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Digital health companies develop an array of technology like telemedicine apps and wearable devices to support patients and their medical care. These digital solutions help increase users’ access to resources for proactively managing and improving their physical health, mental health and overall wellness. The following top digital health companies are enhancing the way providers engage with patients.

Top Digital Health Companies

  • Casana
  • Click Therapeutics
  • Modern Health
  • Octave
  • Path
  • Quartet Health
  • Quit Genius
  • SWORD Health
  • Transcarent


Digital Health Companies to Know

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

NuvoAir provides “virtual-first care” — meaning that the bulk of its services are administered remotely  — to people who live with chronic cardiopulmonary conditions like COPD, congestive heart failure and asthma. Its services include proactive patient monitoring and responsive telehealth, which the company says result in lowered hospital admissions, less exacerbation of conditions and a decreased need to repeatedly go to the doctor for symptom management.


Headquarters: Fully remote

Headway is a platform that connects patients with mental health providers. Before booking a session, patients answer questions about their preferences and provide their insurance details so Headway can match them with therapists and psychiatrists and provide them with a cost estimate for the appointment.


Headquarters: Fully Remote

Path connects clients with its network of over 3,000 mental health providers, including therapists, psychiatrists and mental health facilities. The company vets each provider with background and licensure checks, and then works with clients to refer them to providers who take their insurance and are likely to be a good fit, based on the client’s preferences.


Headquarters: New York, New York

Quartet Health is a membership-based telemedicine company that provides mental health care. It works with referring providers and insurance companies to provide care and referrals for therapy, psychiatry and self-guided online programs. It also pairs clients with care navigators, who serve as point people for everything from billing questions to issues with providers.


Headquarters: Fully Remote

Octave gives its customers access to mental health services, connecting them to appointments for individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy, as well as workshops. Octave is  available in six states and Washington, D.C. The company uses an online intake form to gather information about patients and then connect them with a provider who has the right background and specialization to meet their individual needs. Octave has physical clinic locations, but has been conducting appointments virtually because of Covid-19.


Headquarters: New York, New York

Click Therapeutics builds “digital therapeutics” which are mobile software applications that can be used to treat various medical conditions. These programs engage patients in daily and weekly missions that are tailored to the specifics of their diagnosis. Click Therapeutics’ program to support patients in quitting smoking is already available, and the company has several more software products in the works to treat conditions like depression and chronic lower back pain.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Healthtech company Transcarent’s members have access to virtual, in-home or in-person care. Using the Transcarent mobile app or web platform, users can secure a behavioral health appointment within three days or arrange for a home care provider to visit them while they’re undergoing oncology treatment. Transcarent’s services are available to individuals and can be offered as part of an employer’s benefits package.

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Headquarters: New York, New York

SWORD Health provides virtual solutions for treating and preventing musculoskeletal problems. Its solutions include digital physical therapy, women’s pelvic health care and an artificial intelligence engine that identifies which members are at risk of needing surgery and engages them in preventative interventions. Users are also able to connect with on-call physical health specialists who are available 24/7 to provide support via text.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Employers can work with Modern Health to offer their employees mental health support services. The company gives its users access to one-on-one coaching, therapy and psychiatry sessions via video and secure messaging platforms. It also offers live virtual community sessions known as Circles that are led by therapists and coaches who cover topics like workplace challenges and allyship.


Headquarters: Rochester, New York

Casana’s Heart Seat is a smart toilet seat that collects and analyzes health information such as a user’s heart rate and blood pressure. That data is sent to care teams to aid them in monitoring a patient’s chronic health conditions. Casana is conducting studies and surveys to evaluate its technology in pursuit of FDA clearance.


Headquarters: New York, New York

Quit Genius is a digital platform for treating and managing substance use problems. Its solutions cover alcohol, tobacco and opioid use. Users are given personalized treatment plans with solutions ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy via mobile app to medication-assisted treatment and resources to monitor alcohol and tobacco consumption. Quit Genius’ services are used by employers, health plans and individuals.

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