30 Companies in Pittsburgh to Watch

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 28, 2021
30 Companies in Pittsburgh to Watch
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Built on a foundation of grit and metal, Pittsburgh has come a long way since its days as a manufacturing powerhouse. The legacy of the Steel City remains enshrined in the history books, but the area itself has turned the page to embrace the promising fields of today. Leaders in retail, healthcare technology, and finance have seen opportunities to grow their businesses in the evolving environment of Pittsburgh. With an increasing presence in the tech and energy sectors, the city has adapted with the times to become a space where cutting-edge thinking continues to flourish. There are no limits to what professionals can do when they exercise their options in this versatile metropolis.

Here are 30 companies strengthening the city’s reputation as a center for relentless innovation and placing Pittsburgh among an elite class within the tech industry.

Top Companies in Pittsburgh to Know

  • PNC
  • PPG Industries
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • GNC
  • Accion Labs
  • Argo AI
  • Mastech Digital
  • Duolingo
  • CGI
  • JLL


Duolingo Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 2011

Focus: Edtech

What they do: Duolingo is an e-learning company that provides its users with a free mobile application for developing proficiency in a new language. The app offers games and tests to help users develop their language skills and retain knowledge, and also provides them with opportunities to rank on leadership boards and team up with other users to achieve their goals.

Employees: 700+


PNC Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1845

Focus: Banking

What they do: PNC is a financial banking company that offers individuals and companies options for managing their money and increasing their wealth. With banking options for personal use, small businesses management, and corporate operations, PNC provides each of its clients with tailored finance tools, supporting them in saving, mortgages, retirement fund establishment, loan payments and more.

Employees: 48,000+


TeleTracking Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1991

Focus: Healthcare Technology

What they do: TeleTracking manufactures technological solutions to better streamline the continuum of care for healthcare organizations, offering automation technologies to simplify workflows and increase positive outcomes. TeleTracking's team aims to provide healthcare organizations with reliable technologies that can centralize their disparate operations and deliver positive long-term impacts on their communities.

Employees: 500+


Ryan Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1991 

Focus: Fintech, Consulting 

What they do: Determining taxes can be a messy and time-consuming process, so Ryan delivers the expertise and software to simplify every step. With the help of Ryan professionals, companies can recover taxes, receive favorable tax legislation, and access other consultation services. To ensure businesses have even less to worry about, the company provides tools to handle all tax- and property-related issues.    

Employees: 3,000+


Philips Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1891 

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: Focused on improving the quality of life for individuals, Philips has developed a suite of innovative products for various aspects of living. The company’s personal health items include electric toothbrushes, teeth whiteners, and grooming and beauty products. However, Philips continues to expand its presence by producing auto parts, kitchen appliances, and other goods for everyday use. 

Employees: 85,000+



Merkle Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1971 

Focus: Adtech, Marketing Tech 

What they do: Building an appealing brand has become essential for businesses to thrive in today’s world, so Merkle offers support at every stage of the marketing process. The company works with clients to harness and analyze customer data, which leads to personalized content. From SEO rankings to tailored email campaigns, Merkle offers a slate of products to ensure customers enjoy each interaction with client brands. 

Employees: 4,000


Crown Castle Largest Companies Pittsburgh
Crown Castle

Founded: 1994 

Focus: Mobile

What they do: As dependence on connectivity grows, Crown Castle has provided the infrastructure to streamline how data is harnessed. Advanced technologies like CBRS, edge solutions, fixed wireless systems, and microtrenching deliver faster and more secure connections. With the products of Crown Castle, individuals and businesses can craft personalized LTE networks, access local data centers, and more.  

Employees: 4,000+


Omnicell Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1992 

Focus: Information Technology 

What they do: The pharmacy field is largely riddled with inefficiencies, so Omnicell has set out to create a safer and more efficient way for operating. With a combination of cloud-based technology and other tools, Omnicell has developed the Autonomous Pharmacy to streamline repetitive tasks. Organizations can harness data, manage their supplies, and provide patient care quicker with the help of Omnicell. 

Employees: 2,000+


Eaton Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1911 

Focus: Energy 

What they do: Eaton is developing efficient and sustainable solutions to support companies that power data centers, electrical grids, and the systems that keep the world running. Whether an organization needs to find ways to store energy or incorporate the right materials, Eaton delivers expert guidance and execution. Hydraulic motors, fuel systems, and other energy-related areas are all in the wheelhouse of Eaton.   

Employees: 51,000+


Huntington National Bank Largest Companies Pittsburgh
Huntington National Bank

Founded: 1866 

Focus: Fintech 

What they do: With over a century of experience, Huntington National Bank is still leading the industry with its innovative products. Individuals, businesses, and other organizations can enjoy rates and plans tailored to their specific needs. Whether someone needs to open a checking account or get business insurance, they can complete tasks through a mobile app and access a range of digital tools. 

Employees: 13,000+


General Dynamics Mission Systems Largest Companies Pittsburgh
General Dynamics Mission Systems 

Founded: 1952 

Focus: Aerospace, Security, Software 

What they do: Those who find themselves in the most intense situations often rely on the defense technologies of General Dynamics Mission Systems. This organization delivers solutions to protect those operating on land, in the sea, in the air, and within the cyber realm. Radios, geospatial intelligence, submarine platforms, satellites, and data encryptions systems are all part of the toolbelt of General Dynamics Mission Systems. 

Employees: 8,000+


Cisco Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1984 

Focus: Cloud, Information Technology, Internet of Things

What they do: Companies have the ability to operate at top speed, staying connected and secure with the solutions of Cisco. Cisco has developed a portfolio that now includes cloud-based networks, advanced firewalls, virtual conference platforms, and other cutting-edge products. Whether businesses need to protect data or unite international teams, Cisco has the tools to support their operations. 

Employees: 77,000+


HDR Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1917  

Focus: Real Estate 

What they do: HDR seeks to enhance communities with structurally sound and visually stunning buildings. The organization offers a slate of engineering and architecture capabilities to ensure its products support local areas and the planet. Whether people are focused on sustainability or affordability, HDR conducts research to guarantee a project is executed in an efficient manner and serves the unique needs of clients.

Employees: 11,000+


JLL Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1999

Focus: Real Estate, Financial Services 

What they do: Selecting and managing properties is a challenging endeavor, so JLL is streamlining the process with a suite of services and technologies. Companies can make informed decisions with JLL’s insights on locations, properties, and markets. Once an organization settles on a property, JLL can provide advice on how to improve sustainability, implement new systems, and make other additions.  

Employees: 66,000+


CGI Largest Companies Pittsburgh

Founded: 1976 

Focus: Fintech, Information Technology 

What they do: Companies that need to revitalize their processes and cultures can rely on the consulting services of CGI. The CGI team helps organizations center their interactions around a customer-first and welcoming atmosphere. As for the digital aspects of business, CGI partners with over 150 technology companies to deliver the guidance needed for organizations to adopt new systems and infrastructure. 

Employees: 56,000+


UPMC Largest Companies Pittsburgh


Founded: 1893

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: A network of 40 hospitals and 700 doctors’ offices and outpatient sites enables UPMC to deliver the care and attention patients need. The organization supports regular check-ups with physicians, but it also has the resources to address more urgent matters. To make every interaction seamless, UPMC allows patients to monitor and manage their health tasks with a suite of mobile apps and an online site.  

Employees: 28,000+


Giant Eagle, Inc. Largest Companies Pittsburgh
Giant Eagle, Inc. 

Founded: 1931 

Focus: Food, Retail, Pharmaceutical 

What they do: Giant Eagle seeks to serve as a cornerstone of local communities by providing essential food and health services. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of produce and food options at grocery store locations. In addition, Giant Eagle offers pharmacy staff who deliver efficient care to customers, ensuring people feel part of a community that watches over the needs of individuals. 

Employees: 10,000+


Allegheny Health Network Largest Companies Pittsburgh
Allegheny Health Network 

Founded: 1999

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: Equipped with 12 hospitals and a group of top-notch professionals, Allegheny Health Network provides patients with a comprehensive healthcare experience. The organization offers services related to cardiovascular, women’s health, cancer, and other areas. Plus, patients can manage health records and complete various tasks with the MyChart App for added convenience.   

Employees: 17,000


PPG Industries Companies In Pittsburgh
PPG Industries

Founded: 1883

Focus: Manufacturing, Chemicals

What they do: PPG Industries is a paint developer and retailer that provides individual shoppers and organizations with paints to complete their projects. Supporting customers in over 70 countries across the globe, PPG Industries provides paint and other products both to individuals and to organizations in construction, transit, aerospace and other industries.

Employees: 23,000+


Argo AI Companies In Pittsburgh
Argo AI

Founded: 2016

Focus: AI, Automotive

What they do: Argo AI partners with automotive manufacturers to engineer fully integrated smart technologies built to make self-driving technology safer and more effective. Argo AI's team combines knowledge of machine learning with automotive expertise to design models that blend the best of both worlds, emphasizing safety as much as speed and efficiency. The company maintains a strong commitment to safe testing and currently tests its technologies in six cities across the country. 

Employees: 1,080+


American Eagle Outfitters Companies In Pittsburgh
American Eagle Outfitters

Founded: 1977

Focus: Retail

What they do: American Eagle Outfitters is a global clothing retail chain that designs casual fashion items and sells to customers in over 80 countries across the world. With both in-person and e-commerce shopping experiences, American Eagle Outfitters gives both national and international customers the ability to shop for stylish clothing from its multiple clothing brands.

Employees: 16,000+


GNC Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1935

Focus: Wellness, Retail

What they do: GNC is a wellness company that sells vitamins, supplements and other related products to customers looking to take control over their health journeys. GNC's large product suite includes workout supplements, protein packs, weight management supplies, skin care products and a variety of other items for health management.

Employees: 8,000+


Accion Labs Companies In Pittsburgh
Accion Labs

Founded: 2011

Focus: Software

What they do: Accion Labs supports its enterprise clients by offering them software engineering services and providing them the opportunity to adopt emerging technologies to enhance their operations. Teaming up with brands like Google, Visa, Amtrak and Microsoft, Accion Labs’ service suite includes DevOps development, advanced analytics, IT infrastructural development and other tech integrations.

Employees: 1,100+


Mastech Digital Companies In Pittsburgh
Mastech Digital

Founded: 1986

Focus: IT

What they do: Mastech Digital guides companies in advancing their operations and becoming more efficient with the help of IT, data science and software technologies. The company equips its clients with digital tools to better manage their data and optimize their spending, and additionally offers outsourced tech development talent to assist companies in completing projects quicker.

Employees: 900+


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Acrelec Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 2004

Focus: Software

What they do: Acrelec provides national and international companies with the technological tools to elevate the experiences they deliver to their customers. Acrelec's software development team partners with companies like McDonald's and Starbucks to develop products like drive-thru screens, in-store kiosks, self-checkout machines and others.

Employees: 500+


Net Health Companies In Pittsburgh
Net Health

Founded: 1993

Focus: Healthcare Technology

What they do: Net Health's tech team works to improve patient outcomes by providing healthcare institutions with technologies that ease the transition from in-hospital care to the return home. Net Health's telehealth services make outpatient care easier by giving both patients and care workers the tools to maintain continuous communication, and the company additionally offers digital marketing, revenue cycle management, and professional services to its industry clients.

Employees: 500+


Confluence Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1991

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Confluence's software and data science specialists work together to develop tools with which clients in the investment industry can streamline their operations and increase their wins. Confluence's technology suite provides each of its clients with products for anticipating risk and maintaining compliance, helping investors protect their assets while maximizing their returns.

Employees: 500+


Aerotech Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1970

Focus: Automation

What they do: Aerotech is an aerospace technology company that develops motion control and nanopositioning technologies for government organizations, scientific institutions and other clients reliant on automation technology to complete their initiatives. Aerotech's specialized engineering services have helped clients across the globe achieve their goals with the help of motion control tech, and the company has received a number of awards for its accomplishments and workplace environment from Reader's Choice, the Golden Mousetrap Awards, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Employees: 500+


Chromalox Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 1917

Focus: Electronics, Hardware

What they do: Chromalox engineers thermal technologies that industrial companies and manufacturers can use to manage the temperatures of their warehouses, transit vehicles and components. With over a hundred years of experience under its belt, the Chromalox team has a strong track record of delivering effective thermal technologies to companies in energy, commercial, defense, construction and other industries.

Employees: 500+


Acusis Companies In Pittsburgh

Founded: 2001

Focus: Healthcare Technology, Document Management

What they do: Acusis assists healthcare organizations in better managing their patient documentation with the help of technology, providing document storage and organization tools that both eliminate excess paper and enhance the efficiency of patient care. In addition to clinical document management, Acusis also offers tools to streamline the entire enterprise, including revenue cycle management, voice recognition software, cloud technology products and more.

Employees: 300+

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