11 Consulting Firms in Charlotte Helping Businesses Reach Their Goals

Written by Olivia McClure
11 Consulting Firms in Charlotte Helping Businesses Reach Their Goals
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Built In Staff | Jul 26, 2022

Charlotte has long been one of North Carolina’s biggest business hubs. Much like Raleigh-Durham, the city has acquired a vibrant tech scene, packed with tech companies and startups spanning a wide range of sectors. With so much tech expansion taking place in the area, it’s no surprise Charlotte has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. According to The Charlotte Observer, the city is currently the 15th most populous metropolis in the country, boasting a growth rate that surpasses both San Francisco and Indianapolis.

As a city undergoing a major business boom, it seems only fitting that Charlotte is home to a large number of consulting firms. The city’s consultants are dedicated to helping both small and large businesses tackle their toughest challenges, from financial planning to driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Check out these 11 consulting firms in Charlotte helping businesses achieve their goals. 

Consulting Firms in Charlotte to Know

  1. TCG Consulting
  2. The Winters Group
  3. StoneLaurel
  4. Croixstone Consulting
  5. ProSidian Consulting
  6. Lucrum Consulting
  7. Tahill
  8. Mosaic Consulting
StoneLaurel consulting firms Charlotte NC

Founded: 1994

What they do: StoneLaurel is a management consulting firm dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions on critical projects. Their focus areas include systems integration, application and data conversions, server virtualization and consolidation, performance measurement, and management and roadmapping. 

Who they work with: Retailers, banks, health insurance companies and more. 


TCG Consulting consulting firms Charlotte NC
TCG Consulting

Founded: 1994

What they do: TCG Consulting is a global consulting firm that specializes in strategic advisory and management services. Their specialties encompass assessments, sourcing and procurement, change management and implementation. TCG Consulting also offers a variety of payment solutions such as payment and spend expansion and card management.

Who they work with: Banks, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and more. 


The Winters Group consulting firms Charlotte NC
The Winters Group

Founded: 1984

What they do: The Winters Group is a consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) solutions. Their DEI focus areas include cultural competence assessments, qualitative and quantitative research and comprehensive findings reports. The Winters Group offers other services such as product development, business strategy and operations processes.

Who they work with: McDonald’s, The Walt Disney Company, Kaiser Permanente and Bae Systems.


Croixstone Consulting consulting firms Charlotte NC
Croixstone Consulting

Founded: 2016

What they do: Croixstone Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that works with a broad range of organizations. The company specializes in a variety of solutions such as finance transformation, organizational design, integrated technology, stakeholder engagement and talent acquisition.

Who they work with: Software and fintech companies, manufacturers, healthcare providers and packaging companies.


ProSidian Consulting consulting firms Charlotte NC
ProSidian Consulting

Founded: 2004

What they do: ProSidian Consulting is a management and operations consulting firm that focuses on strategic solutions. Their services include process and systems support, risk management, project management, strategic resourcing, compliance and software development. ProSidian Consulting works primarily with organizations tied to energy and utilities, tech, healthcare, government and financial services.

Who they work with: Private companies, enterprises and government agencies.


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SkyView Technology consulting firms Charlotte NC
SkyView Technology

Founded: 2002

What they do: SkyView Technology offers a mix of technical support and consulting services. Their solutions include network management and monitoring, offsite backup, disaster recovery planning, data security and business continuity. SkyView Technology also provides dark web monitoring, workstation management and monitoring, and business technology consulting.

Who they work with: Accounting firms, enterprises, insurance agencies and medical practices.


Lucrum Consulting consulting firms Charlotte NC
Lucrum Consulting

Founded: 2009

What they do: Lucrum Consulting offers accounting services to primarily mid-sized, locally operated companies. The firm offers a broad range of services such as CFO consulting, outsourced controller services, bookkeeping and training. Lucrum Consulting’s client base spans a variety of industries including real estate, hospitality and financial services.

Who they work with: Carolina Urban Lumber, Ella B. Candles and Quick Lube of Carolina.


Capstone Consultants consulting firms Charlotte NC
Capstone Consultants

Founded: 2011

What they do: Capstone Consultants is a consulting firm that specializes in marketing and sales. The firm focuses specifically on marketing, sales and communications in order to help organizations maximize revenue and growth.

Who they work with: Organizations from a variety of industries.


Mosaic Consulting consulting firms Charlotte NC
Mosaic Consulting

Founded: 2016

What they do: Mosaic Consulting is a business consulting practice dedicated to driving equity through diversity and inclusion. The company provides diversity training and consulting services in addition to management and leadership coaching. Mosaic Consulting partners with a variety of schools, nonprofits and businesses.

Who they work with: Teach For America, Full Potential Ventures and Trinity Episcopal School. 


Tahill consulting firms Charlotte NC

Founded: 2012

What they do: Tahill is a recruitment and tech solutions firm that serves a wide range of organizations. The firm’s tech solutions cover project delivery and governance, recruitment process outsourcing and network assessments. Tahill also offers web-based human resource intelligence systems in addition to productivity software.

Who they work with: Organizations from a variety of industries. 


Scharf Pera & Co. consulting firms Charlotte NC
Scharf Pera & Co. 

Founded: 1977

What they do: Scharf Pera & Co. is dedicated to solving financial issues for both small businesses and large corporations. The firm’s specialties include litigation support, business valuations, tax planning and preparation, loan proposals and financial statement compilations.

Who they work with: Small businesses and large corporations.

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