15 Consulting Firms Offering a Helping Hand in Philadelphia

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jul. 15, 2020
15 Consulting Firms Offering a Helping Hand in Philadelphia
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Despite tall tales of self-made billionaires and unicorn companies building themselves from the ground up, the truth is, every company needs a little help. Business challenges, whether they be technological, economic or operational, will continue to build over time and companies have to remain fixated on both massive industry changes and their own customer needs. When these challenges become too overwhelming, companies can end up finding themselves at a crossroads with no clear answers in sight.

No company has the answer to every question or challenge that arises, but luckily, there are expert consultants ready to assist across a variety of verticals. These 15 consulting firms in Philadelphia are here to put their expertise to work and discover the perfect solution.

Consulting Firms In Philadelphia To Know

  • Centri Consulting
  • Dechert
  • Exude
  • Itera Research
  • Janney
  • McAdam Financial
  • Reliable
  • Right Management Consultants
Idea Evolver consulting firms in Philadelphia
Idea Evolver

Founded: 2011

Industry: Product development

What they do: Idea Evolver’s team of product and business experts utilize best-in-class capabilities to discover unique insights about audiences and how companies’ products can better serve them. The company works to unlock strategic initiatives their clients can utilize to get better acquainted with their customers while developing software and optimizing media for better conversions and a stronger digital presence.


Centri Consulting consulting firms in Philadelphia
Centri Consulting

Founded: 2011

Industry: Finance

What they do: Centri Consulting is made up of a team of accounting experts leveraging multilayered skill sets, providing customized solutions to solve a wide range of business challenges. Risk advisory, IPO readiness and audit support services are all available from the firm to aid companies across industries like life sciences, technology, real estate and more.

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Dechert consulting firms in Philadelphia

Founded: 1875

Industry: Multiple

What they do: Dechert serves its clients through a lengthy list of multidisciplinary services that solve challenges across industries. The firm offers expertise in antitrust, intellectual property, litigation, finance, corporate and several other practices, ensuring organizations can plan effectively and execute accordingly.


Exude consulting firms in Philadelphia

Founded: 1996

Industry: HR

What they do: Exude works with companies and organizations of all sizes to ensure the workforce that allows them to exist is covered from a benefits, capital and risk standpoint. Partnering and working alongside companies allows Exude to determine the perfect solutions to specific challenges, making for better business decisions and a more aligned workforce.


The Graham Company consulting firms in Philadelphia
The Graham Company

Founded: 1972

Industry: Construction/manufacturing

What they do: The Graham Company works primarily with companies in the construction and manufacturing industries, providing property, casualty, employee benefits, surety and additional consulting services that protect employees and lead to better results overall. Several teams of experts make up the firm’s dynamic workforce, utilizing best-in-class production, account management, claims management and safety management techniques to deliver powerful solutions.


Garnet Captive consulting firms in Philadelphia
Garnet Captive

Founded: 2002

Industry: Insurance

What they do: Garnet Captive works to discover innovative insurance solutions through the use of captives, significantly lowering the degrees of randomness involved in insurance by pooling companies together to provide benefits to employees. Additionally, Garnet Captive provides consulting services to employers or groups of employers looking to form their own captive, allowing them to minimize risk and ensure employees are properly covered.


Itera Research consulting firms in Philadelphia
Itera Research

Founded: 2004

Industry: Software

What they do: Itera Research teams up with startups and established companies alike to provide software development and consulting services that help convert ideas into viable products. Skilled in unlocking tech stacks, IoT, ERP, CRM and e-learning solutions, Itera Research can also develop websites, mobile apps and cloud infrastructure for companies looking to outsource their tech challenges.


Janney consulting firms in Philadelphia

Founded: 1832

Industry: Finance

What they do: Janney is a team of financial advisors working with people and organizations of varying levels of capital to provide them with financial advice that help them accomplish their goals. The firm’s experts provide companies with investment banking, public finance, equity research and additional solutions, while offering individuals wealth management services to help them grow their capital and plan for retirement.


Magna Legal Services consulting firms in Philadelphia
Magna Legal Services

Founded: 2007

Industry: Legal

What they do: Magna Legal Services exists to help lawyers and those working in legal services attain the tools and end-to-end support they need for proper litigation. From strategic advantages to trial presentation, courtroom setup, discovery services and jury consulting, Magna provides a robust set of services that ensure those entering courtrooms are well prepared. 


McAdam Financial consulting firms in Philadelphia
McAdam Financial

Founded: 2008

Industry: Finance

What they do: McAdam Financial delivers financial advice, examining both current wealth and profession to determine how to drive finances forward. Services from the firm include wealth management, tax and insurance strategies, financial planning, and business owner techniques, with hundreds of advisors and several offices located throughout the United States to assist those from all walks of life. 


PRWT Services consulting firms in Philadelphia
PRWT Services

Founded: 1988

Industry: Corporate

What they do: PRWT Services is devoted to serving the operational needs of companies and businesses across industries. Document processing, digital printing, mail intake, fulfillment and facilities management services are within PRWT’s set of capabilities, providing invaluable resources that allow company leaders to remain focused on growing their businesses.


Reliable consulting firms in Philadelphia

Founded: 1987

Industry: Legal

What they do: Reliable is an industry-leader in providing legal consulting services to individual law firms and corporate legal departments alike, offering invaluable resources and attention that help bring cases from discovery to trial. Combining proven processes and technological expertise allows Reliable’s team to maximize results and provide unparalleled litigation support to forward-thinking law professionals.


Right Management Consultants consulting firms in Philadelphia
Right Management Consultants

Founded: 1980

Industry: Staffing

What they do: Right Management Consultants partners with organizations to determine the best approaches to discovering top workforce talent and bringing them to their team. Workforce career management, career transition management and leadership solutions are all available from the company, along with workforce analytics capabilities to measure performance and determine areas where workplaces can grow.

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Security Risk Advisors consulting firms in Philadelphia
Security Risk Advisors

Founded: 2010

Industry: Cybersecurity

What they do: Security Risk Advisors serves Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies, providing cyber program solutions with proven security protocols that serve as pipelines to business success. From assessments over current cyber programs and strategy consulting to threat management, managed services, and software innovation services, Security Risk Advisors emphasizes training and knowledge transferring to turn their clients into bonafide experts.


Vynamic consulting firms in Philadelphia

Founded: 2002

Industry: Healthcare

What they do: Vynamic assists the healthcare industry with organizational services that allow companies to work more efficiently and provide more value to their clients. Focusing on technological development to provide exceptional customer experiences, Vynamic offers product launching, strategic planning, tech transformation and operational model services that make healthcare providers of all varieties more capable and well rounded.

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