31 Top Companies Shining a Light on Baltimore's Talent

Written by Sunny Betz
31 Top Companies Shining a Light on Baltimore's Talent
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 12, 2024

Baltimore may be a bit smaller than neighboring Washington, D.C., but for what it lacks in population size, it more than makes up for in talent, ambition and ingenuity. Baltimore's tech scene has enjoyed a lot of publicity and growth in the past few years, with local companies posting around one thousand new jobs every month. Baltimore's biggest industries are healthcare, biotech, and finance, but beyond those top markets the city boasts a diverse pool of companies in nearly every sector imaginable, offering everything from wearable fitness products to e-learning tools. Baltimore's exploding economic growth has earned it a position among the top 20 up-and-coming cities for tech growth — and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

For a taste of what Baltimore’s thriving economy has to offer, look no further than this list of some of the most ambitious companies contributing to the Baltimore legacy.

Top Companies in Baltimore to Know

  • Under Armour
  • OneMain Financial
  • Learn Behavioral
  • Constellation Energy
  • Prometric
  • Jensen Hughes
  • WillScot
  • Cowan Systems
  • ServiceNow
  • EPAM Systems


Founded: 1987

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: PatientPoint focuses on technology solutions that empower medical providers to grow their practices and provide their patients with quality care and education. Thousands of physician offices across multiple medical specialties use PatientPoint’s products and report outcomes like increases in flu vaccines and cancer screenings.

Number of employees: 501 - 1,000


Founded: 1991 

Focus: Software 

What they do: To elevate the performance of businesses, OpenText promotes peace of mind with the ultimate Information Management platform. Cloud-based solutions allow companies to integrate and protect information and OpenText streamlines this transition to the cloud with SaaS applications and cloud management services. Additionally, OpenText delivers consistent enhancements to keep business operations running smoothly.    

Number of Employees: 14,000+


Founded: 1952 

Focus: Aerospace, Security

What they do: General Dynamics Mission Systems is equipping defense personnel with adaptable, cutting-edge products. High-powered radios and geospatial technology enable teams to stay connected and aware of their positions in land, sea, and air environments. As the space and cyber frontiers emerge, General Dynamics Mission Systems continues to meet the changing needs of intelligence and defense groups.   

Number of Employees: 8,400+


Founded: 1944 

Focus: Information Technology, Security 

What they do: With the goal of improving the safety and efficiency of everyday life, Parsons Corporation showcases a set of advanced products. The company delivers defense, security, and infrastructure solutions to agencies at all government levels. Leveraging the tools of Parsons Corporation, teams can analyze data and make instant decisions to ensure the success of critical missions.  

Number of Employees: 14,400+


Founded: 2000 

Focus: Sales, Software 

What they do: Professionals need every advantage available within the sales and marketing fields, so ZoomInfo is collecting more consumer insights than ever before. Companies can leverage ZoomInfo’s database to access comprehensive profiles of individuals and companies. Plus, ZoomInfo offers tools that provide real-time data on consumers and their consumption habits. Organizations have all the information they need to then personalize each B2B interaction with potential customers. 

Number of Employees: 2,200+


Founded: 1917 

Focus: Greentech, Real Estate 

What they do: As one of the world’s leading design firms, HDR brings a multi-disciplinary approach to each project. Besides crafting sustainable and breath-taking structures, the firm also helps clients secure property rights, honor budget restrictions, and straighten out other practicalities. The result is a portfolio of buildings that nourish local communities and their environments.  

Number of Employees: 11,100+


Founded: 1971 

Focus: AdTech, Marketing Tech 

What they do: Branding has become essential in a society where consumers are bombarded by information. That’s why Merkle gives companies the guidance and tools needed to make a lasting impression. With the support of Merkle, businesses can analyze customer data, upgrade their digital strategies to marketing platforms, and tailor their content to the wants and needs of their target audiences. 

Number of Employees: 4,000


Founded: 2012 

Focus: Analytics

What they do: When it comes to harnessing the most up-to-date technologies, Novetta is a leader in its class. The company brings machine learning, cloud platforms, and other specialties to the space of analytics. As a result, Novetta delivers AWS-based solutions that allow National Security and Defense professionals to navigate data seamlessly and accumulate crucial insights.  

Number of Employees: 1,000+


Founded: 2003 

Focus: Aerospace 

What they do: To keep the US a key player in the digital realm, ASRC Federal provides a range of services to federal civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies. Not only does ASRC Federal offer advanced software and hardware solutions, but it also protects critical infrastructure with cybersecurity products. Whether an organization needs to upgrade its data centers or embrace new technologies, ASRC Federal has the skills to address problems from various angles. 

Number of Employees: 3,200+


Founded: 1999

Focus: Financial Services, Real Estate 

What they do: Real estate remains a complex landscape for companies to explore, which is why customers trust the insights and resources of JLL. As a leading professional services firm, JLL showcases a wide selection of properties and expertise in how to manage those properties. Once businesses settle on their ideal location, JLL can make recommendations for adopting technology and making improvements to the overall structure of each building.  

Number of Employees: 66,100+


Founded: 2000

Focus: Energy 

What they do: 10,000+ 

Number of Employees: The future of energy is evolving, and Exelon remains at the forefront of the latest developments. Exelon and its family of companies serve over 10 million customers along the east coast, including the District of Columbia. The organization remains a clean source of energy with nuclear, gas, wind, solar, and hydroelectric locations making up its low-cost power generation fleet.   


Founded: 1912 

Focus: Aerospace, Security 

What they do: Determined to make missions safer, Lockheed Martin is combining AI and machine learning to craft elite products. The company is a key contributor to the U.S. National Defense Strategy, enhancing communications between forces with its autonomous systems. Plus, Lockheed Martin equips aircraft with state-of-the-art hypersonic systems for effective results under more extreme conditions.  

Number of Employees: 108,500+


Founded: 1935 

Focus: Financial Services, Fintech 

What they do: Demonstrating decades of experience, Morgan Stanley has become a leading financial powerhouse. Governments, corporations, and individuals trust the firm to advise them on accumulating wealth and then managing their portfolios. Morgan Stanley has also developed a reputation for investment research, giving clients clarity with in-depth market analyses. 

Number of Employees: 87,800+


Founded: 2011 

Focus: Healthtech 

What they do: Optum is on a mission to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for patients. A network of over 53,000 doctors allows people to find care in their local area, and virtual visits eliminate the need for driving to an office. With additional perks such as 80% off prescriptions and 24/7 support services, patients can get the care they need as Optum members. 

Number of Employees: 115,000


Founded: 1993 

Focus: Consulting, Software 

What they do: Residing at the intersection of business and technology, EPAM Systems gives companies the tools to take their performances to the next level. The agency boasts a wealth of software engineering knowledge, providing clients with top professionals through its global Engineering Excellence programs. With access to technology experts and EPAM Systems’ Global Delivery platform, companies can adopt advanced products to give their workforces a competitive edge.  

Number of Employees: 49,600+


Founded: 2004 

Focus: Cloud, Information Technology

What they do: Time management is crucial to the success of a business, so ServiceNow speeds up processes with cloud and IT solutions. With ServiceNow’s Now Platform, companies can quickly develop mobile applications and guide interactions with intelligent chatbots. While ServiceNow technology automates mundane tasks, businesses can spend more time anticipating trends and finding more opportunities to improve their workflows.    

Number of Employees: 15,000


Founded: 1912

Focus: Finance

What they do: OneMain Financial connects its clients with personal loans to fit their needs and budget requirements, helping them through the loan application process as smoothly as possible. The company's team of financial experts helps ensure that each client stays on top of their finances and reaches their goals on time, offering fixed rates and payment options as well as negotiating reasonable payment plans.

Number of Employees: 5,170+


Founded: 1994

Focus: Edtech

What they do: Prometric develops technologies for use by testing organizations, providing institutions across the globe with the tools to effectively conduct large-scale testing. The company's online platform makes it easy for test-takers to register for tests, and it offers options for businesses, schools, and military organizations.

Number of Employees: 1,800+


Founded: 1996

Focus: Wearables, Retail

What they do: Under Armour is a clothing retailer that develops and sells wearables and clothes designed for high-performance sports. From moisture-wicking shirts to smart technologies that track health progress, Under Armour's focus is on delivering products that help support active lifestyles. Under Armour maintains a strong commitment to its fitness community, offering mentorship and education services to disadvantaged groups in order to encourage overall community health. 

Number of Employees: 9,000+


Founded: 2007

Focus: Education, Healthtech

What they do: LEARN Behavioral is an educational assistance organization focused on supporting children with autism and special needs in their educational journeys. The company's provider network utilizes a digital technology platform, called teleABA, to provide therapeutic services to children via computers and mobile devices, helping patients access care on demand.

Number of Employees: 4,000+


Founded: 1999

Focus: Energy

What they do: Constellation Energy is one of the foremost energy providers in the country, delivering a range of power and electric services to homeowners and corporations across the country. Constellation Energy seeks to not only provide energy services but to also help its customers save energy and money where possible, and the company serves customers in Texas, New York, Georgia, Illinois and thirteen other states.

Number of Employees: 3,900+


Founded: 1980

Focus: Security

What they do: Jensen Hughes engineers products designed to maintain both online and offline security, helping companies better respond to emergencies and protect both their employees and their assets. Integrating software into its approach, the company delivers risk analysis products built to maintain environmental safety, protecting businesses from fire risks, workplace hazards, crime and other emergencies.

Number of Employees: 1,400+


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Founded: 1945

Focus: Construction

What they do: WillScot manufactures and builds storage and space products for use by enterprises, including mobile offices, storage units and portable classrooms. WillScot offers organizations across the country space and storage solutions, serving organizations in construction, retail, government, transportation and other markets.

Number of Employees: 1,200+


Founded: 1924

Focus: Logistics

What they do: Cowan Systems is a logistics company that provides organizations of all shapes and sizes with shipping and transportation services built to help maintain their national connectivity and supply chains. Offering intermodal shipping, driver staffing, warehousing and brokerage services, Cowan Systems helps companies gain further control while providing insight into their supply chain networks.

Number of Employees: 600+


Founded: 1938

Focus: HVAC

What they do: Baltimore Aircoil Company is an international HVAC and refrigeration company that provides industrial cooling solutions to companies seeking to better control their environmental conditions and preserve their perishable products. The company's suite of products includes evaporative condensers, ice thermal storage units, closed circuit cooling towers and hybrid adiabatic products.

Number of Employees: 600+


Founded: 2000

Focus: Software, HR Tech

What they do: Catalyte leverages cutting-edge AI technology to make the talent acquisition process more efficient and successful, using machine learning technology to accurately identify the strongest candidates for open positions. Focused mainly on discovering software engineering talent, Catalyte additionally offers outsourced, on-demand engineering resources to help companies become more autonomous in their operations.

Number of Employees: 500+


Founded: 1837

Focus: Media

What they do: The Baltimore Sun is the largest news publication in the state of Maryland, delivering daily news content and current events coverage to a readership base of over one million people. In addition to breaking news, The Baltimore Sun publishes opinion pieces, puzzles, gift guides and a variety of other entertainment content.

Number of Employees: 400+


Founded: 2003

Focus: Marketing

What they do: R2integrated aims to combine technology tools with marketing strategy to help brands develop more targeted approaches to advertising their image and products. R2integrated utilizes data science and design expertise to guide brands in carving out niches in their industries, giving them more power over the experiences they offer their customers.

Number of Employees: 250+


Founded: 2003

Focus: Data Science

What they do: QL2 Software provides its enterprise clients with data capture technology that helps companies develop more accurate pictures of their place within their markets. Serving a broad range of industries from travel to retail, QL2 Software offers data acquisition, product matching, price monitoring, competitive intelligence and a number of other services

Number of Employees: 250+


Founded: 1960

Focus: Real Estate

What they do: Continental Realty Corporation is a large-scale real estate company that manages over ten thousand apartment complexes throughout Maryland and beyond. In addition to single and multi-family homes, Continental Realty Corporation also invests in a number of commercial properties and enterprise spaces, for a combined value of over two billion dollars.

Number of Employees: 250+

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Founded: 2011

Focus: Mobile

What they do: Companies that rely on networks of mobile devices can enlist Apkudo's help to maintain control over and connectivity of their connected devices. Apkudo's artificial intelligence technology helps companies more accurately run diagnostics and unlock new opportunities to streamline their supply chains.

Number of Employees: 100+

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