9 Advertising Agencies Helping Salt Lake City Companies Get Their Message Across

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Dec. 21, 2020
9 Advertising Agencies Helping Salt Lake City Companies Get Their Message Across
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In a tech scene as vibrant and growing as Salt Lake City’s, having a strong brand voice is essential to stand out from the pack. Being able to tell your company’s story, and to tell it well, is both the key to success and also one of the harder disciplines to master. Luckily, there’s no shortage of advertising agencies in the Salt Lake City region ready and willing to help your ideas take off. Advertising agencies combine strong creative visions with hard data to craft campaigns that not only please the eye but also generate real results. A good advertising campaign can spell the difference between getting lost in the crowd and becoming a household name, and the creative visionaries who work at Salt Lake City’s advertising agencies are prepared to make their clients’ visions come to life. 

Take a look at how these 9 advertising agencies in Salt Lake City can help your company strengthen its voice. 

Advertising Agencies in Salt Lake City to Know

  • IC Group
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Struck
  • Contravent
  • The Summit Group
  • Penna Powers
  • Molio


Rakuten Advertising Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City
Rakuten Advertising

Founded: 1996

What they do: Rakuten Advertising is an advertising agency with a global footprint, providing integrated digital marketing and branding services to companies both large and small the world over. The agency helps its clients maximize their impact on their budget and terms, offering affiliate marketing, consumer analytics and media content production services to help them elevate their messaging.

Clients: Benefit, JetBlue, DialogTech, Ecco, Jansport, New Balance.


IC Group Advertising Agencies in Salt Lake City
IC Group 

Founded: 1982

What they do: IC Group offers a set of multichannel marketing services to companies across the globe, from printing and promotional products to web-based advertising. The agency's team has delivered catalogs, custom promotional toys, mobile POS technologies, and direct mail advertising services to clients the energy, retail, education and an array of other industries.

Clients: Sinclair Oil Corporation, Walmart, Genesis Business Development, Clearlink.

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Struck Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City

Founded: 1995

What they do: Struck is a creative advertising agency with a focus on the digital realm, offering marketing and campaign development services capable of deployment on web, mobile, and social media platforms. From initial strategizing to campaign launching, Struck supports its clients along every step of their advertising initiatives and provides them with guidance in achieving their goals and reaching new customers.

Clients: Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Altabank, McDonald’s.


Contravent Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City

Founded: 2012

What they do: Contravent specializes in advertising both online and offline, providing its clients with expertise in developing social media campaigns, in-store experiential marketing, video advertising content and more. Some of the past projects its team has worked on include logo design, brand messaging, VR development, style guide creation and partner program development.

Clients: Black Feather, Forge Dx, CloudFlare, CenturyLink, FireEye.


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The Summit Group Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City
The Summit Group

Founded: 1981

What they do: The Summit Group partners with brands of all disciplines to assist in telling their stories with the help of digital marketing and advertising tools. Headquartered in the Salt Lake City area, The Summit Group also delivers advertising services to clients from seven other U.S. locations in Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, South Caroline, Virginia, Michigan and Washington.

Clients: Subway, Microsoft, Sony, Jabil, Wireless Vision.


Penna Powers Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City
Penna Powers

Founded: 1984

What they do: Penna Powers' main area of expertise is advertising, but the company also offers general branding, public relations and customer outreach services to its many enterprise clients. Serving everyone from entertainment companies to government organizations, Penna Powers has a proven track record of delivering highly impactful video and web campaigns, and its team additionally hosts a marketing podcast designed to help listeners take control over their branding initiatives.

Clients: Utah Census, UCair, Harmons, XInsurance, Nevada Health Link.


Molio Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City

Founded: 2015

What they do: Molio develops creative advertising campaigns informed by real-time analytics, taking customer behavior into account and crafting initiatives built to meet their wants. The agency's A-Z testing method analyzes video content performance and industry trends to build creative campaigns that effectively showcase each client's strengths.

Clients: Alba Botanica, UCCU, Bouchard.


Hydro Studios Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City
Hydro Studios

Founded: 2012

What they do: Hydro Studios delivers a comprehensive suite of advertising and marketing solutions that hone in on amplifying brand messaging and curating brand images. In addition to its many advertising campaigns, Hydro Studios has also been behind a portfolio of films and television series, including titles like "The Human Experiment," "Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me," and "Wall Street Warriors."

Clients: Stonyfield, Princess Cruises, KB Home, Microsoft, Comstor.


ThoughtLab Advertising Agencies Salt Lake City

Founded: 1999

What they do: ThoughtLab's team offers capabilities like advertising campaign development, web design, user experience curation and other services to a broad base of industry clients. Serving everyone from e-commerce companies to hospitality organizations, ThoughtLab's many services include mobile campaign deployment, custom software building, graphic design and other solutions.

Clients: eBay, Advance Auto Parts, Blendtec, SkyWest, Wish.


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