer and more efficient.

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virtuas consulting firms houston

Focus: Finance, Professional Services, Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Sector

What they do: Virtuas is a public benefit consulting firm aimed at maximizing the success of a client’s tech stack. The firm offers consulting services in areas like digital transformation, data center architecture and cybersecurity that all work in unison to boost a tech stack’s efficiency and safety. Virtuas is a licensed Microsoft Gold Partner, using tech like Microsoft 365 and Azure throughout the tech stack upgrade process.

Who they work with: Virtuas enables partners of all sectors and sizes to unlock their IT abilities through IT consulting.

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