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As technology continues to advance, so does the threat of cybersecurity risks for businesses. In 2021 alone, over 22 billion data records were exposed due to data breaches, and such instances have made consumers weary of the information they share with companies. According to a study by Adobe, 81 percent of consumers believe having a choice of how companies handle their data is important, and that ensuring data stays safe is one of the top ways brands can maintain trust. If the loss of morale from a breach doesn’t already deeply wound a company, the average price tag of approximately $3 million to $5.5 million per breach might.

Top Cybersecurity Consulting Firms

  • Optiv
  • SecurityScorecard
  • IANS
  • Flashpoint
  • Myriad360
  • SecureWorks
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Deloitte

Whilst cybercriminals wreak havoc, ensuring consumer data remains safe has become a paramount concern for companies, leading to the entrance of cybersecurity consulting services.

Using cutting-edge strategies and technologies aimed at thwarting attacks, recovering data and restoring customer confidence, cybersecurity consulting firms provide an increasingly valuable service.

These 11 are worth checking out.   


11 Cybersecurity Consulting Firms to Know

Location: Denver, Colorado

Optiv’s cybersecurity experts take a company’s strategy into account when implementing solutions, and they use technologies that work well with a company’s current infrastructure. Optiv’s suite of cybersecurity tools includes everything from identity management and threat containment and cloud-based security measures.


Location: New York, New York

SecurityScorecard acts as a virtual cybersecurity consultant. The company’s platform analyzes a businesses’ cybersecurity measures and assigns it a security rating. The SecurityScorecard platform then points out flaws in the systems and creates a report filled with actionable insights that can improve data security.  

Pepsi, Aflac, McDonald’s and Principal Financial are just a few of the global companies using SecurityScorecard’s platform to evaluate their cyber needs.


Location: Mclean, Virginia 

Since 1914, Booz Allen Hamilton has been providing consulting, analytics and insight services to industries ranging from government to healthcare, with one expertise being cybersecurity. Based on client needs, the company can provide and deploy platforms for cyber risk assessment, cyber defense operations, offensive cyber measures and more. 

Booz Allen Hamilton’s cybersecurity services are used across Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies as well as federal U.S. agencies.


Location: New York, New York  

Ranked number one globally in security consulting by Gartner, Deloitte offers a variety of consulting, insight and financial services for companies across six different industries. For the area of cybersecurity, Deloitte provides advising and implementation solutions for security strategy, data privacy, infrastructure and more. The company’s solutions are able to be used for a range of emerging technologies and applications, including those under the cloud and IoT.


Rapid7 creates virtual and on-premises cybersecurity solutions, including its security Insight Platform and varied consulting services. The company’s consulting services branch off into five different areas for specific needs, covering incident response, product education, IoT security and more. Rapid7 is currently partnered with businesses such as AWS, Cisco and several others to bring integration capabilities and updated technical expertise.

As of 2021, Rapid7 serves over 10,000 customers, with just a few including Autodesk, Hilton and The Washington Post.


The 10 Most Powerful Cyber-Security Companies | Video: Amr عمرو Amin امين


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

IANS is a cybersecurity consulting firm that uses in-depth research to help businesses make decisions on technology upgrades. The company’s suite includes assessments of current security devices, penetration testing, implementation of new cybersecurity tools and enterprise-wide training.

To get better acquainted with its clients, the company hosts or sends representatives to attend about 100 events annually


Location: New York, New York

Flashpoint’s team helps businesses identify the weak points in its cybersecurity infrastructure and suggests ways to bolster their tools. The Flashpoint Analyst Services Team (FAST) hunts for weaknesses in a cybersecurity protocol (and even looks for activities like insider threats and fraud), and continues to monitor a businesses’ cyber platform after FAST installs new software.

Using one of Flashpoint FAST’s biggest products, its Intelligence Platform, analysts can track data across several platforms and create real-time data analytics reporting that gives businesses insights into potential threats.


Location: New York, New York

Myriad360 builds personalized cybersecurity plans tailored to a businesses’ future needs. The company first performs a cyber health check and assessment, followed by the implementation of various tools that include cloud-based products from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks.

Myriad360 boasts hundreds of technologies that they partner with to provide an individualized experience from well-known companies like AWS, Samsung, SecureWorks and VMware


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

A subsidiary of Dell, SecureWorks’ data safeguarding services range from strategic advisory to full-scale cybersecurity protocol implementation. In addition to ensuring that businesses’ maintain robust security measures, the company also helps clients comply with different industry standards like HIPAA and GDPR.

SecureWorks teamed up with CrowdStrike to boost their cybersecurity protocols in consulting as well as in Dell’s PCs. The pair can now take real-time data on cloud endpoint protection systems.


Location: Newton, Massachusetts  

CyberArk is a cybersecurity company specializing in identity protection and cyber defense solutions. Along with providing its Identity Security Platform for access management, CyberArk also provides services for strategic consulting, remediation and product deployment. Its consulting service can aid specifically with security infrastructure development and continued assessment to ensure a stable roll-out process.

CyberArk serves over 7,000 customers in 110 countries, plus over 50 percent of the Fortune 500.


Location: Lexington, Massachusetts  

Mimecast focuses on creating services and cloud-native products for email security and brand protection. The company provides email URL and attachment protection, AI-based threat intelligence, incident remediation and more. Mimecast’s solutions are used amongst professionals from manufacturing to education, and offer over 70 API integration options.

Mimecast is utilized by over 40,000 companies, and specifically safeguards Microsoft 365 applications for over 20,000 of them.

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