14 Consulting Firms in Washington, D.C. Advising the Best and Brightest

These 15 DC area consulting firms are trusted advisors to some of the world's most prominent business and government organizations.

Written by Sam Daley
Published on May. 14, 2020
14 Consulting Firms in Washington, D.C. Advising the Best and Brightest
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Washington, D.C. is home to some of the most important geopolitical institutions in the world, but did you know that it also plays host to some of the country’s most prominent consulting firms? These firms can be found helping businesses all over the world with upgrading their managerial processes or implementing new tech stacks.

Additionally, their proximity in the Washington, D.C. area lets them act as trusted advisors to some of the US government’s most important agencies. On any given day, many of these consulting firms can be advising massive organizations on everything from the adoption of new aerospace technology to implementing new ways to gather data on public health. Want to know more about how these firms are changing the way business and the public sectors operate? Check out 15 of the most prominent Washington, D.C. consulting firms below.

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Consulting Firms in Washington DC To Know

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • ICF
  • Ankura
  • FTI Consulting
  • New Signature
  • Ibex
  • Gallup
  • Tahzoo
  • Analytica


tahzoo consulting firms dc

Focus: Automotive, Consulting, Food and Beverage and Finance

What they do: Tahzoo is a global customer experience consultancy helping enterprise clients make their digital experiences better for customers. The firm helps clients with consumer data gathering and intelligence, and consults on the different digital tools needed to have a website that customers love. Additionally, Tahzoo helps clients with developing intriguing content that keeps customers informed and engaged. 

Who they work with: Starbucks, Tesla, Land Rover, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group and TD Ameritrade


ankura consulting firms dc

Focus: Aerospace, Defense, Finance, Energy, Public Sector, Retail and Media

What they do: Ankura works across a multitude of industries in order to solve the technological challenges pressing their clients. The firm has helped thousands of companies, from healthcare to aerospace, implement technologies that make their work more efficient. For example, they help healthcare systems implement tech that streamlines everything from payments to ambulance services. Ankura even consults public sector organizations using the latest in data analytics and regtech to ensure that these government bodies beat the standard.

Who they work with: Ankura works with companies all over the world to meet the goals of their technology and strategic initiatives.


BoozAllenHamilton consulting firms dc
Booz Allen Hamilton

Focus: Government, Defense, Transportation, Healthcare and Commercial

What they do: Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the most well-known consulting firms in the world. The massive consulting giant has expertises in analytics, cybersecurity and digital products that can offer a solution to almost any business challenge. The firm helps the U.S. military implement AI technology into their everyday operations, and even helps autonomous car companies and aviation companies adopt more effective technological solutions.

Who they work with: Booz Allen has worked with thousands of clients, both small and enterprise, across almost every sector.


icf consulting firms dc

Focus: Disaster Management, Energy, Education, Environment, Hospitality, Public Health and Transportation

What they do: ICF is a global consulting firm that lends its vast technological expertise to dozens of industries. ICF is consulting companies in the energy sector on how to implement new technologies to save millions of dollars and reduce their carbon footprint. When it comes to cybersecurity, ICF uses its GroupAssure suite of tools to help assess risk and automate processes for a safer, more effective security solution.

Who they work with: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Belize Tourism Board and Georgia Power


ibex consulting firms dc

Focus: Travel, Hospitality, Media, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Automotive

What they do: Ibex advises clients on how to boost customer acquisition, engagement and growth. The firm works closely with each client to implement digital marketing, lead conversion and omnichannel experience tools that boost the overall customer experience and give clients better consumer data. In addition to Washington, D.C., ibex has 43 other offices across the globe.

Who they work with: Comcast, Netflix, Honda, Virgin Mobile, FitBit and AT&T


new signature consulting firms dc
New Signature

Focus: Media, Life Sciences, Government, Manufacturing, Finance and Retail

What they do: New Signature advises companies on how to best implement Microsoft Azure cloud-based technologies into their current systems. The consulting firm offers a wide variety of strategic services that range from application health upgrades to boosting cybersecurity protocols. Azure threat analytics and IoT suite are just two of the dozens of products New Signature uses to improve a company’s user experience and security measures.   

Who they work with: Coca-Cola, Subaru Canada, Teach for America, AARP and Abercrombie and Kent


fti consulting consulting firms dc
FTI COnsulting

Focus: Aerospace, Defense, Environmental, Retail, Telecommunications, and More 

What they do: FTI Consulting has offered technical and strategic advice to more than 5,800 companies worldwide. The massive global firm takes on some of the largest technical challenges and uses different technologies to solve them. The company offers services that range from data modeling to cybersecurity technology implementation that ensures clients are set up for the future. 

Who they work with: Peabody Energy, FSG Australia, ReVive Cosmetics, Sally Beauty and DuraFiber Technologies


analytica consulting firms dc

Focus: Public Sector

What they do: Analytica is a consulting and technology firm that helps support U.S. government agencies with data-driven decision making. The company works with various government agencies to implement everything from data analytics to AI and other software-based systems to ensure that efficient and optimal decisions are being made.

Who they work with: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The U.S. Treasury Department, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


vera solutions consulting firms dc
Vera Solutions

Focus: Nonprofit

What they do: Vera Solutions’ consultants work with some of the most prominent nonprofits in the world in order to improve their tech stacks. The Vera Solutions team seeks out the challenges facing each nonprofit, and will then implement cloud and mobile technologies that help the nonprofits to make better, data-driven strategic plans. To date, the firm has helped more than 300 social enterprises with technological solutions.  

Who they work with: Elton John AIDS Foundation, USAID, United Nations, DrinkWell and Gavi


lawiq consulting firms dc

Focus: Finance, Energy

What they do: Arbo offers technical advisory services to both the financial and energy industries. The firm uses cloud-based analytics technologies to inform financial intelligence and asset forecasting for companies. Additionally, Arbo's advisory services offer a variety of regulatory technologies that help both financial and energy companies stay up-to-date with their respective rules and regulations.   

Who they work with: Goldman Sachs, Marathon, Bank of America, BP and Phillips 66


cube84 consulting firms dc

Focus: Edtech, Government, Nonprofit and E-commerce

What they do: Cube84 is a consultancy helping organizations all over the country with adopting Salesforce. The firm spends a minimum of 40 hours discovering how Salesforce could positively impact a business’s processes and then configures the cloud-based platform accordingly. Once everything is implemented, Cube84 consultants will create training seminars to help get present and future employees up-to-speed on the new tech. 

Who they work with: Bloomberg, Disney, Moodle, DowntownDC and the City of Santa Monica


gallup consulting firms dc

Focus: Finance, Public Sector, Nonprofit, Energy, Education, Hospitality and Transportation

What they do: Gallup is one of the premier firms for workplace and educational consulting. The firm uses surveys and data analytics to inform executives of employee experiences, company culture, manager development and hiring analytics. The thorough data gathered by Gallup informs companies, in real-time, of what needs to be updated or changed in order to maximize company effectiveness.

Who they work with: Gallup helps companies all over the world, including 90% of the Fortune 500, with workplace data and analytics


avascent consulting firms dc

Focus: Defense, Aerospace, Public Sector, Infrastructure and Energy

What they do: Avasent offers strategy and growth consulting to some of the biggest defense, aerospace and energy organizations. The company looks for areas of growth in each sector and suggests emerging technologies, like satellite technology for the defense department or supply chain management software for logistics, working to help each organization achieve its goals.

Who they work with: Avascent works with various government agencies in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France and Japan


anant consulting firms dc

Focus: Public Sector, Education, Software and Retail

What they do: Anant is an IT consultancy helping clients to migrate data, work with legacy systems and adopt new CRM tools. The company first enters a planning and discovery phase, where they pinpoint spots where a tech stack could improve, and then implement tools ranging from Drupal to Amazon Web Services and MySQL, ensuring a company is running as efficiently as possible.  

Who they work with: Kroger, United States Postal Service, University of Michigan, Intuit and Rand McNally



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