Amongst Raleigh's stunning landscapes and prominent higher education institutions sits a growing tech scene on the verge of a major boom. An increasing number of startups have begun calling the city home, taking on challenges in fintech, software, cloud technology and more while delivering solutions with global impact. Whether they exist in the heart of the Research Triangle Park or anywhere else in the city, these are the 23 tech companies in Raleigh to know.

Tech Companies In Raleigh To Know

  • Altaro
  • Bandwidth
  • Cloudpay
  • Green Orbit
  • Insight Software
  • K4Connect
  • Pendo
  • PennyMac
  • Red Hat
Analytics8 Tech Companies Raleigh

Founded: 2002 

Focus: Analytics 

What they do: Companies can’t afford to fall behind in competitive environments, so Analytics8 is finding better ways to harness their data. Analytics8 works with clients to develop data strategies, implement state-of-the-art tools, detect patterns, and anticipate trends. From cloud platforms to data architecture, Analytics8 takes cutting-edge solutions and molds them around the needs of each company for a personalized and seamless transition. 


Red Hat tech companies in Raleigh
Red Hat

Founded: 1999

Focus: Cloud

What they do: Red Hat offers a lengthy suite of products designed to provide organizations with best-in-class cloud, storage, development and automation capabilities. Operating from a belief in collaboration, Red Hat has long worked on community projects and been an advocate for open source licensing while maintaining transparency and meritocracy as core values, allowing the company to continue pushing the boundaries of technology.


PrecisionHawk tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2010

Focus: Drone technology

What they do: PrecisionHawk believes that in order to keep organizations in the agriculture, energy and government industries secure, drone technology is a vital option. The company offers drone, sensor, software and satellite solutions that allow organizations to build out multifaceted drone programs, offering options for self-piloting or expert-led missions to ensure aerial intelligence is prioritized.


GRAIL tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2016

Focus: Healthcare

What they do: GRAIL is a health science company dedicated to developing blood tests that detect cancer early enough to be detected when treatment may be more successful. The company creates tests that seek cancer signals in the blood cells, taking the complexity of cancer into account when measuring to separate the signal from the noise and deliver the right signals that enable patients to seek out the best treatment possible.


Celonis tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2011

Focus: Software

What they do: Headquartered in New York, Celonis has developed process mining technology in an effort to help organizations remove operational friction. The company’s Enterprise Performance Acceleration software pulls data from event logs in underlying operational systems to show companies how processes are flowing across departments, geographies and disparate operational systems.



Founded: 1999

Focus: API

What they do: Bandwidth is creating software that will allow developers to build voice, text and 911 applications that will push the future of communications beyond what can be imagined. The API provider operates its own network to cut out intermediary parties and save its customers costs when building out revolutionary VoIP products. Bandwidth’s solutions are perfect for enterprise customers and carriers/resellers alike.


FM Systems tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 1979

Focus: Workplace Software

What they do: Taking control over workplace operations is key to the success of any organization. FMSystems helps to make the process much simpler. The platform includes software and hardware solutions for workplace management, workplace analytics, and employee experience, including tools for real estate, sustainability, booking analytics and room booking.


Insight Software tech companies in Raleigh
Insight Software

Founded: 2000

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Insight Software makes it easy for organizations to answer any financial question facing them. The platform lays out key insights and provides full visibility into financial reporting, budgeting and planning, tax provisioning, consolidation and more, integrating with a multitude of data sources to ensure financial records are complete and paint a clear picture.


Pendo tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2013

Focus: Analytics

What they do: Pendo provides a powerful tool for organizations looking to better understand their products' journeys. The Pendo Product Cloud allows organizations to receive insights into how users are interacting with products, sentiments about user experience and feedback about what features to implement next, with roadmapping tools included to pave the way for future developments.


PennyMac tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2008

Focus: Home loans

What they do: PennyMac offers mortgage loan and home refinancing services, partnering with people with various home ownership statuses to help them meet their home goals. Online tools are available on PennyMac’s website for finding home value estimations, comparing loan options and calculating mortgages, facilitating home ownership success.


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Founded: 1996

Focus: Fintech

What they do: CloudPay is a unified platform dedicated to simplifying payroll challenges for entire organizations. The platform provides full visibility into payroll performance, costs and compliance while connecting seamlessly with existing payroll systems to add automation and analytics capabilities, saving time and painting a clearer payroll picture.


DataClarity Corporation tech companies in Raleigh
DataClarity Corporation

Founded: 2002

Focus: Analytics

What they do: DataClarity offers a first-of-its-kind analytics and data science platform intended to allow enterprises to scale seamlessly by integrating data virtualization, data science and data visualization capabilities. The platform is compatible across data sources and utilizes complex data science and programming capabilities so companies can complete thoroughly analysis. Additional tools from DataClarity add AI/machine learning, storyboarding, user access and deployment solutions.


FISCAL Technologies tech companies in Raleigh
FISCAL Technologies

Founded: 2003

Focus: Logistics

What they do: As a provider of powerful forensic solutions to protect supply chains of all varieties, FISCAL Technologies is key for procure-to-pay teams across the globe looking to take control over organizational spend. Unique technologies include tools for assessing transactional risk, vendor risk and anti-fraud control, with reporting and monitoring capabilities built in so organizations can increase profitability and drive process improvement.


Altaro Software tech companies in Raleigh
Altaro Software

Founded: 2009

Focus: Software

What they do: Altaro Software’s products are here to ensure that files and documents are always protected from crashes and system failures. Through the use of virtual machines, Altaro Software offers backup and replication software for use in Hyper-V, VMWare, Microsoft Office 365, and physical server environments, providing companies with a robust solution to information challenges.


Green Orbit tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2003

Focus: Software

What they do: GreenOrbit delivers intranet solutions for organizations looking to build stronger employee engagement and provide a swifter way for employees to uncover the information they need. The cloud-based platform is perfect for onboarding new employees, building a stronger culture, engaging remote employees and highlighting achievements, as well as providing a centralized location for content, HR documents and more.


Junxure tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2001

Focus: Software

What they do: Junxure offers a CRM that utilizes automation to streamline workflows, simplify technology and scale efficiently, allowing organizations to forge deeper relationships with clients. Making use of the Junxure platform allows companies to keep client information centralized, automatically manage workflow and provide insight-driven reports to clients and personnel, plus integrations with popular software and platforms creates a streamlined approach to migrating data into Junxure.


K4Connect tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2013

Focus: IoT Software

What they do: K4Connect focuses on enriching the lives of those living within senior living communities by adding accessible technology integrations to their daily lives. Smart home and IoT integrations from K4Connect allow seniors to control unit lighting and temperature through voice, remote or app functions, plus wellness, engagement and productivity capabilities provide facilitators with simple ways to bring day-to-day enrichment to seniors while improving facility infrastructure.


Leoforce tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2012

Focus: HR Software

What they do: Leoforce is pioneering the AI revolution in the recruitment industry through Arya, a platform designed to allow recruiters to discover deeper pools of candidates. Arya engages automatically with candidates possessing the necessary skills for a position and pulls the best matches into a centralized location for review, eliminating bias in recruiting and allowing organizations to make more data-driven decisions.


Levitate tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2017

Focus: Software

What they do: Levitate’s relationship management platform allows businesses to keep in touch with clients, prospects and referral sources through powerful tools that keep communications all in one place. The platform allows users to import existing contacts and integrate email accounts and calendars, plus robust messaging and analytics capabilities bring swift communication and powerful insights to the table, making value more visible and keeping relationships healthy.


PeopleFluent tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 1997

Focus: HR Software

What they do: PeopleFluent is a platform designed to handle every task related to the recruitment and development of people within an organization. For small, mid-sized and large enterprises alike, PeopleFluent offers solutions for recruitment, performance, compensation, succession, org charting and learning, all packaged in a user-friendly platform meant to grow with the organization.


ShareFile tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 2005

Focus: Software

What they do: In the modern age of technology, organizations must be able to share files quickly while being able to collaborate in real time. ShareFile’s solution allows for just that, along with automated workflows that can be customized to team needs like real-time feedback, request approvals, co-editing and e-signature capabilities. The platform integrates seamlessly with Google, Microsoft and others, making ShareFile a perfect solution for IT, sales, marketing and HR teams alike.


SoftPro tech companies in Raleigh

Founded: 1984

Focus: Real Estate Software

What they do: SoftPro has a mission of making the real estate closing, title and escrow process simpler for agents through the use of best-in-class software. The platform comes loaded with tools for closing/title/escrow production, automation, accounting, document creation, document scanning and 1099-s submissions, plus thorough reporting capabilities are included to provide a clear view throughout the entire process.


VitalSource Technologies tech companies in Raleigh
VitalSource Technologies

Founded: 1994

Focus: Digital Media

What they do: VitalSource is providing a solution to combat barriers to success in education — a digital platform that provides students and educators with access to engaging digital content. Digital textbooks and immersive learning content for university students and those in grades K-12 alike are all featured on VitalSource’s platform so students have a frictionless way to receive the materials they need without making sacrifices.



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