24 Big Data and Data Science Consulting Firms to Know

Separating the signal from the noise is tough work in the era of big data. These consultancies have the managerial and technological chops to help businesses see more clearly.

Written by Stephen Gossett
24 Big Data and Data Science Consulting Firms to Know
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Matthew Urwin | Feb 07, 2024

Data science consulting firms help businesses make sense of the enormous size, speed and variety of data available. Big data consulting often involves tasks like data warehousing (the actual storage), data analysis (statistical and visual analysis of data), data governance (maintaining the security and integrity of data) and data science (procuring the actual actionable insights, sometimes with the aid of machine learning).

Like all once-emerging technologies, big data has seen its stock vacillate considerably. Data science has gone from being “the sexiest job of the 21st century” to widely eulogized. But if the multi-billion-dollar acquisitions of data software startup Looker and dataviz leader Tableau by Google and Salesforce are any indication, data science consulting has regained momentum heading into the next decade. 

Here are some big data consulting firms helping businesses make smarter data-based decisions.


24 Data Science Consulting Firms to Know

Location: Fully Remote

Enigma serves banks, business lenders and payment processing companies with data to drive their decisions on which B2B clients to engage and which to refuse. By analyzing over 40 percent of available credit card transactions as well as other indicators of financial well-being, Enigma gathers and analyzes data that informs marketing and financial decisions across a company’s processes.  


Location: Newtorn, Pennsylvania

EPAM employs a global team of thousands of digital transformation experts whose capabilities extend to working with clients on products and solutions that enable them to leverage their data to drive positive business outcomes. The company’s services encompass facets of data and analytics strategy like platform engineering, business analytics and data commercialization.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Slalom’s project pool runs deep and wide, from applying machine learning to medical data in efforts to battle breast cancer to developing an app that helps eliminate noxious and harmful weeds. But it’s all rooted in data: Thousands of Slalom’s consultants in a dozen-plus cities help businesses organize and interpret that data using cloud and data architecture, visualization, product engineering and artificial intelligence.


Location: Teaneck, New Jersey

Cognizant is a Fortune 500 corporation that stretches across industries, including business process outsourcing, digital marketing, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and IT. To keep the machine humming, Cognizant employs complex, predictive AI analytics and cloud migration services for the dozens of companies under its umbrella of acquisitions and beyond.


Location: Evanston, Illinois

ZS is a consulting firm that specializes in upgrading tech stacks for organizations in the healthcare industry. Clients work with the firm to design an analytics roadmap, pinpointing areas where each client can integrate analytics and artificial intelligence. ZS then takes over the process, whether it’s building data lakes, migrating data to cloud and big data platforms or teaching workforces how to operate new technologies.


Location: Pleasanton, California

Veeva often operates in the life sciences sector, supporting organizations with business consulting and cloud-based software. The company’s data cloud contains detailed data on various customers, health experts and prescribers. This way, clients can make data-backed decisions to fine-tune marketing, sales and medical initiatives. And for those who need additional guidance, Veeva provides a team of consultants that can help each client develop a strategy for adopting Veeva’s cloud technology.


Location: Richmond, Virginia

CapTech offers a range of big data consulting services, including data architecture, science, engineering, visualization and governance. Additional services cover such things as brand identity and natural language processing. Notable clients include power company Dominion Energy, which recruited CapTech to help keep up with and make sense of voluminous data from its smart meters.

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Location: Seattle, Washington

Logic20/20 helps all kinds of organizations and businesses, but its consulting work in the Pacific Northwest is emblematic of the fruitful intersection between data and education. The Advanced AWS partner has cleaned up data storage and diversity spending reporting for the University of Washington. It has also improved data warehousing and business intelligence for Walla Walla University.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Experfy is a freelance marketplace that connects independent data experts with clients who want to sidestep the traditional consulting route. The company markets to mid-tier businesses for which the expense and long-term contractual nature of a traditional firm might not be the best fit.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

As a data and analytics consultancy, Analytics8 helps companies translate their data into meaningful and actionable information. From data strategy to implementation, the company has helped clients specializing in everything from life sciences to financial services apply analytics to drive their decision-making. For example, AB InBev slashed logistics reporting from hours or days down to minutes, thanks to a Qlik Sense data model and dashboard designed by Analytics8.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

SPINS focuses on wellness-related data to help brands and retailers who work with natural and organic products. The company displays a network of retail partnerships, offering clients insights based on a sizable point-of-sale database. Organizations can then analyze this data to adjust their marketing and sales strategies and identify opportunities for growth.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

BCG GAMMA is the data science wing of Boston Consulting Group that employs artificial intelligence to analyze data. Clients can work with this firm to determine how they can apply AI to streamline their software, systems and infrastructure. Those seeking a more immersive digital transformation can also partner with Boston Consulting Group to adopt a data and digital platform, which provides the latest techniques for organizing data and gleaning insights from that data.


Location: Santa Clara, California

While Trianz offers a variety of digital services for businesses, from cloud security to infrastructure management, it’s recognized as a leader in data analytics. This IT consulting firm consults with businesses on marketing, sales, social media, human resources and finance analytics. It also partners with some of the leading data analysis and cloud-based warehousing platforms, like IBM, Jacobs and Gogo.

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Location: New York, New York

Caserta collaborates with clients to tailor its data and analytics strategies to each client’s unique circumstances. Each project begins with an assessment, so Caserta can develop a strategy and roadmap. From this planning, Caserta can decide which services best meet the needs of each client, choosing between business intelligence, machine learning, AI, cloud migration and blockchain, among other areas.


Location: Campbell, California

Saama supports the data needs of companies with its modern data platform, which combines structured and unstructured data. Besides providing in-depth analysis of raw data, the platform is also ideal for cloud migration. Saama partners with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, so its data platform remains accessible to a wide audience.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Cervello is a business analytics adviser notable for its multi-pronged, holistic approach, which includes aspects of CRM, cloud computing and business intelligence. The company develops a data strategy for each client with the goal of improving a business’ data visualization. To ensure teams can glean insights from complex data, Cervello relies on machine learning and AI to deliver faster insights.


Location: San Jose, California

AI is becoming an increasingly common presence in the big data advisory world. Pluto7 applies machine learning to historical data for marketing, sales and supply chain optimization, particularly in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and technology arenas. A notable example: The firm ran a host of data through its natural language processing application, ultimately slashing clinical trial processing time by three-quarters.


Location: San Francisco, California

DesignMind traffics in everything from mobile app development to technical staffing to database consulting, but it looms large in big data analytics. It’s versed in Hadoop, Apache and AWS and maintains an enviable roster of partners, including Microsoft, Snowflake and Amazon Web Services. DesignMind’s services cover areas like data engineering, data architecture and cloud data platforms.


Location: Milpitas, California

How it uses big data: Enquero is a digital engineering and management consulting firm that supports clients with a slate of big data services. The firm modernizes data warehouses, builds data lakes, develops data governance structure and offers cloud-based solutions. Companies can take advantage of these capabilities with Enquero’s PowerMe platform, which enables clients to collaborate with and manipulate their data.

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Location: Princeton, New Jersey

LatentView’s custom and pre-built platforms run the gamut from dataviz to machine learning, including a conversational analytics AI that hopscotches multiple domains to un-silo previously isolated data. For companies looking to upgrade their technology, LatentView crafts a strategy for building data lakes, applying machine learning, adopting modern architecture and embracing other initiatives to improve a company’s systems.


Location: Alameda, California

Absolutdata complements analytics with AI technology with its NAVIK AI platform, which supports sales, marketing, technology and operations needs. This analytics software platform automates various aspects of data analytics and business decision-making, producing more efficient and profitable results. And because the platform is grounded in AI and machine learning, it has the ability to learn and tailor its solutions to different contexts.


Location: Roseville, California

BlastX helps businesses make a good first impression on customers with an approach it calls digital experience optimization. With a customer-first mindset, BlastX compiles data on each client’s customers and crafts a holistic customer profile. Organizations can then leverage this data to decide which types of content to distribute, what channels to target and when to reach out to target audiences.


Location: Newark, California

When companies implement data upgrades, they must decide whether those enhanced capabilities will be housed on-premises, cloud-hosted, or both (the increasingly popular hybrid system). Cloudwick helps clients — including data-drenched companies like Bank of America, Comcast and Walmart — engineer and administer any of the above options. And it expanded a long-running collaboration with APM outfit Pepperdata to help large enterprises migrate and measure big data to the cloud or hybrids.


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Rock Your Data showcases a versatile slate of data services, creating dashboards to visualize data, building data lakes and applying machine learning and AI technologies, among other areas of expertise. With an impressive network that includes partners like Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Matillion, Rock Your Data tailors its cloud analytics methods to the unique needs of each client.

Rose Velazquez and Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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