The media landscape covers everything from social media platforms and streaming services to digital and print news organizations. Its biggest players have made names for themselves by producing content across a variety of channels. These are five of the largest media companies bringing consumers news and entertainment.

Largest Media Companies

  • Apple
  • Netflix
  • Paramount
  • Meta
  • Hearst


Largest Media Companies

The media arm of the Apple tech empire publishes content in every available medium. The suite of channels includes the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple Books and Apple News+, collectively adding up to one of the largest media offering repositories in the world. 

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Streaming behemoth Netflix started out sending rental DVDs through the mail in the 1990s, and today runs a digital subscription-based media business. It produces its own original programming through Netflix Studios and licenses a vast list of visual entertainment, including scripted shows, reality television, movies and comedy. Netflix original stand-up comedy specials bring top-tier comics to the home screen. 


Iconic Paramount operates a portfolio of name brand visual media networks, studios and streaming brands, bringing premium content to viewers. Paramount Pictures is the longest running and last remaining major movie studio in Hollywood and has largely driven the technological advances in film of the past decade. On the streaming side, the Paramount+ streaming network gives access to a huge collection of otherwise-unavailable serial shows.


Meta, which used to be Facebook, owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and a long list of other popular social media and communications apps. As a social media company, Meta is moving toward offering augmented reality and virtual reality media experiences and developing an integrated “Metaverse” media ecosystem that places users in an immersive version of the internet. 

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Hearst is traditionally known for print media, publishing over 200 magazines including Cosmopolitan, ELLE and Men’s Health and a long list of daily and weekly newspapers. In addition to print, it also owns many prominent cable television networks, such as A&E, Lifetime and ESPN, and 33 television stations. 

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