15 Branding Agencies in San Diego Helping Businesses Rise Above the Competition

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jul. 08, 2020
15 Branding Agencies in San Diego Helping Businesses Rise Above the Competition
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Boasting both a thriving tech community and a diverse arts scene, San Diego has emerged as one of California’s fastest-growing cities. In fact, San Diego County’s population, which rose to 3.6 million in 2019, accounts for roughly eight percent of California’s residents, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. And as is often the case with rapidly growing cities, San Diego has acquired a fiercely competitive job market, which has spawned a surge in locals clamoring for a spot at the city’s top startups and tech companies

As a city constantly on the rise, San Diego can naturally be a tough environment for both new and established businesses wishing to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, this oceanside metropolis is home to a bevy of branding specialists committed to helping brands thrive and achieve long-term success. Whether they’re crafting an influencer marketing campaign or designing a new logo, these branding experts know how to empower brands so they can connect with consumers and make an impact within their industries. Here’s a look at 15 branding agencies in San Diego helping businesses rise above the competition. 

Branding Agencies In San Diego To Know

  1. BLVR
  2. Raindrop
  3. LIFT Design Studio
  4. Ignyte
  6. Fifty & Fifty
  7. Evertype Brand \ Design
  8. MeadsDurket
BLVR branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2003

What they do: BLVR is a branding agency that specializes in building “belief-led” brands from the ground up. With a focus on brand design and development, the agency offers a variety of services such as brand and product architecture, corporate social responsibility, brand tone and voice, campaign design, art direction, asset creation and packaging design. BLVR’s other focus areas include UX strategy, persona development, content creation and CMS implementation.

Who they work with: Bethany Hamilton, Vessel, Finest Made and Truth Becomes Her.

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Buchanan Brand + Design branding agency San Diego
Buchanan Brand + Design

Founded: 1995

What they do: Buchanan Brand + Design is a graphic design agency that focuses on brand strategy and design. The agency’s specialties include competitive analysis, brand architecture and positioning, print collateral, environmental design, web design and development, and logo identity. Buchanan Brand + Design’s past projects include a global campaign on behalf of Blackberry and a new brand guideline partnership with Qualcomm.

Who they work with: Qualcomm, Blackberry, Bay Club and Imaging Healthcare Specialists. 


Raindrop branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2009

What they do: Raindrop is a full-service branding and advertising agency dedicated to helping brands create human connections. The agency focuses primarily on brand development, videography and photography, web design and development, social content, email marketing, and media planning and buying. Raindrop’s client base spans a diverse range of sectors including hospitality, tourism, education and e-commerce.

Who they work with: Dr. Squatch, San Diego Symphony, Credit.org and The Crack Shack. 


LIFT Design Studio branding agency San Diego
LIFT Design Studio

Founded: 2008

What they do: LIFT Design Studio is an independent design agency that specializes in helping brands identify their strengths in order to grow their businesses. The agency’s creative expertise encompasses brand identity, messaging, motion graphics, visual systems, infographics, illustration and photo art direction. In the past, LIFT Design Studio has collaborated with clients to develop new packaging systems, digital campaigns and websites.

Who they work with: Cisco, VMWare, HP, Netgear and Adidas.


Evertype Brand \ Design branding agency San Diego
Evertype Brand \ Design

Founded: 2003

What they do: Evertype Brand \ Design is a boutique branding and creative agency that specializes in lifestyle-focused design. The agency offers a wide range of services such as brand strategy, logo development, visual identity, brand collateral, packaging, Wordpress web design, ad campaigns, email marketing and retail signage. Evertype Brand \ Design works with clients from a variety of industries including hospitality, real estate and consumer goods.

Who they work with: The Candler Hotel, Emmes, Good Stuffing Company and The Blind Pig & Rum Row.


A&Co expression branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2014

What they do: A&Co (formerly Dcba_brand expression) is a boutique design agency dedicated to helping brands stand out within their industries. The agency focuses primarily on branding, strategy, digital and e-commerce solutions, content production, reporting and insights, campaign development and social media. A&Co’s mission is to help its clients grow and thrive in the modern age.

Who they work with: Nurish.me, Neal Communities, Piper & Heath and Duchateau. 


Ignyte branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2013

What they do: Launched by Brian Lischer, Ignyte is a branding firm that focuses on brand strategy, identity systems and storytelling. The firm’s specialties include brand positioning and architecture, market research, typography and iconography, copywriting, collateral, brand guidelines, content creation and brand management. Ignyte collaborates with clients from a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, real estate and entertainment.

Who they work with: Medvantx, Intersection, Vector Media and Reveel. 


BEXBRANDS branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2010

What they do: BEXBRANDS is dedicated to helping brands forge relationships with consumers that lead to business success. The agency offers a broad range of services such as brand identity, collateral, environmental signage, print and broadcast advertising, web design and email marketing. During past projects, BEXBRANDS has helped brands redesign their product packaging and develop new logos.

Who they work with: Lily’s, Back to the Roots, Kopari and Travis Parker. 


Fifty & Fifty branding agency San Diego
Fifty & Fifty

Founded: 2009

What they do: Fifty & Fifty is a digital agency that works exclusively with social impact organizations. The agency’s focus areas include brand naming, brand story development, sitemap and navigation strategy, content development and support, audience segmentation, channel strategy and analytics. In the past, Fifty & Fifty has helped clients develop documentary films, create digital campaigns and build online applications.

Who they work with: United Way, Bruce Lee Foundation, Real World Scholars and Blue Planet Foundation. 


Raygun branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2011

What they do: Founded by Stacey Edelstein and Dalton Rooney, Raygun is a creative studio that works exclusively with organizations dedicated to social impact. The company specializes in a variety of services such as brand strategy, user research, brand identity design, art and creative direction, CMS implementation and content strategy. Raygun’s aim is to help its clients communicate purpose, connect with audiences and scale impact.

Who they work with: Women’s Refugee Commission, The New Children’s Museum, Common Thread and Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust.


Blik branding agency San Diego

Founded: 1984

What they do: Blik is a brand communications agency that specializes in business-centric, creative design solutions. The agency’s focus areas encompass brand identity, web design, print collateral materials, business communications packages, content writing, direct-mail campaigns, corporate identity and packaging design. Blik’s client base spans a variety of sectors including retail, cleantech and tourism.

Who they work with: Urban Succulents, ECOR Global, Jer’s Handmade Chocolates and Guess Home Collection. 


MeadsDurket branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2004

What they do: MeadsDurket is a digital agency that specializes in branding. The agency’s services include brand development, consumer insights, strategic marketing and research, digital content creation, collateral, social media influencer campaign creation, media planning and buying, packaging design and video production. MeadsDurket works with clients from a diverse range of industries such as entertainment, financial services, consumer packaged goods and energy.

Who they work with: Sempra Energy, Union Bank, San Diego Honda Dealers and Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. 


Lightspace branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2015

What they do: Lightspace is a design and development agency that works with both small and large businesses. The agency’s specialties include branding, social media campaign creation, graphic design, illustration, media integrations and packaging design. During past projects, Lightspace has worked with brands to build mobile applications, develop custom Wordpress websites and create new brand logos.

Who they work with: Blue Bridge Hospitality, Avocado Crate, Amari Active and Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. 


Russell Creative branding agency San Diego
Russell Creative

Founded: 2010

What they do: Russell Creative is a branding agency that caters specifically to life sciences and tech companies. The agency’s expertise encompasses brand messaging and identity, copywriting, photography, web design and development, event marketing, packaging design, brand videos, product tours and investor pitch decks. Russell Creative’s aim is to help its clients cultivate and improve the health of their brands and set them up for long-term success.

Who they work with: Drawbridge Health, Bionano Genomics, Telephus Biosciences and Cypher Genomics. 

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Playground branding agency San Diego

Founded: 2013

What they do: Playground is a full-service design and development firm dedicated to creating branded spaces for businesses. The firm’s design specialties include custom furniture and fixtures, signage design, interior design, space planning, project management, concept creation and strategic design planning. In the past, Playground has primarily collaborated with clients from the hospitality and food industries.

Who they work with: Waffle Stop, Grand Hyatt San Diego, Coin-op Gaslamp and Little Italy Bungalows. 

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