If you want to include an image in HTML, it’s pretty straightforward. You’d enter code like this:

HTML code to add image
Code to add an image in HTML. | Image: Jayanth Somineni 

But including images in a React JavaScript application requires a slightly different approach. 

4 Ways to Display Images in React JS

  1. Use the import keyword.
  2. Use the require keyword.
  3. Import SVGs directly as a React component.
  4. Load images directly from the network. 

In this article, I will explain different ways of including images in React applications.


How to Use the Import Keyword in React to Load Images

You can import a file right in a JavaScript module. This tells a webpack to include that file in the bundle. Your code will look like this:

JavaScript code to add an image in react using import function
Code to add an image in React.JS apps using the import function. | Image: Jayanth Somineni

This ensures that when the project is built, webpack will move the images into the build folder and provide you with correct paths.

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How to Use the Require Keyword in React to Load Images

We can also use the require keyword to load the images into your component. When you do that, your code should look like this:

Code to add an image in React.JS apps using the require function.
Code to add an image in React.JS using the require function. | Image: Jayanth Somineni

require can also be used for including audio, video or document files in your project. The most common types are .mp3, .wav, .mp4, .mov, .html and .pdf.


How to Add SVG Files to React

One way to add scalable vector graphic (SVG) files is described above, but you can also import SVGs directly as React components. In your code, it would look like this:

code to add svg files to react
Code to add SVG files directly to React.JS. | Image: Jayanth Somineni

This is handy if you don’t want to load the SVG as a separate file. Don’t forget the curly braces in the import. The ReactComponent import name is significant and tells Create React App that you want a React component that renders an SVG rather than its filename.

This feature is available with [email protected] and higher as well as [email protected] and higher.

A tutorial on how to add images in React.JS apps. | Video: Study Read Educate

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How to Add Network Images to React

If you are loading images from the network, then it’s a pretty straightforward approach. In your code, it would look like this:

code to add network images to react.JS
Code to add network images to React.JS apps. | Image: Jayanth Somineni

These are the different ways to include images in your React application.

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