Implementing recruiting and hiring practices that are designed to be inclusive is one way that a company can proactively work toward eliminating employment obstacles for people with autism. That might look like prioritizing skills-based assessments over traditional interview formats, creating opportunities for applicants or new hires to request accommodations or providing training to managers and interviewers. Here are some companies that hire people with autism through programming designed to provide them with resources and support from application submission all the way through onboarding.

Companies That Hire Adults With Autism

  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Dell Technologies
  • Auticon
  • Ultranauts


Companies That Hire Adults With Autism

Microsoft makes both software and hardware, offering everything from the Windows operating systems to the Xbox gaming console. The company has a neurodiversity hiring program which recruits neurodiverse candidates and provides them with an extended interview process that helps place them in roles across the company.

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SAP is a software company that creates enterprise resource planning and customer relations platforms for businesses. The SAP Autism at Work program seeks to support neurodiverse job candidates through the interview, hiring and onboarding processes. More than 200 SAP employees are part of that initiative, according to the company’s annual diversity and inclusion report.


Dell Technologies designs, engineers and sells computers, computer hardware and other products and support software. Through a program called Neurodiversity@Dell, the company offers internships across role types, as well as full-time employment geared toward neurodivergent talent. Job seekers can opt for skills-based interviews and access resources designed to help them succeed.

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Auticon is an IT company that places neurodivergent people in technology consultant roles. Auticon consultants work as software engineers, quality assurance analysts, data analysts and IT professionals. The company is entirely founded and designed to align with the needs of neurodivergent employees and promotes a low-stress interview process and in-house job coaches to help its talent thrive in their roles.


Ultranauts is a software and data quality engineering service with 75 percent of its employees identifying as neurodiverse — the majority of whom are autistic. The company says it has created an inclusive Universal Workplace through training such as the Inclusive Agile workshop, which teaches team members to evolve Agile operations methods to serve cognitively diverse teams.

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