The 12 Largest Companies in Phoenix to Watch

Sunny Betz
December 10, 2020
Updated: January 6, 2021
Sunny Betz
December 10, 2020
Updated: January 6, 2021

Phoenix's warm weather and unique western flair have drawn in visitors for years but the city's growing tech scene is beginning to attract more and more people not just for a weekend stay, but for the long term. Phoenix's proximity to the California coast and comparatively low cost of living have made the Valley of the Sun an attractive destination for West Coast techies looking to relocate somewhere a little less competitive. In fact, the ascendance of tech in Phoenix's local economy has been so notable that the city has earned the nickname "the Silicon Desert."

Tech aside, there are dozens of Phoenix companies across industries doing their part to put the city on the map. Manufacturing, healthcare and finance are major staples in the region’s economy, but the Arizona metro is also home to ambitious enterprises in retail, transportation, aerospace and countless others.

Take a look at 12 of the largest companies in Phoenix to understand why the city holds potential to become the next Silicon Valley.

Largest Companies in Phoenix

  • PetSMart
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Avnet
  • Knight Transportation
  • EXOS
  • Axway
  • Climatec
  • Valor Global
PetSmart Companies in Phoenix


    Founded: 1986

    Focus: Retail

    What they do: PetSmart is one of the largest pet supply retailers in the country, offering both practical support and products to pet owners across the United States. With locations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, PetSmart offers pet grooming services, adoption services, training courses and pet boarding in addition to selling products such as food, toys and other pet accessories.

    Number of Employees: 55,000+


    ON Semiconductor Companies in Phoenix
    ON Semiconductor


    Founded: 1999

    Focus: Semiconductor

    What they do: ON Semiconductor is a semiconductor and chip manufacturer with an international impact, serving industry customers spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia and other regions. Its team engineers products for use in energy management, medical care, automotives manufacturing and a variety of other use cases. 

    Number of Employees: 11,000+


    Avnet Companies in Phoenix


    Founded: 1921

    Focus: Semiconductor

    What they do: Avnet partners with tech industry companies to guide them in developing the products they need to succeed, providing them with outsourced engineering services to help them holistically expand and grow. Avnet's engineers offer a vast portfolio of product options, and are capable of delivering capacitors, inductors, embedded systems, thermal management tools, optoelectronics and dozens of other products.

    Number of Employees: 10,000+

    Knight Transportation Companies in Phoenix
    Knight Transportation


    Founded: 1990

    Focus: Logistics

    What they do: Knight Transportation is a national logistics company, operating fleets of trucking vehicles, shipping products and freight between enterprise customers across the country. The company's broad shipping network allows it the ability to connect its clients with the freight they need on tight timelines, helping to boost overall operational efficiency and connectivity while streamlining their supply chains.

    Number of Employees: 2,000+


    EXOS Companies in Phoenix


    Founded: 1999

    Focus: Wellness

    What they do: EXOS provides its customers with health management and performance tools to help them achieve their wellness and exercise goals. From in-person facilities to digital wellness tools, EXOS guides its clients through every step of their health journeys. The business also partners with some of the world's leading companies to help them support their employees in reaching their health objectives.

    Number of Employees: 2,000+

    Axway Companies in Phoenix


    Founded: 2001

    Focus: SaaS

    What they do: Axway is a software-focused company that hones in on developing digital models for connectivity between brands and markets. A leading name in life cycle API management, Axway works with companies like Baird and CardinalHealth to support file transfer, application integration, content collaboration and other tech-enabled operations.

    Number of Employees: 2,000+

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    Climatec Companies in Phoenix


    Founded: 1975

    Focus: Industrial Automation

    What they do: Climatec is an industrial construction company that develops technologies and materials to create building systems that help companies protect and optimize their environments. From energy management to video recording and other security measures, Climatec provides a comprehensive suite of building management products designed to help companies protect their assets and secure their premises.

    Number of Employees: 700+


    Valor Global Companies in Phoenix
    Valor Global


    Founded: 2004

    Focus: IT

    What they do: Valor Global provides enterprise clients with comprehensive IT services to support their overall operations and help them deliver more impactful experiences to their customers. Specializing mainly in call center solutions, Valor Global helps companies improve their customer communications and provides them with the technology tools to reach their client bases more easily.

    Number of Employees: 400+


    Nikola Motor Company Companies in Phoenix
    Nikola Motor Company


    Founded: 2014

    Focus: Automotive

    What they do: Nikola Motor Company is an automotive enterprise focused on reducing global emissions through clean technology solutions. The company's team of engineers and developers designs electric vehicle technologies and systems built to utilize energy in the most optimal manner possible, with the eventual aim of reaching zero emissions and encouraging sustainability in the greater automotives industry. 

    Number of Employees: 400+


    AFS Technologies Companies in Phoenix
    AFS Technologies


    Founded: 1982

    Focus: Food Service

    What they do: AFS Technologies delivers infrastructural support to companies in the food industry, providing tech-enabled solutions for distribution and logistics, delivery, purchasing and other operations. From warehouse management to revenue recognition, AFS Technologies provides products for every step of the food service supply chain, helping its industry clients optimize their finances and operations.

    Number of Employees: 300+


    Transact Campus Companies in Phoenix
    Transact Campus


    Founded: 2016

    Focus: Edtech, Fintech

    What they do: Transact Campus is a payments company that aims to make school and campus experiences more enjoyable and easier for both students and their families. Powered by cloud technology, Transact Campus makes it easier for users to make tuition payments and set up dining plans, as well as offering tools for automating event attendance and maintaining personal data security.

    Number of Employees: 300+


    SkyTouch Technology Companies in Phoenix
    Skytouch Technology


    Founded: 2013

    Focus: Hospitality

    What they do: SkyTouch Technology runs a cloud-integrated web platform with which hotels and other hospitality businesses can better envision avenues for growth and improvement. The company's platform provides hoteliers with full visibility into their customer's feedback and provides them with tools to strategize how to make their guest experiences better.

    Number of Employees: 150+

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