Margo Steines | Jul 11, 2023

Many companies are modernizing their employee benefits as a way to attract new talent and entice current staffers to stick around. These businesses are looking for solutions that are innovative, engaging and easy to implement. Here are nine companies that empower businesses to expand their employee benefits beyond paid time off and 401(k) matches.

Top Employee Benefits Companies

  • HealthJoy
  • Guild
  • Carrot Fertility
  • Garner Health
  • Nibble Health
  • InStride
  • Healthee
  • Pebble


Employee Benefits Companies to Know

Thrivepass makes benefits administration software for managing HR processes like enrollment, stipends and reimbursements. Part of the company’s product suite is the Thrive Account, which is a lifestyle benefits account that companies can customize for their employees to include options like mental healthcare, wellness services, travel, entertainment and financial wellness. The account functions like a marketplace where team members can access services using funds designated by their employer.  


Pebble partners with large health insurance companies to create healthcare benefits packages for small and medium sized businesses. It gives employers the tools to provide coverage at better rates and to offer competitive benefits packages with desirable options like fertility and mental health coverage.


The HealthJoy platform, which covers both a mobile app and a live human concierge team, connects employees with their healthcare benefits. It helps them navigate the labyrinthine insurance and reimbursement systems to minimize out of pocket expenses and maximize health outcomes. HealthJoy offers virtual urgent care, virtual musculoskeletal care, bill review, behavioral health referrals and works with EAPs to assist employees in accessing care.


Guild gives employers the resources and support they need to offer educational opportunities as part of their employee benefits programs. Companies that partner with Guild can connect their employees with the Guild Career Opportunity Platform, which lets them access various degree programs and skills-based learning opportunities, direct tuition payment and career coaching.

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Employers can work with Carrot Fertility to offer their workers fertility care and other clinical support as benefits. Carrot covers everything from IVF and adoption to menopause and low testosterone and facilitates access to care in more than 130 countries. Its experts develop personalized plans to meet members where they’re at in their fertility journey, whether that’s in the educational stage, during pregnancy or for postnatal care.


Garner Health is an employee benefits tool that helps users connect with the best doctor to meet their needs. Members input information about the care they’re looking for, then Garner provides a list of recommended physicians. Each doctor’s profile includes an overall score based on an analysis of cost, quality of care and patient reviews, as well as information about the office location and whether the doctor has upcoming availability. 


Nibble Health allows employers to provide workers with the choice to pay for their healthcare over time without interest or fees. When an employee activates their account, they are sent a Nibble Health credit card, which can be used for a range of medical needs, including dental appointments, ambulance trips, counseling and pharmacy purchases. Swiping the card takes care of the up-front expenses and then the cardholder pays the bill through a series of installments.


InStride facilitates workforce education and helps businesses revamp their tuition assistance programs. Employers can collaborate with InStride to develop Strategic Enterprise Education programs that give their employees access to a curated array of degree programs, certifications and other courses for skills development. Adidas, Amazon and Carvana have partnered with InStride to bring their employees new learning opportunities.

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Zoe is Healthee’s artificial intelligence-powered assistant, capable of fielding questions about health insurance and employee benefit. By using Healthee’s web or mobile platform, employees can access information that helps them make better use of their health benefits. Zoe can also save HR teams time without compromising on employee satisfaction.

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